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Invisible Textures/Models not showing up.
I've been trying to install some models in my SFM that I pulled from GMA workshop files and some of them just... aren't showing up. They work in Gmod fine of course, they extract fine and most of the other models I've extracted with them work fine too and I've imported them all the same.

Some of the models though... Just don't work. Some items of the same type work, but other's don't. I fiddled with paths a little and then they'll show error or a broken texture, so the paths seem right, but they turn up invisible.

I can see the bones and everything and move them around but there's no textures. They're invisible. No black and purple when I haven't fiddled with paths, just invisible. I've moved the models around since I know sometimes the actual 'model' can appear like 5 feet away from the root or bones sometimes, but nothing.

Does anyone know how to fix this? I don't know why some would work and some wouldn't. I'm baffled.
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Wembley, (I hope you are not PurplePlushUnicorn but even if you are, I'll help you anyway), you have to remember that the primary base for SFM is TF2, so any model you can port into it is a bonus above what it should be able to do. Also, that the GMOD models were designed to work in GMod, not TF2 or SFM, they just work (if they do) because of the similarity of the game engines used.

But that being said, if a model shows up in SFM and is black and purple checkerboarded, it means that the texture for a model that SFM can display can't be found. The texture/material vmt is in the wrong folder, or is pointing to files that aren't where they are suppose to be. Use the Console and check for materials that can't be loaded. This will point you to the materials files that need to be fixed.

Now, an invisible in the model browser can be caused by a few things, one being the shaders used in the materials aren't known by the browser, two being the materials use an alpha mask on top of the material texture and three being the modeler placed the model in the wrong folder when he packed the model.

When you happen across an invisible model in the model browser, import it anyway, it may appear when imported. If it doesn't then it could be a material shader problem or a model folder problem. Usually when a model appears just as bones, the model is in the wrong folder. Try opening it in the HLMV Model viewer and then track down the correct folder from there. I have had models that I had to decompile to find which folder they actually belong in and have had to actually rewrite the qc to recompile to get them display.
The GMOD Model is also a model that's in the TF2 Workshop made by someone who's made several working models that have gotten into the game, so I have no reason to believe that it's a case of if that model will 'just work'. And there are items by the same person that are of the exact same nature as the ones that aren't working. I'm not going to go into it about the broken textures and 'import it anyway' because I already explained about that >I< broke the texture and they I did import the model with the same problem. I'm not new at SFM or messing around in source.

I opened the .qc and everything seems to be in working order, I moved some things around but still got the same results so decided to not tamper with it further.

I checked the console and it says the .vvd file isn't being read/failed to load th emodel and that's not an error I've ever encountered before. I've never had any problems with .vvds with someone elses files or my own and again, don't know why it's work dandy in GMOD and other models that are basically the same working in SFM and not this.
Which model?
Teufort Turtleneck is one of the ones having the problem off the top of my head.
Is it missing the dx8 & dx9 files maybe? I know missing those definitely causes them to be invisible in SFM and i'm pretty sure the dx8 & dx9 files are simply copies of the original .vvd.
Psi, sadly they're both there, I wish that had been the case so I'd at least know why it wasn't working.
Still no luck, but I commented on the video what happened.
Ok good thing i found this Thread because i am having this issue myself, i did what many have told me to do to use a GMA converter to get the materials and models / sounds and what not from the GMA's in my gmod addons folder then went into Steam steammapps commom Sourcefilmmake usermods and put the Materials folders and Models Folders in the user mods Materials / Models Folders to no advail, i have 4 friends who have done exactly what i have done myself with the EXACT same models / materials and they show up for them but not for me.
Invisible Modles when in the spawn list.
One of the thing about GMod models is thatome authors pack the model and material files into folders or name the models different from what is required. Sometime it's hard to determine what goes where or what the model or materials should called. This picture shows the information available in a .mdl file when opened in a text editor. The main model file name can be found in the top line of the character main .mdl file. and thexture and attachment models at the bottom of the character main .mdl file. If you find that your model is invisible or black and purple checkerboard you can use this info to check your model files to see if they are misnamed or missing or to get them into the proper place.
i sort of have the same problem but all i can see is wire frames
Messaggio originale di FoXy The Pirate:
i sort of have the same problem but all i can see is wire frames
They're very different issues behind the scenes. Wireframes is a material error, invisible models is a model error.

If you want help, make your own thread (we don't want to confuse anyone looking for help in future by talking about two entirely different issues in the same thread) and link to the specific models you're having a problem with.
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