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Iris 16. jan 2014 kl. 19:28
Questions concerning custom IK rigs (NOT a tutorial)
From my, somewhat nooby, expirence with searching for tutorials on source filmmaker, I only found one tutorial on creating Animation RIgs.

And from my expirence with this tutorial, I have tried to create three seperate rigs on three seperate models, and i never got any of them to work. Part of the problem is that this tutorial, at least in my opinion, doesn't explain everything. I am pretty much lost on the subject, and so all help is appreciated!

So the most recent rig I have attempted to create is for the Dota 2 hero named Meepo. I am trying to create a rig based off of the default script, Meepo is missing two bones, Spine1 and Chest. So this brings me to my first question.

Question One. do you comment out / delete the line completely if the bone does not exist?

Question Two. When changing the names of the bones, should I erase the other "" because they do not apply?


Also, do I need to keep the text "ValveBiped." in front of the bone?

Another part I had troubles with is the Build the rig handle hierarchy. The tutorial simply says to remove the lines, but based off of my very limited programing knowledge, I know something like that wouldn't work too well. But I am not certain.

Question Three: Should I only comment out the lines that mention the missing bones, or should I reformat them so that it skips them?


Question Four: How does one go about adding bones not in, such as a tail? Would the tail bones be mentioned before boneRoot, between boneRoot and bonePelvis, or after boneHead?

Like I said earlier, I am very confused on this subject, and so, as always, all help is appreciated! Thank you so much in advance! (or even simply taking your time to read through this long post)
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Iris 20. jan 2014 kl. 0:27 
Not many people know how to make custom rigs, do they?
eSmAtH 21. aug 2016 kl. 0:52 
Marco Skoll 21. aug 2016 kl. 3:46 
1) Yes.
2) You can remove the other names, but it's not strictly necessary. As for whether you need "ValveBiped.", that depends on whether it's in the name of the bones on the character you're trying to use.
3) They need to be reformatted so it skips them.
4) It doesn't hugely matter, although it'd be good practice to not rig to a bone that hasn't been rigged yet (so don't rig to the pelvis before the pelvis is itself rigged). I'd suggest putting it after boneHead.

That said, the IK chains in SFM wouldn't really support a tail anyway (the rig would just create handles for FK animation), so one possibility is doing something similar to what it suggests for fingers and creating a Tail category in the sfm_defaultanimationgroups.txt file. (The script only hides specific named categories, so it wouldn't hide these).

EDIT: Oh bloody hell, it's a pointless necro. Still, valid answers.
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