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Wet Harmonica Mar 18, 2014 @ 1:45pm
Looking for Maps and Models
Hello, I am but a newbie SFM user, but I had been desiring to look for a couple models for a music video I want to do. I posted a topic like this in the Workshop Discussions, but now I realize it might be better to post it here, in the General Discussions. The song I'm doing my video based on is called "The Trash Heap Princess and Apostrophe" by It already has a music video, but I wanted to recreate it, but at the same time, I'll add in some imagery to make it easier to understand, as it's part of a series of songs. I'll be using MVM models for the robots (and possibly the HL2 Hunter models), and HL2 (either Overwatch Soldier or Rebel) models for humans.

I am missing, however, a good model to use for the main character role, the role of a young girl, a child, most desirably in HL2's art-style.

Also, as for maps, I was planning on using some maps from HL2 Episode One, such as the very first map and perhaps one of the underground maps, but I am unsure if they will be sufficient. Therefore, I am looking for some junkyard-themed maps, in any style.

Does anybody know of any good resources to fulfill my needs?
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TheNCourt Mar 18, 2014 @ 6:15pm 
:3 cute video,

Here are some decent models that might fit your main character. I havn't personally used any of them so im not sure how they would look ingame, but its a start.

As for those maps, HL2 maps are hyper realistic and dreary, so if your going for a cartoon style, i wouldnt suggest the HL2 stuff. There are a bunch of TF maps that might be really good. i cant think of exact names, but i know a bunch of them look like scrapyard type of maps

This one i highly suggest as i believe it also has a robot :

Here are others :
Wet Harmonica Mar 18, 2014 @ 8:43pm 
Well, I am going toward more hyperealistic and dreary, with the exception being the robots. I don't need super-cool robots to get a point across. For the main robot role, I was contemplating D0G, but I decided I'd be using the Heavy bot, and I'd be using the Soldier bots and another model, perhaps either Hunters or Demo bots, for the robot soldiers.
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