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Major issue with removing procedurals from animation!
Okay so i just got SFM a couple days ago, its a great program and i love it. I;m currently trying to figure out how to make things work fluently. I'm trying to animate the Lara Croft model by "o0Crofty0o" and "ClintonM0 | ATerribleSniper,"

Ive been making pose to pose animations for it, and saving them as animations (by clicking the model, than selecting export>animation) so that i can import it later in a different map (so that i don't have to redo the poses and everything the next time.)

It was working at first, i had to make sure the model was highlighted, and a time selected (i believe) however before i saved the animation, i would test to see if it had fluid enough motion from one pose to the next. So i would use the "round" procedural preset to see if it looked nice, and when i was satisfied, i would undo the Round procedure,than i would save the anim.

after i animated and exported everything, i rounded out everything and tryed to see if it flowed nicely. and i did a whole slew of other edits (lighting.. etc)

so later... i find that i screwed up a couple times and when i tryed importing those anims to the character model (a different one) they were all of the same pose.

what happened was i didn't have the model selected when i was saving the animations. So atm im stuck with an animation (with no particular time order or anything) and everything has the round procedural on it.

So long story short, and my question is, How can i remove the procedural effects like "Round" in order to retrieve the ORIGINAL "still" animation (the poses)

Im also completely new to the forums so if i do or say something wrong, help me out, thanks!

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The process is long and tedious, but it is doable. What you need to do is hard select the period of time that you want to remove the animation from (Hard time selection edges, no ramps unless you want the character to animate into the pose from the pose pervious then you would ramp into the previous pose. (kind of hard to explain)), Find a pose on the time line with the playhead that you want the character to adopt during the selected period of time then with the whole model selected, zero the playhead procedural slider... Kind of like this...
Thanks you helped me a lot here! Turns out there is more than one issue with the way i exported the animations in the method i described, although i am disappointed that there is no feature for removing procedurals

technically if pixar made a 2 hour film in SFM, which is years of hard work and some troll comes along and uses the jitter preset on the entire sequence to the max, saves and than closes, there would be no conceivable way of retrieving it.

I can imagine the headlines: "Pixar falls to ruins, Animator unions shutdown permanently due to super troll. Millions lose their jobs and kids around the world no longer have any good movies to watch"
Yeah, that is true, however, if you have added jitter and want to get rid of that, you "may be able" to grab the section of time you applied the jitter and apply a smooth or a round procedural to it.

I don't know if this will work, I haven't tried it and if it does work, it may not take everything away.
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