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L4D resources
Hi all,

How exactly can I make L4D1 models (survivors, zombies, guns, etc), music and other resources available for use in SFM?

Also, is it possible to change the game world character (i.e. the one accessed with the F11 key) to one of the L4D1 survivors for more complicated action sequences?

In short, I would like to make a L4D action movie, rather than a TF2 one.

Thanks in advance.
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1: Hello!
3: Not possible, not as far as I know.
Последно редактиран от Christoffer395; 5 март 2014 в 5:50
Thanks for the reply. I'll be sure to try that method out.

Also, I found a link that provided models for the L4D1 survivors:

I created a new folder in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game
and then put the 'Models' and 'Materials' sub folders from the download into the new folder.

I also added the new folder to the gameinfo TXT file in Usermods.

I can now successfully add the L4D1 models in SFM (and create rigs with them). However, is there a way to be able to import sequences (such as the survivors' walk/run cycles, etc)? I am not a professional animator, and I imagine doing something like that manually in pose-to-pose animation would be very difficult.
Последно редактиран от sonosublime; 5 март 2014 в 18:43
As my post in the thread you just linked says, I believe it's a matter of fetching the survivors' associated .ani files from L4D's .vpk files. I haven't gotten around to trying it, bit I'm fairly certain that will fix their animations.


Correction: the .ani files are not in the .vpk, they're in common\left 4 dead\left4dead\models\survivors\, so GCFScape isn't needed. If you have L4D installed, just navigate to that folder, copy all the files you see in there, and paste them into common\SourceFilmmaker\game\[mod]\models\survivors\. I just tried it (had to boot my old bluescreen-loving hunkajunk computer to access a L4D1 install without busting my bandwidth limit ;P ), and it works wonderfully. Yay for Zoey's badass calmwalk_elites sequence :3
Последно редактиран от R234; 5 март 2014 в 19:40
I dont think I've seen the calmwalk elite sequence yet...

the RAR folder downloaded from the topic I linked doesn't seem to have any ANI format files.

In the materials subfolder, the files are either VMT, VTF, MDL, PHY or VVD format, whereas the files in the models subfolder are either MDL, PHY, VVD or DX90 format.
Okay, so I believe it is not possible for me to import walk/run/etc cycles for the L4D1 survivors without having the L4D1 game installed on my computer.

This is not so much a SFM question anymore (although it still kind of is). I was planning on buying L4D1, but I have heard that it is possible to get all the L4D1 content in the L4D2 game (i.e. campaigns, characters, etc). So if I buy L4D2 instead, and then get the L4D1 content, will I be able to get the ANI files that I need for the L4D1 characters from there?
Първоначално публикувано от sonosublime:
This is not so much a SFM question anymore (although it still kind of is). I was planning on buying L4D1, but I have heard that it is possible to get all the L4D1 content in the L4D2 game (i.e. campaigns, characters, etc). So if I buy L4D2 instead, and then get the L4D1 content, will I be able to get the ANI files that I need for the L4D1 characters from there?
No, they're not the same .ani files because the animations were changed, so they crash SFM when trying to import a sequence.

Since the authors of the pack look like they can't be bothered to fix it, I put the .ani files on my Google drive:
That is AWESOME. Thank you very much! I thought Louis' animations would not be included, but I was pleasantly surprised. Also, I love how they call Zoey, 'teenAngst'. Age-ist much? :P

However, something I've noticed when using Zoey's model is that her hair bangs (i.e. her ponytail, and also the bang that falls over her face) move around, depending on how her model is manipulated.

This causes problems: for example, when I have Zoey lying down on her side, her hair bang flops wildly all over the place, even though the model itself is not moving. Do you have any suggestions on how to stop this from happening?
Последно редактиран от sonosublime; 9 март 2014 в 19:19
Yeah, Louis appears to share his animations with either Bill or Francis, not quite sure which, so he doesn't have his own animation files.

Zoey's hair has jigglebones, which can be a bit inconsistent. When that happens, you can right-click her animation set > utilities > bake procedural bones. This turns the jigglebones into normal bones which you can animate yourself.
I baked the procedural bones. However, I cannot select the hair bones in the viewport (only the head section and other rig parts are selectable in the view port). I also cannot find the appropriate hair bones in any of the sub categories in the animation set. How exactly can I select them?

EDIT: I should mention that I am using a rig.
Последно редактиран от sonosublime; 13 март 2014 в 17:56
The default IK rig script automatically makes finger bones unselectable, but you should be able to toggle that if you have the "selectable" column shown in the animation set editor.

Jigglebones, like all other non-rig bones, are irremediably unselectable (in the viewport) when a rig script is loaded. You'll have to either select them from the list in the animation set editor (ensure "show hidden controls" is checked in the tools menu, they should be in unknown), or wait until you're done animating the character's movements and then detach the rig to be able to animate the other bones, such as jigglebones and helper bones for the wrists, forearms, knees, etc...
Thank you for your very helpful reply. I managed to get the hair to stop flying all over the place now. Out of curiosity, when you say "detach the rig", does that mean converting it back to its default state (i.e. before the rig was created)? How exactly do I do this?

Also, I try to right-click on the fingers of the animation set. However, the 'selectable' option that should be available below the 'hidden' option is not there. Any ideas on how I can make this option available?

This is what the menu looks like when I right-click on the fingers of the rig:
You need to click the arrow-shaped button to the left to toggle viewport selectability, it's not in the right-click menu.

To detach a rig, just right-click the animation set, and go to rig > detach > rig_biped_simple (or detach all).
Thank you, you've been a huge help.
Hi all,

I apologise for necro bump, but, since my issue is related to the L4D models in this thread, I thought that it would be ok. Please let me know if I am mistaken and I will delete this post.

I downloaded some models of L4D1 survivors:

They used to work okay, but after formatting my computer, I have tried to put them into the Usermod folder (in the corresponding materials and models folders). However, I am getting the big red ERROR when I create an animation set of them in SFM.

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?
Последно редактиран от sonosublime; 8 септ. 2015 в 4:06
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