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Converting maps to for HDR.
I've found plenty of maps off of gamebanana for TF2 but they dont have HDR. I was told, and read in some places online, that all I need to do is open the vmf file in Hammer and then run it with HDR enabled.
Well I've tried 7 maps so far, bsp converted to vmf with BSPsource and then i tried opening in Hammer but i get the same basic error "Failed to load the default scheme file," and then it tells me it can't find a model file and crashes. I've seen tutorials for this online but they all cover maps from HL2. Is there no way to convert custom maps i find on gamebanana?
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there is an option in bspsource to extract files and stuff from the bsp (models and materials packed into the bsp). making sure that is checked when extracting should allow you to add them back in.
I just tried that and it's still giving me the same error. It says can't find model\weapons\w_rocket_launcher.mdl but theres not even a "weapons" folder. I checked all the folders that were created after check marking "extract embedded files" and its not in any of them.
It also says "and models\error.mdl couldn't be loaded."

For the record my map files are under SFM folder if that matters.
it thinks it's in tf2 still, so it's looking in those folders. there is a w_rocketlauncher.mdl in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SourceFilmmaker\game\tf\models\weapons\w_models

that could be it. they could have changed the the file structure as well since the map was made.

as i see it you can either delete the model from the map or replace it with the one i mentioned.

you could also try moving the model to the right folder but that would probably just break the model if it's set to be in the w_models folder rather then weapons.
I moved the map from SFM to HL2 folder and then to TF2 folder but now it wants a combine(HL2) file. I'd rather not combine the HL2 and TF2 folders just to get this map working.
So how do i delete/replace the model? Can't do it in Hammer since it closes right after the error.
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