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Looking for help creating/modifying models for series (Sonic-themed)
I'm currently working on a canon fan-fiction Sonic series on deviantART called Sonic Android.

Here's one of the works I have done so far:

The problem is that it's set in the future of the origninal story, and so some of the characters need to look different. At this point I need a new or modified Tails model, that is taller and has different shoes or boots (since he's an adult in this series- so he's be about the same height as Sonic ad have a more mature body shape). For the "Not My Brother" scene I put a link to above, I had made him taller. I ued the gun to cover most of his body and set the camera so his kid shoes were out of the picture.

So, I need help with some customized models...and I'm not just being lazy:

I do have Blender, the plugins, and all the required programs for editing and/or creating new models and some experience using them. I've been having difficulty compiling models for use in SFM though. So far the closest I've got was being able to open the model in SFM, but I could not get it to link with the texture/material files so it was displayed in black and purple (this may have had something to do with the .qc file, although its directions for the materials all looked good and matched up with the material files).
Also, there was a problem with the skeleton where when I would pose on side of the model, it would mirror that part on the other side. Ths was probably because it shared the skeleton with another model (it was a modified copy...or at least an attempt at one!)

When I get time I'm going to try the whole thing over again, bu this time make the model as a complete replacement for the original so there's very little to worry about in the .qc when recompiling.

However, I'm not sure if this will work out. Even if it does, I would still like to request help from some good model makers of modifyers for these character alterations.If so I will give you full credit n the series and provide a link to your profile too if you want.

Any help would be much appreciated, and you'd be contributing to what I think might be one of the most badass and canon-compatible fan fiction series ever made.

The next scene layouts are planned to be in comic panel format, so there will be a sequence of mutiple images in one- that way I wont have to explain so much of the story in the decription!

So far the Sonic character models I've used were created or added by ApocHedgie and Chaofanatic.

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Getting materials to work isn't that complicated. I recently explained how in my first post of this thread:

I'm not too sure how the whole mirroring animations thing could've happened, I'm still at baby steps stage meself when it comes to rigging and weight painting. If you post the .blend project I'll have a look at it, but I can't promise I'll be able to fix it.
Ok thanks. The model I used was a more basic one just to learn this process. But the tutorial I used only explained how to remove material from a model, but not add it like I did. I've decided to forget about this model and maybe try stating over again- but this time replacing the model rather than trying to make a new one based in the old one. I might have time for this this weekend.
Also, quick question: is there a way to get these discussion replies to notify my email?

I don't think so. as far as I know you only get in steam notifications. I haven't seen an email notification option.
Really? That's really old. I'm not logged into Steam 24/7 so if that's true then it's kind of lame that they don't have an option like that, which is standard for any other forum or discussion site.
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