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First pose carrying over the whole clip?
I don't know if the title explains better that I will, but I'll try my best:

I'm actually using the Motion Editor as in the SFM tutorial "Pose to pose animation" but the first pose I made is the one "by default" for SFM = When I select a region of time after the first pose and I pose it as I want to, it's okay. But when I get to a region of time AFTER the second one, the "pose by default" appears (that means, the very first pose I made is here again.

My question is; how can I make the last pose I make, being the pose that'll appear when I'll pose in the next region of time?

(Sorry for my english, don't really know how to say that :c If you want to help me but don't understand, I'll try to explain even better ^^")
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Really hard explaining, isn't it??? Try writing a guide and getting your point across!! lol.

When you select time, are you select a period of time (meaning are you siding both ends of time and only selecting say 3 seconds or are you only moving on end of time, left or right?

Next question are you ramping between poses so that the movement looks more natural, rather than snapping from one pose to the other?

Maybe this picture will help
if you have all time selected (the entire motion editor (ME) green) whatever pose you do will last the entire time. if you make a pose with the entire ME green, then just select a small section ( a little patch of green instead of the entire ME) and change the pose there, as soon as the playhead leaves that part, the pose will automatically switch back to the previous pose.
Nah, I don't have the entire time selected, each poses that I already have are good and they all play correctly. But let's say I have 6 poses. The FIRST one, is also the last one by default. So that means, when I put the playhead after the last pose I set; it's still the first one, and that "asks" me to repose the whole character, from the first of the first pose, not the sixth.
It's time for me to go to bed now, but I'll try to put screens here tomorrow x)
When you created the first pose, 0-10, you most likely had all of time selected. So the scout stays in the finish pose forever. When you posed 79-86, you most likely only had that period of time selected, therefore as soon as the 86 seconds is up, the scout snaps back to pose 1. When you did 79-86, you should have picked time from 79 to inifinity.
So, what can I do now? :c
Depends on what yo want to happen... You can select the broken point of time, scrub the playhead until to find a pose that is close to what you want and zero the playhead. You can do the samething and send him back into his default (load pose), you select the period of time ramp an animation into it... The possibilities are endless.
Watch this...
I watched it and I'm a little confused (Sorry XC).

When I go further in the timeline, I gotta see the last pose I made so, I'll be able to pose, select another time region, pose, select another time region.. without having to repose the whole character like the last pose. Just moving what I want to change between frames.
But right now, my "default" pose is the one I showed earlier.

I'm so sorry but I still gotta understand more the "talked-English", though I clearly understand the "written" and that's why I'm bothering you right now ^^"
You can copy the animation from the block of time you want your character in from another place on the time line and paste into the place you need it, is one way.

Or you could select the period of time you need to change then move the playhead to the pose that you want the character in (somewhere on the time line then slide the playhead slider. (understand?)
Ah, thank you!
That'll take more time to make the animation since I'll have to do it each time (I guess?) but thanks :)
No you won't if you do it right
Well, I think I did what you told me to do, but each time I pose, I gotta redo that step: "Or you could select the period of time you need to change then move the playhead to the pose that you want the character in (somewhere on the time line then slide the playhead slider." to get the last pose. That's not automatic ^^"
If you are working left to right on the time line, Each new pose goes to the end of time. So, starting with the first pose, you would select the left edge of time and ramp out your pose, the right side of time goes to infinity. You make your 1st pose. Now you select the left side of time for the 2nd pose. Of course the model will be in it's 1st pose position. The right side of time extends to infinity, Ramp the left of time into your 1st pose to create the transition and make your second pose. anow do the same for your third pose, the character will be in the 2nd pose position, and so on and so on and so on. Understand? Each new pose has the right side of time extended to infinity.
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Yup, that's what I understood, too bad there is no faster way though x)
Thanks for helping :)
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