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Dota 2 to SFM issue
I've been trying to get Dota 2 particles and models into SFM for a few days now. I've followed the online tutorials by the letter, but for some reason it didn't work. When I opened up the particles folder in the system, the folders didn't contain the pcf files in them. I couldn't find the models either in the models folder. I gave up and removed the dota 2 and root folders into the recycle, then to the desktop. When I tryed to open up SFM, I got this message before I closed down the message that closed SFM as well:

"Can't find background image materials/console/startup_loading.vtf"

I went back to the dota file, moved it back to where it was in the game sub-folder. The dota folders contained the vtf file above and thought, "This could fix it". Lo and behold, it didn't work. Now I'm stuck with a messed up SFM and tutorials that I can't rely on now. Hope anyone here can help me fix this mess ASAP.
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Pte Jack Jun 14, 2014 @ 7:07pm 
Don't do the BAT portion, simply extract the DOTA models, materials, particles and sound folders from the DOTA2 vpks to a folder in your sfm\game folder. Then add that folder to your usermod\gameinfo.txt file in the search pathes area. Dependant on how you plan to use the models, you may have to change the "CustomHero" shader in the VMTs to VertexLitGeneric.
Well, that would have been easier if there were more than two tutorials that were basically the same. But now how do I fix the error message that keeps closing down SFM whenever I close the message? Can't really do the models atm unless the "error" can be fixed.
Pte Jack Jun 14, 2014 @ 8:17pm 
Delete the DOta 2 folder that you created in SFM. If you put the stuff in USERMOD then rename the usermod folder and validate the SFM local cache files. The Dota2 Gameinfo and config files you put into SFM are pooching SFM on you
I'm about to try this, but can I just move the dota folders along with files inside into my destop without having to delete these large files and starting all over again?

Edit: Nevermind, I moved the dota folder with all the content inside and deleted the dota search from the usermod gameinfo without the local cache validation. SFM now works fine; Thank you.

Now I have to redo the whole thing again, but now hopefully the next attempt I'll be well prepared. The only problem now is that the particles originally isn't in a folder that's with the models, materials, and sounds, but in the materials folder with no pcf files.
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