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How is the RTS element?
Trying to get some friends into this.
I'm wondering how much commander abilities and placements change up the battle, and how well the bots respond to commands. Would it be entertaining for one person to play RTS on one side as commander with bots, while other human players play the opposite faction?
thanks a lot.
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Penta-Tonics Nov 25, 2012 @ 5:21pm 
Well, if you only like super in-depth RTS's that have a million things to do, you might not like this. However, the commander is definatly the most important player on the team. Everything you do makes the difference in the game. Also, I'll point out that my non-RTS friend likes playing as com.

As for the bots, they are pretty dumb, but they follow commands better then humans.

(BTW a noob com will almost always defeat no com)
=|Lexx|= Nov 30, 2012 @ 8:05am 
Bots follow your orders to move, defend or attack a position but not more. They are not bad at aiming and defending but thats about it. They don't repair buildings or heal team-mates. I also wonder if they ever use grenades.

Being a commander in this game is a difficult task - that you only do good if you know what's important on the battlefield. --> that means: you need at least basic experience as soldier on the battlefield and you have to know what buildings and how they look like (for both sides).

To answer Your question: no, You won't have fun fighting real players with being com and ordering your bots - since your Bots won't do good against real players. On the contrary - other players will not have fun if they don't have a commander (computer still can't build buildings (as far as I know)).
But if you split and play as, say: two player commander, at least two players on each side as soldiers and the rest are bots, this might be fun.

The RTS elements are there but those are not like classic RTS. You won't have success in standing Your ground, if Your players don't do their job - even if You order them right.
On the other side, players might try to do their job but are hindered by other players.
You never feel confident in of your tactics or of your Power since You only can command but your "units" don't have a constant power, that will definitely do damage ... people still miss with shots and still think on their own.
I guess that only in this game you come closest to being in a position of a real general. Taking the lead but never knowing if You will succeed.
kasixLv Dec 1, 2012 @ 7:05am 
Dude if your team is all excelent shooters and players but without stategy you will loose to noobish team with good commander. Strategy is most important aspect of this game, Evryone know how to shoot, but only some know how to lead troops to victory.
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