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This thread is to discuss the new upgrade mechanic, I have done a bit of research online but to no avail.

If you dont already know in FPS you can plress F4 and select upgrades for your player.

These are some of my observations:

1 you gain xp and when this reaches a certain number you get an 'upgrade point' (UP) to spend
2 the point seem to be awarded at about 150 xp points (when i had 300, i had 2 UP to spend)
3 the xp only gets added when you respawn

4 how you gain xp -
This seems to be a mystery to me, I have a feeling it is to do with the feed on the left when is says (you killed ... you get 7 points) or (captured resource, empire gets 5 points) etc.

However when testing this - I had a life where I: got a kill; captured second and tertiary; got an assist and squad assist and destroyed a building. When i respawned - no added points.

It seems to go up in large jumps (300xp odd at a time) so maybe every x amount of time, on your next spawn it gives you your xp? or maybe its when something happens in the game? or the commander does something? maybe you need an armory?

If you have any info or agree/disagree with any of my observations please comment, thanks
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forgot to add, kits don't work, this is only to take the place of commander research, when commander researchs this stuff doesn't stack, it glitches and never updated your xp count very fast, and it useless when you have a good commander on redstone cuz they research much to quickly.

ohh if also if you want to give people peice of mind like this let only level 80's command. not directing it at you for writing this helpful article iron :)

more info is here as to how to revamp the game, enjoy :)
if a player can do this to a server the delevoper should be 10 steps ahead. not instead, making things that give ignorant people a peice of mind. join a server every now en' then and see what is striking people.
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how to gain exp/xp i'll help you out not clear it tutorials where all this player/commander mess starts. grab an exo and go boom boom to the enemy buildings. first grab the commander some resources for more boom booms. lol
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CoolSilver Jan 3, 2013 @ 8:38pm 
Interwave mentioned this will be fixed in next update.
when they fix that update killing an armory will be pointless. can't beleive the delevopers would do something like this, shame on them.
Sexy Iron Maiden Jan 4, 2013 @ 2:55am 
Yes that's true, its a good way to swing the game or finish the final push to destroy the armory.

As for your post about gaining xp. Yes thats true for normally leveling up but not for the upgrade xp as your game points dont match the xp on the F4 screen.

But as for what you said regarding improvements and mods, I quite like this new dynamic to the game, its just the developers now need to fix it to make it more obvious how it works. Also balance it like with your armory point. Maybe you are able to have kits for 1 class or iff the armory goes down you have 2/3 minutes before you lose kits if you have done th upgrade.
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Nuclear Dawn > General Discussions > Topic Details
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