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Oculus Rift and F2P
I bought the game (beta linux) and I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of people playing, I think you could add some new features to popularize the game.

Support Oculus rift: source engine already supports the device.
Support Razer Hydra and Sixense Stem (new razer hydra wireless)

You could turn the game on free to play and make money from micro transactions, follow the example of team fortress 2 and other games that got paid and then became F2P. (Who bought the game wins a special item)

Add the option to create a WAN server at own game menu, reducing the reliance on dedicated servers (the game options I only saw the possibility of creating a LAN server)
I live in Brazil and all the servers in Europe and the U.S. have very high ping here, with the possibility of the people themselves to set up a WAN server, me or anybody here in Brazil could be the server and thus have a much lower latency!

And with Linux support you guys are developing, I think you guys have good plans for the SteamOS and Steam Controller, which can greatly help you game
good luck

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Nuclear Dawn > General Discussions > Topic Details
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