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Why do people only play HL2 campaign maps?
I stopped playing Synergy many years ago because people played mainly campaign and puzzle maps. A few weeks ago, i installed the game again and not much has changed. Whenever i open the server browser, only HL2 campaign maps are played. Do people never get bored of playing the same maps again and again?

HL2 and the 2 episodes were released over 10 years ago ... How many times have Synergy players completed the campaign by now? 50 times? 100 times? Doesnt this get boring?

I would like to play the custom maps, but i never find a server with people for it ...
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Khorps Mar 1 @ 8:25pm 
nope, never bored, hl2 is the greatest game ever
Lyn Mar 2 @ 4:34am 
No, they don't.. obviously. (:
Originally posted by Lyn:
No, they don't.. obviously. (:
I havent seen a non-campaign map in ages. The server browser looks like this almost everytime i open it.
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scorp75 Mar 15 @ 12:42am 
connect Synergy(SteamPipe) 21rus /custom maps/
on the server select a card through the lobby.
To start the map - break the door. Companies hl2 and ep are blocked by gratings
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Khorps Mar 19 @ 10:12pm 
Originally posted by Combine Engineer:
Party Zone have some custom maps.

it has more custom maps than vanilla maps
Swoody Mar 21 @ 3:31pm 
God dammit people synergy exist for vanilla maps mainly if you want custom experience go ahead and download Obsidian Conflict not only does it have only custom maps but it also has new enemies and new weapons
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