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Shepard  [developer] Apr 6, 2018 @ 1:22am
Technical changes between ZPS v3.0.x and ZPS v3.1
This post list all the technical changes between ZPS v3.0.9a and ZPS v3.1 so that the community can update their addons/mods/plugins/Workshop items.

This list might be updated in case we missed something so do not hesitate to check back from time to time if necessary.

If you need help, post in the appropriate forum or join Discord[discord.gg] server.

All addons

  • ALL addons will require an "addoninfo.txt" placed at the root folder of the addon, which must look like this:
    "AddonInfo" { "title" "Workshop Name" "description" "A small description of your workshop item." "version" "1.0" "author" "Your name" "authorSteamID64" "YourSteamID64Here" }
    You must replace the default values with the correct ones. If you don't know how to retrieve your Steam ID 64, copy the URL to your Steam's profile and paste it in this website and press ENTER or the "lookup" button, the value of interest is "steamid64"[steamid.io]. This is what ZPS 3.1 will show to the players that subscribed to your addon so double check that everything is right.

    If your addon is a map, you will need to add an extra "type" key with the value "map".

    If this file is missing and/or the format is not respected, ZPS will ignore the addon and it will NOT load it, so make sure you got it right!

Admin system

  • In v3.0.9a, you define the administrators and groups in 2 files located in "zps/data/adminsystem". Now you need define both of them in the "zps/adminsystem.json" file.


  • The API changed, please use this one[betaapi.zombiepanicsource.com] instead.
  • For maps, please refer to the Angelscript sections in the mapping guide.
  • For servers, the "default_plugins" file where you define server plugins is no longer text based but JSON based.


  • Before, localization was done using the standard Source's localization system (text files in the "zps/resource" folder having the "zps_<lang>.txt" format). In order to load these translations earlier (required by some menus elements), v3.1 has a new translation system using JSON files located in "zps/translations" folder. Use the translator in the modding tools.


Please refer to the "[Upgrade] From ZPS v3.0.X to v3.1" section of the mapping guide.


  • In v3.0.9a, the game used custom shaders prefixed by "ZP_" to support Cascaded Shadow Mapping (CSM). In v3.1, we removed CSM due to issues and incompatibilities with Linux so you will have to remove that prefix and use the standard SDK 2013 shaders.
  • v3.1 has a material proxy that allow you to highlight the material when using Zombie Vision (used for doors and breakable props).


  • Paths to "core gameplay" sounds (characters, items, weapons...) might have changed, double check their paths.
  • Glock 18c and some melee weapons (hammer) now uses their own sounds.
  • Phone sounds have been updated.


Reminder: SourceMod is a third party project not made by Valve, not by us (the ZPS Dev. team) and not by Monochrome.

If you have an issue with SourceMod itself and/or it's core plugins, you can either report a bug on their GitHub issue tracker[github.com] or fix the problem yourself and make a pull request so that everyone benefit from your patch.

If you have an issue with a community made SourceMod plugin, you can either contact it's original author and ask him/her to fix it or fix it yourself if the plugin's code is available.

  • SourceMod itself and it's core plugins still works but...
  • ...the game data definition might be obsolete and might require an update for some community plugins to function properly.
  • Some community plugins might not function properly because of the previous reason and/or because they are relying on old ZPS code.

Weapons models/skins

  • Extra animations were added for player models, double check if they are not broken and if they use those animations correctly (inoculator, chair, delivery item...)
  • Most weapons features new or modified animations, a re-rig or new set of animations is likely gonna be required.
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