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Shepard  [developer] Jun 24, 2018 @ 12:07pm
[Linux Client] Read this before posting anything
Before reporting anything that concerns the Linux client, please read the following statements:

Supported distributions

UPDATE: a community member named Hekar released a guide that might get ZPS working on Linux distros other than Ubuntu and SteamOS, check his pinned thread for details.

When it comes to Linux, Valve only supports 2 distributions : Ubuntu and SteamOS.

For SteamOS, we can't guarentee ZPS will work at 100% but there are high chances that it will happen. If you use this distribution and make the test yourself, please notify us so we can update this statement.

For Ubuntu, we support the default Desktop/Server flavours and it's variants like xubuntu, kubuntu and lubuntu. We can guarentee a full compatibility on LTS (Long Term Support) versions but latest versions (if available) might cause problems. If you are using an Ubuntu version which is more recent than the latest LTS one and make the test yourself, please notify us so we can update this statement.

That is how Valve supports the Steam client and the Source 2013 engine under Linux. For technical reasons, we have no choice but to follow that way as well.

We do NOT support forks (clones) of Ubuntu, this includes Linux Mint, Bodhi Linux and many others. The same applies to forks of Debian and SteamOS.

A warning about other Linux distributions such as ArchLinux, Fedora, Gentoo, CentOS/RedHat and their variants/forks: they might run ZPS out of the box or after a few changes to your system/Steam/ZPS installation(s). But we (the development and Linux playtesting teams) have NOT tested them and we do NOT support them. The "Source SDK 2013 Multiplayer" would be a great starting point to test your Linux distribution if it could potentially run ZPS.

Steam Runtime

The "Steam Runtime" is a sandboxed Ubuntu installation that contains most of the libraries/components required by video games shipped on Steam. It is downloaded, installed and used by default unless you (or you distribution) decided otherwise.

Disabling the Steam Runtime might give you performance boosts since Steam, Source 2013 and ZPS will use the libraries installed on your system rather than the one shipped in the Steam Runtime.

However, this could also lead to problems like ZPS no longer starting or Steam's overlay not working or in-game issues.

Like Valve, we only treat issues where the Steam Runtime is enabled. We won't treat issues where the Steam Runtime has been disabled and/or a custom one is used.

We understand that for some people in very specific cases, disabling the Steam Runtime might be the only way to play ZPS properly but there is nothing we can do about that.

Drivers for the GPU (graphics card)

We test and develop ZPS on Linux with the "free" AMD, Intel, NVIDIA drivers. Using "proprieatary" (also called "non-free") drivers might cause more problems that it solves.

List of known issues

  • If you have the"You are in insecure mode. You must restart before you can connect to secure servers." message when joining a server, then Steam isn't passing the required "-secure -steam" arguments properly. You need to add them manually in your launch options.
  • The GNOME desktop (default on Debian and Ubuntu) might tell you that "zps_linux is not responding" and you have the choice between "Force kill" and "Wait", just press "Wait", the game is not crashed and it's still loading assets.
  • Some NVIDIA GPUs with Nouveau (the free drivers) might have a problem related to anti-aliasing (AA). It might not work or cause problems in-game such as having a black screen. If this is the case, disabling anti-aliasing might solve the problem.
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