Museum of Mechanics: Lockpicking

Museum of Mechanics: Lockpicking

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The windowed mode is pretty useless on Linux...
The program doesn't handle ultrawide monitors well, hiding some buttons which can leave you stuck since the esc key doesn't seem consistently implemented.

However, the windowed mode just defaults to whatever resolution your monitor is, and isn't even resizeable?

I can get around this by running it through wine in a virtual desktop with a lower resolution, but i really shouldn't have to..z

Okay, so it's Unity. -screen-height and -screen-width work, thankfully. They usually don't.
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Johnnemann  [developer] Jan 15 @ 7:20pm 

I added a resolution dropdown - I don't have an ultrawide monitor so I didn't realize the problems that would happen. Thanks for letting me know!

Where did you find problems with the Esc key? It is a bug if it does not work anywhere, and I would like to fix that.

limejet Jan 16 @ 2:26am 
Thanks for the fix!

The lock I ran into the esc thing on was fallout 1/2, since the button was all the way in the corner on that one and therefore completely hidden on my monitor.
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