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peon May 2, 2013 @ 4:25am
Widescreen problems, tv reports a different resolution than what i have crysis set too.
I have crysis set to 1360 x 768 and looks great windowed.
But on my big screen whenever i full screen it it gets all stretched and distorted from the tv trying to maintain aspect ratio. I know the game is set to 16:9, but whenever i turn the tv off and back on ( to make it try to fit the screen correctly ) it reports back a 4:3 format.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?
Pain in my a to play in windowed, but I would rather do that then everyone looking 2x as fat and 1/2 as tall, and the screen laying off the actual monitor heh.
I also have this problem in crysis 2, but its fixed perfectly in crysis 3.
But i cant play crysis three withought at least playing crysis 2, and I got to the end of crysis 1 and never bothered to finish.
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Crysis > General Discussions > Topic Details
Date Posted: May 2, 2013 @ 4:25am
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