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Ronnie Oct 4, 2015 @ 10:56pm
Hinterland is a great Game - It Would be better if
They had enemy bases looking to claim the mini lands and the A.I had heroes and if they claim a piece of land they can hire monsters or troops to guard that area and of course having the normal raiders attacking whomever. So from the start there are nuetral monsters but as the game progresses it turns into a war. Having more then 4-10 players competing on a large world would be good,also if u won a map it takes u to the next map with greater challenges.

While there are many ideas these would make the game better.

I beat the game as a outlaw on hardcore with the max score a character can get and the outlaw was not good in early and even mid level but later the weapons got pretty crazy to win easier.

The Dwarf warrior I did not do a full run but he was descent during the early game.

To bad the developers are no longer working on a future project that I know of, there could be so many ideas implimented to make this game better. What about going through worlds similar to Warlock 2 but playing it in this style where u compete for new worlds going through portals.

Also keeping a win/loss record similar to Fantasy Empires SSI where each win u can get special perks rather u or the A.I and some may start on a better world vs others getting a harder start and if your a loser you have to start with a weaker type of hero,perks,items etc.

More wins can mean a better hero selection, starting item, and more.... It wouild be nice to have one ending game build upon the next game as rarely do games do this if not any. Each new game can unlock more worlds where the developers could release DLC expansions to unlock such worlds as you progress from one game to goto the next having harder challenges, random boss monsters that spawn and roam the world.

Aside from that, this game was only scratching the service of what they could do to expand and make it a rare gem classic.

Thanks for a nice game, it's to bad developers don't keep working to make their games truly legendary. I recall playing this game along time ago then one day I saw a picture of it I think on Steam and I check out a let's play youtube video and I remember why I enjoyed this game so i picked up a copy for under $5.70 and it's be fun but also short lived despite their random map generator as this game needs A.I kingdoms as it mainly is you vs the monsters while still fun it is best to have enemy kingdoms you fight against as well as monsters. Monsters should only be the pre warm up workout until you get into the full fray of things with your rival kingdoms.
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