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Global Agenda

Teksorbkyva 1. sep., 2012 @ 9:58
Global Agenda: Forgotten or on Standby?
Like many other avid players of Global Agenda, I wonder what has happened to the once bustling presence of Patches, Updates, new Tech, and the occasional Dev logging on to get spammed in City chat for T5's.

But that has happened anymore. The last update was the 30th of September, 2011. Albeit, there may have been one or two "events" hosted in GA between now and then, but the Launcher still has them as if they were started just yesterday, except for the fact they aren't active anymore.

I can only speculate as to why HiRez has dumped their first well-made game, and I had very high hopes for it ever since I pre-ordered it on Steam for $60 (Still have my Commonwealth Grim Helm), but since the addition of boosters, it seems they have tossed it away as a minor cash-generator for Tribes: Ascend (Which is now getting ALL of their attention as it seems) and their upcoming game SMITE.

Anyone else care to speak their mind on this?
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Cap`nSlippy 1. sep., 2012 @ 19:32 
I agree but they may just be putting GA aside until smite is finished it seems to be taking most of the spotlight lately.
James C 3. sep., 2012 @ 11:19 
I stopped playing for a bit a few months ago and came back to see if my account was still active and really apart from a new Tribes helmet it does not look good,
Sol Prime 4. sep., 2012 @ 12:56 
Global agenda is not over. Sure after the amazing success of Tribes, and so far successful Smite, they goy their hands full.
Few weeks ago I received a letter from HiRez, asking to participate in a survey about the future of GA(yes, I bought it way before it went f2p, and spent many hours in it) So there may be a) new game set in GA universe, b) big epansion. I personally want that big expansion, cause the game already looks nice, and doesn't need many visual additions.
[A.] KSib 4. sep., 2012 @ 15:47 
They were talking about another Global Agenda, or rather a large expansion. Didn't you get the survey? I'm not going to touch it though unless they make the PvE more interesting. I don't know what happened to doing puzzles in dungeons or adding maps or putting chests or anything interesting in them, but they just didn't do it and went for the open world quest collection stuff they were touting that they wouldn't do.
Shuu 4. sep., 2012 @ 16:47 
hi-rez is still a small studio and they can only allocate their resources to so many things at once
Teksorbkyva 4. sep., 2012 @ 18:01 
Then could they get maybe one person to at least let the GA players know what they are doing or planning for the game? Maybe change the launcher page so it isn't so outdated with events? I don't want to dis HiRez, but I think they may have bitten off more than they can chew in some areas. Heck, not even the Devs that used to come on GA to faf around and talk with random players get on anymore. If they are working on something for GA, it better be well worth the wait. #blackmesasource
Drakos Erastia 5. sep., 2012 @ 2:40 
Asiryen 5. sep., 2012 @ 8:07 
in my opinion global agenda needs mainly bether qeue system because it sucks for those who started playing ga and play vs chars who have lv50 in merc, during they are only lv30 with bad equipment......
Teksorbkyva 5. sep., 2012 @ 15:05 
Not only is the Matchmaking unbalanced for 30-50, queues are often sluggish at times. I'm not sure if it is due to not linking NA and EU, or a bad system, or just lack of players at certain times.
glen 5. sep., 2012 @ 15:17 
I think it's mostly a lack of players. I think the queue requires (at least) 9 players of each class to launch a mission, and with the present low player population that means not many missions get launched, leaving many stuck in queue, for long periods of time.
Kailo_xx 6. sep., 2012 @ 10:27 
i hate Hi-Rez they should make Global Agenda : 2 not Tribes, do they not know that Tribes are sh*t? and G.A. is a beast? well hopefully thell read this.
Esren 6. sep., 2012 @ 15:15 
The survey was total BS, it drew attention from vets back to the game for a few days, but they didn't even bother to follow up with any indication that the info was even being addressed. The only time Duke's posted on the forums in the last 6 months is to announce the Tribes and Smite exhibits at PAX, and there are still bugs from when I started playing last year that are easy fixes yet go unaddressed. I still play AvA, to be sure, but lately even trolling in city chat has been more fun with the pitiful lack of competition.
Teksorbkyva 6. sep., 2012 @ 15:33 
They shouldn't even make a sequel to an unfinished game. It's an MMO, they should make expansions like Sandstorm, yet, they are faffing around in Tribes the same way they did when Global Agenda was their prime game. Soon they'll stop making content for that game when SMITE comes into play. Who knows, what do they have planned after that? Will they finally put on their big-developer pants and come back to poor ol' GA? Or will they simply elongate the cycle by trying to make more games?
Leathergief 6. sep., 2012 @ 17:28 
Yeah its pretty insulting to the GA community i think - They could at least say S O M E T H I N G
winterghost1976 6. sep., 2012 @ 19:47 
I love the game but I have little hope for its future. The problem is that GA and Tribes are very similar. They are both sci-fi shooters and Tribes is newer so no question HiRez would put their limited resource in.
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