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N3tRunn3r 6 sierpnia 2013 o 19:04
[Fail?] Hi-Rez Communication Focus
Link to info[]

Greetings players!

Over the past year, Hi-Rez has noticed an increasing trend in our players and many other online gaming communities. More and more players use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and Reddit to connect and discuss their entertainment of choice. Consequently, fewer players visit official forums long enough to even create an account. In keeping with this observed tendency, Hi-Rez has shifted focus to those social media platforms increasingly over the course of the year.

Within no more than 24 hours from the time of this post, another step will be taken toward focusing communication on social media platforms. The official forums will no longer be available. To continue discussing Hi-Rez games and initiatives within a forum-like setting, the established community sub-Reddits will be utilized.

Of course, we will continue to interact with the community through our own live streams and community-based channels. We also plan to have more YouTube content that will increase connectivity between Hi-Rez staff and players. Stay informed by following all of the social media platforms for the Hi-Rez game(s) you play!

by Hirez Duke | Aug 05, 2013

I boycott Facebook, I don't have a Twitter Account, I don't own a Reddit Account, I haven't created a Twitch Account and won't and YouTube isn't the correct platform to "communicate" with HiRez... so, ...

... I keep here to be in "contact".
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Glistening 11 sierpnia 2013 o 7:13 
I don't even know what Reddit is or does, blergh.
V Kyrolius 11 sierpnia 2013 o 10:42 
Getting rid of the official forums seems stupid to me. I'm not going to go sign up to other social sites to keep in the loop with there games. I've signed up to BookFace that's bad enough lol. I used to use the forums quite a lot and would check in to see if there's any news. I don't like this move. :/

Why sign up to 5 diffrent sites when you can sign up to one ?
Ostatnio edytowany przez: V Kyrolius; 11 sierpnia 2013 o 10:44
N3tRunn3r 11 sierpnia 2013 o 23:17 
I am highly aggreeing with you, SqueekinOrkaN7 and I think to be inside here at the new Steam Forums is ok enough so. I am wondering why they haven't announced this option.
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