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som 11.1.2014 kello 10.30
Saving GA (Project Nikacia)
I've had enough. Enough of trawling through useless lobby shooters, each one more identical than the last. For me, Global Agenda has huge sentimental value, since I bought the game within three days of release, and have played it on and off ever since. This means I've seen the game pass through all stages of its life. I've seen all aspects of the game, ranging from dull and repetitive dailies in North Sonora, to earth-shattering coordinated strikes leaving the whole map reeling. I think it's clear at this point that I am a fan of AvA, I think it's what makes this game unique and sets it apart from a bad, third person HALO. In Global Agenda, a decision which you make can alter the flow of more than a battle, it can direct the course of history.

After leaving the leading EU agency of the time, I returned to the game to discover that there was now only one competitive force on the AvA scene, and that due to their lack of opposition, they were able to keep their ranks small and specialized. This made it impossible for me to enter the Agency. Slightly miffed at my lack of direction, I continued to play PvP missions in the hope that when a new agency did rise, I'd be skilled enough to be accepted among them. Unfortunately, that day never came.

A few months later, I poked my head in once more, and found Dome City completely deserted... I was surprised the NPCs hadn't moved somewhere with a higher population to sell their wares to, Antarctica maybe.

At that point I gave up; I decided that this once great game was completely beyond salvation and resolved not to play it again. Soon, however, everything changed. When I heard the announcement about GA2 I was ecstatic (a bit late to find out, I know) that I could finally return to dynamic hex combat with enemies who actually showed up. As I did more research, my excitement soon turned to ashes. I found out that AvA, the greatest aspect of the game, was to be torn from it, leaving us with a slower, more cartoony Tribes. Having allowed myself to hope for AvA, I experienced the loss once more, and have been spurred into action.

Something has to be done. There's a post on this forum about playing again, but despite the cries of support, that won't be enough. What we need is a structured group of players in contact outside of the game (general steam perhaps, or maybe a teamspeak server if I miraculously find enough money to spend on it, or somebody else hires/hosts one) to bring friends and provide a network to PvE easily and PvP against others of the group (because we'll be the only ones queuing). I would propose making an agency in the game (Nikacia) in order to keep us together and allow for a chat channel.

Once this network is set up, the real fun can begin. I suggest a two pronged approach for the development of our agency, prong one is self serving and will grant us wealth when prong two has succeeded in raising the player base (at least to an extent). The plan is as follows:

1. As a group of players with other motives than simply having fun blowing people up, we will be able to form afk Strike Forces where we simply bid on empty hexes an amass a wealth generating empire. Once this is stable, we are very unlikely to be challenged due to the complacency of the miniscule player base. Using our hexes we will of course be able to amass AvA equipment and resources. Once prong two succeeds, we will be able to sell our inferior goods to fledgling agency leaders, while we keep the high quality machinery to ourselves. With our superior equipment and experience, we will be able win AvA battles and keep the new leaders poor, allowing demand for our inferior goods to remain high, meaning that we can increase price.

2. The second prong is to attempt to spread this game as a virus. By this I do not mean that we should send emails filled with malicious software to everybody we can find. I speak rather of a biological virus. The way I suggest we should go about this is to convince friends in real life to join the game, throw them into a PvE (or PvP if we can find them) mach with friendly agency members and ensure they have to best experience possible so that they stay. Once these friends are hooked, we must convince them that they must themselves contribute to the cause by inviting their friends to join the game. Perhaps we could set goals, like instructions for each member to find two new players if they can. Like this, the player base would grow exponentially even if many branches failed, provided not all the first referred dropped out.

I know this post might seem farfetched and somewhat unlikely to work, but remember that you the player have to power to make this game great. Just before Hi-Rez abandoned the game, it was still brilliant. The only thing that has changed since then is the player base, if we can raise that, we can once more experience that former glory. Please respond to this thread with your thoughts and opinions.
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Defion 12.1.2014 kello 12.16 
all good and well, but ive bin in CBT OBT, then went from paying a monthly fee, and then the support seemed to be lacking off, now and a year ago the game is just basicly given up by the Devs who made it the first place. I loved the CBT of the game many people, lots of dev support, everything giving me the OH HELL YEAH!! feeling. then nothing.... like you i have bin on and off even till this day, but it seems for nothing since theres no dev support. their better off releasing the game source code to the fans allowing them to mod stuff and thus bringing it back to life little by little and GA:2 is not going to happen and even if it would it automaticly would suffer the same fate as GA (i feel someone what screwed with all the support leaving without saying anything or even a thank you for all the early players). no this game and company are dead to me now.
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