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Sep 9 @ 10:13am
Steam Deck repair centers are now online!
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essen Sep 9 @ 10:18am 
James Sep 9 @ 10:20am 
Does this cover battery replacements? Like, for example in the future when my battery health is bad can I pay to have a new one installed?
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Sk@nkw0n Sep 9 @ 10:23am 
Nero Sep 9 @ 10:34am 
Big W
Eltia Sep 9 @ 10:38am 
+1 Want to know about battery replacement too. This is one repair I'm not comfortable doing it myself.
What company is handling Canadian repairs? I'd like to apply.
What about these issues, which mine is experiencing:

Right trackpad rattles and buzzes as if it's not quite attached right?

If I press firmly on any of ABXY buttons, there is a pretty audible "click" coming from the casing. I'm not mashing them, but if you do anything stronger than a normal or light press, it clicks like something isn't fastened correctly. It sounds like it's coming from near the R2 trigger where the two parts of the case meet.

Also, what is the turnaround on repairs and do we know ballpark what the fees would be for out of warranty stuff?
Lawrence Sep 9 @ 10:50am 
Originally posted by James:
Does this cover battery replacements? Like, for example in the future when my battery health is bad can I pay to have a new one installed?
Yep, the repair center can handle battery replacements.
samred Sep 9 @ 10:51am 
Interesting update. Where are these repair centers located? How many cities/nations?
killa Sep 9 @ 11:01am 
How much more competitive will fees be compared to self repairs? I know for a fact that of course you have to factor in things such as labor costs and such but how much more do I personally have to fork out to have a pro fix it for me instead of me doing it myself?

NKkrisz Sep 9 @ 11:01am 
Hey Lawrence, I'm currently having issue with my WiFi (I'm just writing to support right now), and what if it turns out that it's a hardware issue then how will that be repaired? It's soldered on the board as far as I know. Do I just get a replacement instead or will you try to repair problems like that too?
And interestingly are here the different under-versions of the Steam Deck to see.
IFixIt have only the "Type A" Joysticks, which have the Controller is "MEDA". The bader Type B Joysticks with the Controller ID "MHDA", they don't have:

And then there existing the different SSD qualities

If you have the bad Joystick and SSd or the good one, you pay the same price. But the quality of the SteamDeck is different.
Will this be faster than the 3 weeks for an RMA? I've been having intermittent power button issues but I don't want to wait for nearly a month for a fix.
Good to hear was wondering if there was certain issues that came up and I couldn't fix it myself. Yes I'm a lil tech savvy to basic fixes but definitely nice to have the future option to have my deck sent in if anything crazy happens.
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