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The Wizard  [developer] Aug 1 @ 4:22pm
Update Highlights
Here is a list of update highlights we have made since we released Early Access! This thread will be updated periodically as changes are made to our game!

Updated 08/01/23

Recent Changelog:
  • Changed dodge animation to allow camera flexibility during dodging
  • Garlic is now lootable in various camps on the lost island
  • Added new in Game Map system- Press M - Map system to shows events on the map, and allow players to drop pins that can be seen by party members. Your compass now shows extracts, events, party members, and detected enemies (if you used olfactory potion or qi pulse)
  • Added Daily Quest system- Dailies, weekly, and Monthly quests
  • Disabled revive in Arena
  • "Arriving" message should be 10 seconds shorter
  • Added rings, amulets, and belts
  • Added classes and Skill Tree
  • Inventory default size increased to 6x5
  • Added New Loading Screen Art
  • Added Distance filter to party browser
  • Matchmaker now throws players into match ASAP, matches have join-in progress enabled for 5 minutes, and players may rejoin a raid they have already left. Servers will always stay open for at least 5 minutes no matter what.
  • Sprint is now Toggle by default
  • Downed players now have a downed animation, and while downed players can view the situation in 3rd person
  • Added Revival mechanic: you can now be revived for 2 minutes after death
  • Added Spectating

Bug Fixes:
  • Bug fixed where Mold manual couldn't be crafted
  • Speculative fix for specifically arena spawns having trouble with 5+ players
  • Fixed audio bugs with human entities playing the same sounds repeatedly
  • Fixed infinite loading but and added "entering character creation" and "entering prologue" screens on first time load situations
  • Fixed Party system bugs

Updates you may have missed since the August 2022 release

Combat Updates:
  • Various combat improvements - Tap inputs like light attacks now queue up, making actions such as combo attacks far easier and more reliable to pull off. Hold inputs like blocking should begin the moment you are able to block, rather than requiring you release and re-hold the block if you accidentally block when unable to (such as when flinching). Dodging can no longer be interrupted by taking damage, fixing situations where it felt like the dodge key was not responding. Blocking icon now displays a green shield and sword to signal when the parry window is active; a parry will only occur if the attack is blocked during this window
  • Mercenary Bots no longer run away from extended fights
  • Zombies should respond much better to damage
  • Asura’s should now become ‘enraged’ against multiple opponents when it drops below 30% health, gaining an increase to movement speed
  • Asura’s kicks now deal Blunt damage
  • Improved hit registration - Weapons will now have much more precise collisions. Instead of using less precise attack sweeping with box collisions, our weapons now use a ray cast system that detects hits based on various collision points on a weapon, similar to other great games in this genre such as Mordhau.
  • Stamina Damage Grace Period - For a period of 1 second after you initially block a hit, you cannot lose stamina from blocking hits during this period. What this means is, if 3 players strike you all at once, and you are blocking, you will only lose stamina from the first strike that hits. This should make 1vX better since the solo player is less likely to be overwhelmed by simultaneous strikes.
  • Kick animation tweaked - kick comes out faster, animation lasts longer so it is more punishing to miss.
  • Initial block cost increased to punish block spammers
  • Feinting attacks by kicking now costs more stamina, initial attack + kick
  • You are now immune to getting stunned by a kick if you get kicked at the beginning of your block. Stun immunity ends when the parry window ends.
  • Health potions nerfed across the board.
  • Energy vials add 30 toxicity instead of 10.
  • Greatly increased duration of Energy and Stable Skin potions
  • Corrupted Zombies will no longer dodge too frequently while player is attacking
  • AI bots are more aggressive when chasing targets that have left their line of sight
  • Added a cooldown to zombie and corrupted attacks to stop them from repeatedly attacking a blocking player
  • You can now attack while exhausted, but suffer -50% attack speed and -50% base damage
  • Crossbows can no longer be reloaded while sprinting
  • Gada Asura can now leap attack
  • Bots now are limited on how often they can combo attack and have reduced stamina efficiency.
  • ‘Early game’ zombies take 50% more damage but drop less gold (royal zombies still drop 100g)
  • Blocking no longer drains stamina, instead prevents regen
  • Asuras now have damaged textures to indicate how close they are to death
  • AI will now heal more carefully instead of spamming potions on low health
  • Bots cannot take damage from other bots until damaged by a player
  • Corrupted Zombie HP decreased to 3,000 from 4,000
  • Corrupted Zombie Damage decreased to 250 from 500
  • Stun animation from getting parried last 20% longer
  • Changed all heavy attack collisions to become sphere-based so they land better and tweaked humanoid entity collisions, improving hit registration.
  • Consuming items now causes the player to slow down.
  • Slowed movement on getting hit no longer stacks, and time shortened to 1.24s.
  • AI should now choose to move to better positions during combat
  • Crouch is now Faster
  • Tweaked two handed attack animation hitbox sweeps to prevent rainbowing
  • Merc followers should no longer constantly reload
  • Tweaked sprint to allow you to press sprint input before movement input
  • Kicks no longer interrupt attacks
  • Hits now show damage under the hitmarker to help players understand their damage output compared to enemy resistances
  • Light attacks and heavy attacks stamina cost increased by 20%, kicks changed from default cost 170 to 120
  • Corrupted zombies hitboxes reduced and attack speeds reduced 20%
  • Additional input tweaks to make sprint feel better and require less re-input when interrupted
  • When an Asura hits a bot enemy, the bot enemy will lose immortality bonus(by default all bots are immortal until hit by a player)
  • Hits that land below the knees now do 70% reduced damage and do not apply bleeding or broken bones
  • Increased the size of the head Hitbox to prevent "near misses" that lead to poor combat experience.
  • When your action cannot commit due to not enough stamina, exhaustion is now forced.
  • Hungry and Starving debuffs now reduce attack speed and base damage instead of stamina and health.
  • Durability no longer affects attack speed
  • Early game zombies now take 50% additional critical damage
  • Added animated hitmarkers
  • Parrying Changes - All weapons parry times have been moved to the beginning of the block animation. One handed, Polearm, and daggers now have a 3 frame window to parry. Two handed and Dual wield have a 4 frame window. And Shields have a 5 frame window. We hope this new increased difficulty of parrying helps PvP balance and will discourage parry turtling.
  • Added outnumbered buff - For each enemy player near you, gain 100% additional stamina regeneration rate only when Exhausted.
  • Outnumbered buff (when you are fighting multiple players) can now go up to 200% additional stamina regeneration while exhausted if you are surrounded by 3 players
  • Light Attacks no longer cost any stamina or refund stamina on hit
  • All Parry windows increased by 1 frame for all weapons
  • Player names now show up in all game modes to make it clear who you are fighting
  • Increased the hitbox size of ALL weapons so they reach out farther
  • Bots now passively block 40% as much as they used to (Block attempts in response to player actions remains the same)
  • Better spawning methods for corrupted zombies, they should be easier to encounter
  • Weapon attack combos now queue property, allowing for smoother light attack combos
General Changelog:
  • Engine upgraded from Unreal 4.26 to 4.27
  • Added quick crafting to crafting stations
  • Added various leaderboards (PVE KD, PVP KD, Networth, etc…)
  • Added Throwing Kunais - Projectile consumable that slows enemy movement for a short duration
  • Attacking and Sprinting are no longer mutually exclusive
  • Quests are no longer items, they are now stored in the quest tab
  • Added UI unified menu to inventory screen- You can now access every trader, crafting table, stash without moving. But you still have to discover each NPC once before they become available.
  • New Maps - Forsaken Temple, a location hidden deep in a jungle. Arena, a solo only map where you fight for glory! Only one person will survive…
  • New Merchants in the Forsaken Temple - Each merchant offers special quests that grant keys that allow you to access loot chests locked at the top of the Forsaken Temple - Girardus sells Armour and Weapons. Fiadh sells vigorous blood chests. Fludd sells foods and resources via lootbags, Kunais, and crystals - Players cannot sell items to Priest, Fiadh, or Fludd
  • Added various dynamic events that can happen on the Lost Island, with unique bosses and good rewards. Look for the blue fireworks and be prepared for a fight!
  • Achievement system added; Complete achievements in a single season to permanently unlock titles, cosmetics, or other goodies
  • Titles added. Equip titles so other players know what you’ve accomplished in the chat box and damage report!
  • Cosmetics added. Let other players know what you’ve accomplished on sight!
  • Arena and Lost Island will always be available, but the rest of the maps and any new maps in the future, will now be included in a randomized map rotation system that refreshes every 7 hours. This will streamline the population and also create a sense of urgency since now you can only attempt specific quests on specific days. This will also allow us to continue adding new content without splitting the population each time. This system may be modified in the future as our population continues to grow.
  • The Forsaken Temple, the Hypogean Undercroft, the Ancient Caverns, and ALL FUTURE maps will now be available based on a rotation cycle. Every 7 hours the available map will change. Keys are no longer required to access maps, but instead, the key items are now consumed and unlock special chests in the maps that drop good loot. Loot across all maps have been lowered in quality.
  • Up to 20 public parties should now be able to be seen in the public party browser.
  • Hubworld servers are now open and can fit up to 33 parties/99 players.
  • Trading Hub has been added. Players can now securely trade with each other in game.
  • Added Dueling Arena
  • Added new Matchmaking modes including PvE mode
  • Removed Freebooter
  • Expeditions now have been changed to only feature 2 queues- solo and party- and all maps are now in one rotation
  • Added Insure All button to Insurance menu
  • Item Grid Snapping - For ease of user experience when manipulating the inventory, looting, and organizing your stash
  • Dual Wielding - Hold two weapons and defeat your enemies with furious strikes.
  • Polearms - Use a long weapon to reach your opponents from distances.
  • All weapons now cleave!
  • Light Attacks no longer require stamina
  • Draugrs- New tougher zombie type that uses one handed weapons. We hope this new enemy type bridges the difficulty level between zombies and humans.
  • Backpack overhaul - Backpacks slots will be implemented and they will also be able to be insured.
  • Random Faction Events - The Lost island will now spawn easily visible events that feature NPC factions such as bandits, zombies, crusaders, and samurai. These will be hotpoints with a lot of tough enemies, good loot, and a point for players to converge upon to find action.
  • Two New Maps - The Forsaken Temple and the Freebooter Arena. We are particularly excited to see how players react to the Solo Queue only PvP focused freebooter arena.