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Coloured icons for ships in SH3 GWX
I'm running GWX with the Widescreen mod and after many, many hours of not installing it properly, I finally got it to work. But now I'm chasing friendly and neutral ships for no good reason. Can someone please provide me with a link for the mod to reload the coloured icons for ships. i know it exists but all the links I've found point me to Subsim.... who want donations to download other people's work. I'm not into funding their lifestlye. Many thanks in advance.
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Aranwen1 Apr 26 @ 1:56am 
i remember seeing it in one of the links on this site. not sure where but heres the FAQ and that might have it.
Thanks. I'll check that out. In the meantime someone told me about the ship camera and zoom which makes things easy. I just have to keep my Flag recognition page open. Key " , " operates the camera.
Baker Apr 26 @ 6:42pm 
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Copy this link and paste it into the address bar of your browser, then replace 'KOM' with 'COM', for some reason Steam's forums censor links to their opponents Epic Games and even Mediafire...

How you can find this mod (and many more):

I opened S3A - The Silent Hunter III Archive:

I clicked S3A to open it and then went...
》 Single Mods

and there it is... Contact_Colors_-_BL!TZKR!EG_Edition.7z
Thanks Fiedler... and for the tip about the Ship camera ! Kudos for all your help !
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