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Petition to get Uplink larger font size in Linux versions
Dear all

I guess many of us have installed Uplink on our Linux box to find the game very difficult to play due to the font size that is simply too small and uncheangable

Please contact directly the introversion software support and request a patch to solve this problem

I did that already, maybe if several people insist on that point they will decide to do something about it

Please use this link

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MadAnd 17. März 2013 um 14:57 Uhr 
Here is my message to Introversion Software:

I've purchased Linux version of Uplink on Steam. The game is great, but it's very difficult to read any text, while game is running on monitor's native resolution (1920x1200). On the other hand, when I set resolution to something like 1024x768, of course fonts become larger, but game is looking quite ugly.

Please, provide an ability to change the font size, or maybe some way to define a custom font to use, or any solution to make playing of Uplink on high resolutions more eye-friendly.


Bloo Alien 7. Mai 2013 um 20:20 Uhr 
Ursprünglich geschrieben von porcettorosso:
Please contact directly the introversion software support and request a patch to solve this problem.


Please use this link


Consider them contacted. I also had this same issue with an otherwise enjoyable game.
1+1=10 6. Juli 2014 um 0:36 Uhr 
Did you get a response?
MadAnd 8. Juli 2014 um 14:43 Uhr 
I have recieved only this automated response:
Re: Uplink font size issue on Linux Introversion Software | MAR 17, 2013 | 09:51PM UTC Thank you for submitting your request. We have received your request and are working on responding to you as soon as possible. If you have any additional information to add to this case, please reply to this email. Thanks in advance for your patience and support.

And there was no other responses since then. Seems that they have "lost" the issue.
1+1=10 11. Juli 2014 um 10:22 Uhr 
Thanks for answer.
EoD 24. Juli 2014 um 10:17 Uhr 
You can try installing Onlink. It is still actively developed and I'm sure the dev is faster in responding ;-)

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