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kolours420 May 9, 2013 @ 9:46pm
How to get Revolutionary Neuromancy and unlimited stock
I figured this out by acciedent. I was buying stock shares an wasnt looking at my balance. I thought, oh, they wouldnt let me buy stock with no money..... Well they did. an I did. so anyway. 200,000 dollars later i started getting emails from uplink bank saying my account has been overdrawn by 500 dollars an I need to pay a fine to this account xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx. so i had like well over a hundred of these lining the screen. I was so over welhmed I had to figure a way around this. I found that if you buy the gateway computer system that is the "High Security" Model you can fast forward an the game will stll to play mode an send an email when you gateway is in danger, thus allowing you to nuke it an avoid caputre for the fines. When you log back in you have to buy a new gateway an all hardware an software again so back up your software before this is you have a chance an know how.

This part got me still an stung a little but at least i got awa. You will get a email message for every single one of the you owe 500 dollars notices saying you got lucky an avoided capture. you are awarded higher an higher neuromancy ratings until you get maxx Revolutionary rating. you also get set back Agent rating until you reach "Begginer". Yes you have to close them all to keep playing missions since they load up at the end of the line outta view.

This is cool though, this means you can buy as much stock as you like with no money, ZERO dollars....... and, get away with it if you have the cash to buy a high security system with otion dector an nuke pack. honestly by this point you should have millions in your bank an can affor stocks but hey, free is free.
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Date Posted: May 9, 2013 @ 9:46pm
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