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ZenchiZennou 2014年1月5日上午11:49
Darwinia Soundtrack DLC Steam keys giveaway
Please post a comment when you take a code and mention which one you took. Also It would be nice if you could give me anything in return (trading cards, Steam game keys, humble bundle gift URLs etc.). But of course you don't have to. If anyone has an extra Steam key for Defcon I would really appreciate it if I could get it. I may post Steam keys for other Sountrack DLC in the near future. Well, it depends on how this thread does to be honest.

Here's a list of Steam keys to activate the Darwinia Soundtrack DLC:


Also post when all keys have been taken.
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Raging R 2014年4月26日下午12:40 
I used number [NumberSeven]3GFF-8MQRA-GIY0K,
Raging R
ZenchiZennou 2014年4月26日下午12:42 
I'm surprised they haven't been used all yet. It was a pleasure! ;)
Phaser Rave 2014年5月6日下午9:11 
Thanks, I used [NumberSeven]3T[NumberSeven]0-T2QDQ-DF6DE.
LowBattMouse 2014年5月21日上午7:27 

lil_misfit 2014年12月20日下午10:53 
Itried them all they are taken :( well i tried.:CrossedBlades:
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