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Early Access Usability Notes & FAQ
Thanks for supporting RealFit!

We'll do our best to fix all usability and accessibility issues you discover but while RealFit is in Early Access it's expected that there will be some rough edges you may need to navigate to get the best experience.

We'll try and collect the latest guidance here, so please check back for updates...

RealFit doesn't generally dictate your workout pace
Although the plan is for RealFit to be more adaptive to you, RealFit has also been designed to avoid making assumptions about your current level of fitness.

The trainer animations in RealFit are currently very controlled, and relatively slow, for guidance so you are encouraged to go at your own pace.

RealFit will provide more tools for pacing you in future builds but for now you can use the tracked rep' counts, tracked energy expenditure and scoring to benchmark yourself. After you have completed a workout once then for future workouts the stats panel will help you compare your score, energy used and rep counts with your personal best. You can affect your workout intensity by aiming for a certain score or reaching certain rep counts.

Use the 'Skip' button if needed
If you find yourself twiddling your thumbs during a rest period then please use the skip button to avoid injuring your thumbs! ;-p Similarly if there's an exercise you want to avoid, you can use the skip button. Alternatively you can edit the built-in workouts to suit your preferences before starting, or try building an entirely custom workout.

When to hold the controllers?
When the controllers are required RealFit will check this (and will also notify you when the controllers must be put down) but at other times the controllers are currently optional and rep counting will be done based on the headset tracking.

One general benefit to holding the controllers while your hands are free to move is that RealFit can track energy expenditure associated with your arms.

Abrupt endings
The workouts and mini games have fairly abrupt endings currently, where the music simply stops and mini games show a brief pop up before showing your latest workout stats.
Hopefully this will improve in future versions.

Thanks again for testing RealFit!
We'd love to hear your feedback on Discord here: - especially if there's something that's not working well that needs to be improved.
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