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Greg_Team17  [developer] May 2 @ 6:17am
Demo Feedback & Bug Reporting [Updated]

* Thank you for your feedback so far! Please bear in mind that this is a demo, and we will be taking constructive criticism on board

* The dodge mechanic is vastly improved via the talent tree as you progress. Dodging in the demo is quite limited.

It's time to play Thymesia!

Hi all!

Thymesia taking part in the 'Going Rogue Festival' on Steam. A small portion of the soulsborne action-RPG will be playable as a demo through May 2nd - 9th.

The demo is currently live!


Please leave your feedback in this thread, we'd love to see what you think of your experience!

Bug Reporting

Alternatively, if you encounter any bugs or game-breaking issues - please head to Report a Problem in the sub forums, and detail your issue there. Our support team will be available to log your reports and provide assistance.

Thank you for taking part in Thymesia, we appreciate your help in making this a better game!
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Gonzo May 2 @ 6:27am 
Does it have controller support?
Greg_Team17  [developer] May 2 @ 6:32am 
Originally posted by Gonzo:
Does it have controller support?
Yes, absolutely should
Ready to harness the plague! Thank you!
dropko May 2 @ 8:48am 
Dodge: small time interruption after animation is over. Does not feel right, movement should follow right after.
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dropko May 2 @ 8:50am 
Parry: feedback is little. Can't obviously tell of success. Need a more perceptible cue, visual or audio. Also parry attack causes some kind of blood spill but no damage.
dropko May 2 @ 8:51am 
"Finisher" after stance break (red glow within). Needs more impact, right now it's just a steamroll over enemy and there is a huge distance travelled with it.
Enjoyed what I did play, despite rebinding dodge to B I found myself slipping into my Bloodborne muscle memory, and that's high praise.
I pretty much agree with Dropko.
Dodges could do with that delay gone, it was frustrating getting hit due to having to wait a second or so to dodge again.
Parries need more flash/weight when you pull them off.
I also found the feather attacks to not work, at all.
I also feel the claw attack uncharged takes too much time compared to how much wound damage it deals.
In combat with some of the enemies I often had to trade a claw attack for a hit, just to keep the enemies from regenerating (though I agree with the regen to stop people from cheesing with dash attacks).
I like the reward for hitting a charge claw, though I am a little disappointed I only get one use.
I also felt like they didn't do enough damage, I'm not sure but it felt like they did roughly the same as a basic attack.
If I'm not mistaken you also can't dodge diagonally, I really feel this sucks.
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dropko May 2 @ 9:21am 
picking up the the "charged" attack: it should not allow for that suspend thing. it should charge and release. you easily create "traps" as teh enemies go towards you. also it covered an absurd amount of terrain, but that is probably intended due to character. i would personally prefer that and also increased damage as a counter for the loss of "pause". i agree with Goring Blade there.
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dropko May 2 @ 9:24am 
the "feather mechanic" feels sort of unnecessary imho. it's just a glorified parry.
it appears you have also limited feathers so when you land one, the enemy should stagger a little longer perhaps or take added damage or insta high damage finisher or something. needs to carry more value.
dropko May 2 @ 9:24am 
i think i said this somewhere else, but the "parry" does some spill blood animation while not doing any apparent damage at the same time.

also the attacks cause too much push back it seems
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Arcanum May 2 @ 9:24am 
The game tries to launch in VR if you have a headset plugged in. This is caused by the OpenXR stuff inside the Binaries > Third Party folder. If you delete the OpenXR folder then this fixes the problem.
Originally posted by Arcanum:
The game tries to launch in VR if you have a headset plugged in. This is caused by the OpenXR stuff inside the Binaries > Third Party folder. If you delete the OpenXR folder then this fixes the problem.
My game did not do this, I have my headset hooked up.
I'm on a Rift S, not sure what you're running. (if a different headset even makes a difference, I'm not sure)
OMG, the game was so good
Gameplay : :csgostar::csgostar::csgostar::csgostar::csgostar:
Control and Movement : :csgostar::csgostar::csgostar:
Sound Effect : :csgostar::csgostar::csgostar::csgostar::csgostar::csgostar:
Graphic And Animation : :csgostar::csgostar::csgostar::csgostar::csgostar::csgostar:

feedback :
- all delay, counter and everything
- need more learn to deflect enemy because many movement enemy there

here my livestreaming :
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The 1-use heavy claw attack (or whatever it is) feels like a really odd inclusion. Why limit us? Given that we only get one use, it should be an instant kill for non-bosses.
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Doesn't seem to work with the Steam Deck currently. C++ issue
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