America's Army 3
scaleblue Sep 17, 2012 @ 6:26am
This game.
Metacritic score:
America's Army 3: 70 yeah right...did they even play the game???
Combat Arms: 71

My score
America's army 3: 30
Combat arms: 50
blacklight: 60
GCI 48
MW3 65
Black ops 75

Crouching takes a almost a full second.
Everyone moves very slow and sprint is very poorly made.

I love that you can shoot people who are laying while wounded and seem to be acting dead.

Nothing in the game is at all responsive.

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Do not download.

This game could have been much better.
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scaleblue Sep 17, 2012 @ 8:24am 
HAHAHAhahhahaha....this game sucks.... and if i took a second to crouch....i would have to weight 400 pounds AND have back problems.... and still one second would maybe be way too long..
Curlex Sep 17, 2012 @ 7:07pm 
Scale.. why would you even try to put a rating on AA3 when you're clearly a Call of Duty player. The games are severely different. THe one major thing I've always loved about AA3 is that there are no morons, almost everyone is an adult and none talks trash. They're all mature and half of them are in the Army. Laid back and friendly community members are everywhere and hackers almost do not exist. How dare you compare Call of Duty to a game that was made by the US Army.
scaleblue Sep 18, 2012 @ 1:03am 
you guys need to guys keep saying im a COD fan, and yet I dislike COD.....
I would love a realistic first person shooter that why i downloaded AA3.
The game is not good, its not realistic AND it is very buggy.
Thats why everyone downloads this game and then quits it.
I am just telling others so that maybe i can help some people from wasting their time. I dont care who made the game or who plays it, I know when a program is buggy, especially when its this bad.
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scaleblue Sep 18, 2012 @ 8:11pm 
Your a scum bag who thinks he knows me.
My Steam info tells you Im a cheap FPS gamer, I uninstalled warzone, I uninstalled all the cheap FPS games, I told you I prefer realistic games and yet you say "you prefer cra**y first person shooters"
Your just a butt hurt military member, who has no Idea what a real video game is.

Now im tired of hearing your trash, this thread is now closed.
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elBradford Sep 20, 2012 @ 4:48pm 
snipedog573 Sep 20, 2012 @ 9:16pm 
It is true that America's Army 3 is not a game that is enjoyed by everyone, however that does not make it a bad game by any means. Especially for the price. I recently purchased a similar game that even uses the same engine, it was labeled as "Game of the Year Edition", not even close in my opinion.
Originally posted by scaleblue:
Crouching takes a almost a full second.

"Globular" Just like in real life.

Originally posted by scaleblue:
Everyone moves very slow and sprint is very poorly made.

"Globular" This game implements stamina.

Globular, for 1 i was wering a 20lb vest, with a 40lb ruck, plus a 5lb gun in the airsoft milsim game at camp grubar, a few days ago, and both of these are not realistic in any sense, it does NOT take nearly as long to crouch IRL as it does in this game, regardless of how much gear you have. in-fact the more gear you have the FASTER you crouch IRL. and 2 this game has the WORST representation of stamina ever, and doesnt even implement inertia. so you globular are just an AA3 fanboy, and have no idead what you are talking about, dont get me wrong i love this game, been playing for years, but it is NOT EVEN CLOSE to the most realistic game out there. i can name 2 much more right now, Proiject Reality, and ACE mod for arma 2.
jesus christ dude NOBODY'S AGREEING WITH YOU

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scaleblue Sep 24, 2012 @ 8:44am 
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Vorapsak Sep 24, 2012 @ 9:17am 
scaleblue earned MEGATROLL AWARD.
Robthebob Sep 25, 2012 @ 2:29pm 
I think he mad.
Maximum Ed-Boy Sep 25, 2012 @ 2:50pm 
I don't find this game to be very entertaining. Even with the Co-op thing being implemented... something just feels missing.
OP : You are a hater. This game is not for you so keep your mouth shut and stay away from it, it's simple as that really. Just because something is not for you it doesn't mean you should talk trashy about it.
scaleblue Sep 26, 2012 @ 12:59pm 
I just found a very nice game, kinda GPU heavy, semi damage based, the snipers are
underpowered. besides that the game is awesome.
- - - - - - - -- -
Tom clancy's Ghost recon online - GRO
- Free to play
- Shoot from behind cover
- Just came out of beta

- - - - - - - Gro comments - - - - - - -
(Snipers do 73 damage and are bolt action and inaccurate, ARs are 50-60 damage and are full
auto and like 75% as much accuracy as the sniper.

At level 15 the snipers start to get better.

-Sentinal (i think)
90damage with all better stats then the m24.
with more accuracy then the m24,
faster firerate, and more damage)

-Best gun in the game
most OP because all the other guns SUCK, compared to it is the.....
Light machine gun...
better than AR in almost everyway AND 100 rounds per clip.....

But with my 20-30 frames per second in GRO... I cant be 100% about all this...
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[/quote] Globular "Plus the game implements an encumbrance system (the more you carry the slower your movement and the less stamina you have). If those aren't examples of inertia I don't know what are." [/quote]

funny you mention that considering that isnt what inertia is, inertia is the resistance of any physical object to a change in its state of motion or rest, or the tendency of an object to resist any change in its motion.

has nothing to do with encumbrance. so AGAIN learn you stuff ;)
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