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Still can't log in.
I am absolutely certain that the developers know very well that a lot of people have not been able to log in, and I politely request that something be done. I haven't been able to log in since I hit 24 hours of play time, and this happened about a month ago.
I spent hours trying literally every password and email I have ever used (yes, I keep a document for these occasions) in the password reset, and nothing happened, so now, I want to talk with the developers about this.
I strongly do not want to make another account, as not only would I need yet another email account, but all my scores and everything I have ever done ingame would vanish.
I'm not happy to say the least.
So, would someone please fix my account?

Also, to my knowledge, you would need an exception in the game's code for this bug to happen, so please confirm I am wrong.

If you have the same problem as I, please post that you have, and make sure this is seen.

Thank you.
Последно редактиран от Sumyjkl; 28 окт. 2012 в 2:31
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I'm a system specialist, Black-Box analyst and I've gone to some crazy extent to get this working.


Do not expect any documentation prior to an actual fix to work as you will quickly find it a test in frustration. You can install the game clean on a brand new system and get this error, every time you run the program and not even play just run it try to log in then exit it and run the verify game cache there is always 2 files that are buggered. I assume (because we don't get to see what these file are...♥♥♥♥♥♥ at that too) these are related to log in but without some proper diagnostic feedback of any kind it is exceptionally difficult to lock down and even if I did who's going to fix it? I'm not a programmer.

Here is a brief list of what I have attempted without the hair-pulling details of the experience;
NOTE: Also attempted some of these on a fresh system install without any other programs installed.

In no Particular Order:
- Removed the game and reinstalled it clean this included a sweep of the registry incase of lingering or imbedded entries.
- Removed and reinstalled Steam clean.
- Followed all Cache instructions given by Steam Support.
- Edited and or created special permissions in Firewall settings and Security Policies.
- Created a secondary user account
- Disabled ALL antivirus and system protection programs which may have blocked or conflicted with calls to the network.
- Attempted Direct IP connection
- Attempted to by-pass Steam and run the program stand alone (does not run at all without Stream)

I have been trouble shooting this issue off and on for over a year and been working really hard over the past few weeks because I want to play the game with my son who is far away from me as a common fun means of keeping in touch with him while he's away.

I love the game just not the way it's been set up by developers regarding login security.

If you want a great single player game of this type without any rewards this is it, but if you want to get credit for your score or share with your friends and family pass on this game and keep looking for something else like it or better until the Dev team gets this resolved. (Save your $ or get a hack version until they fix it then buy it and have fun!)

So very disappointed in this issue considering how long the program has been out as the issue shouldn't exist at all. We quickly kill problems like that in other games during BETA.
Legendary, words cannot explain how awesome you are, it's just too bad you didn't actually find the problem.
I agree, there has to be something wrong with it, and they are NOT fixing it.
Really, really fed up with it, just as I have seen many things go this way, you have lost around 80% of the reason I played the game. Good job!
Had a brief note with Dylan (primary support contact) at audiosurf and he gave the following recommendation which seems to be a functional workaround at this time.

Audiosurf admin. cannot alter or remove accounts! That being said here is what was recommended:

- Create a new or bogus e-mail account anywhere you prefer. Trick here seems to be once you've created the bogus account you can alter it later. (more on that below)

- Go to the Audiosurf home page and login to your old account from there (if you still have access to it) change the email to the bogus one and save.

-Login with new access, test ok then go into the Audiosurf user settings and change the e-mail back to your legit and save.

-Logout and login should be fine. If it fails you can have the password reset sent to your legit email and try again. (failing? - do this only a few times to ensure you've not entered something incorrectly then follow the steps below.)


** (User name is static so you'll have a new nic for this to work)

- create a new Audiosurf account with a new account name and use the bogus e-mail address first! Do not try use your legit id and or e-mail or it will fail.

-Once you've been registered you can login to Audiosurf and change the bogus e-mail address to your legit one.

This will not cause any conflict with Steam account as you have to log into the Audiosurf server after you've run it through the Steam front-end anyway and it will still remain associated with your Steam login. {:^>

** If for one reason or another you no longer have access to your account id on the Audiosurf Server do this step.

Hope thiis fixes a few things. Hope they fix it on their end some day. I love this game hope next gen has even more goodies. Especially love to pick my own soundtrack and it gives me the same skill race as my friends and family play.
My trouble is not that I can't login through the game, I can't reset my password.
I will try the step you mentioned, and see if that works. I just created a new email so it should be easy.

I think the trouble in my case, is that my account for some unknown reason, just doesn't exist anymore, I have no idea why it would be deleted.
So I'll try the username I used initially first, along with my original email.

Thanks for your help, and I hope this works :)
I created a new account, and decided that I wanted to change my username and email anyway.
Nevertheless, I hope this doesn't happen again.
I'm now taking a screenshot of the account page :)
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