Lords and Villeins

Lords and Villeins

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Lords and Villeins Early Access Roadmap
EA Update #1: The World Update
  • New zones and professions: Caravan Marketplace, the Inn, Hunting Area
    Start trading with travelling salesmen, serve meals and beverages and provide beds to visitors (who might settle down in your village) and hunt wild animals.

  • New wild animals: Wolf, Bear, Deer and Boar
    They migrate through your territory seeking food and many of them leave when the weather does not fit their lifestyle.

  • Social needs and relationships
    Villagers can have conversations, fight each other, get married or even adopt an orphan. And relationships are not just personal, but between whole families as well!

  • Villagers use equipment
    They will actively seek and use the items best suited for their profession. What is a hunter without leather armour and weapon after all?

  • Dynamic weather, temperature and soil quality
    You need to keep your villeins warm, manage your fields to not exhaust your land and changing weather will impact your harvest as well!

  • Structures and equipment deteriorate in time
    All your walls and structures need regular repairs, equipment eventually breaks down and needs replacement.

  • Beauty overlay
    Design of your village matters! Nice neighborhoods will be more pleasant for your villagers to live in than basic areas without any decorations.

  • Villagers and animals can fight!
    Beware the hungry wolves going on midnight hunts after your sheep, or an angry neighbor trying to pick up a fight.

EA Update #2: Nobility and Clergy
  • New family type: Noble
    A richer, but more demanding class of families. They require more beautiful households and if they are unhappy, they will leave and harm your relationship with other noble families, as well as your overall reputation.

  • New caste: Clergy
    Villagers can leave their family and join the clergy (or be ordered to do so) and work in specialized zones and professions that produce vital goods and services. These operate outside your traditional economy and you have to impose clergy tax on your villagers

  • New Noble zones and professions: Artist, Alchemist, Gardening, Tavern
    Create art and design gardens to beautify your nobles’ homes, brew “magical” potions and serve them high quality meals and drinks in an upscale version of the Inn to make them happy!

  • New Clergy zones and professions: Paper Mill, Scribery, Cellar, Church, Cemetery
    Paper Mills will turn deteriorated clothes into paper for the Scriberies to make valuable books. The Cellar will brew sweet wine or mead. Villagers praying in a Church every week will boost their morale, and of course, every good lord needs to provide a Cemetery to honour villagers who have passed away.

  • Marriage deals
    Pick a Noble family and make them an offer. With good relationships and enough gold, you can make sure your lineage will keep growing. Though a poorly timed moves can easily motivate a noble family to leave and harm your reputation.

  • Exile a family
    You can choose to force a specific family to leave the village immediately.

EA Update #3: The Dark Side of Society
  • New caste: Military
    Much like with the clergy, villagers can leave their families of their own will or be conscripted to service in the military. They can be designated to a regiment, which has a specified set of equipment to train with. Regiments can also have special designations to serve as guards for your settlement, and don’t forget that you have to pay your soldiers adequately as well, to keep the army on your side!

  • Safety and Threat, Crime and Disobedience
    Your villagers can now commit criminal acts and need to feel safe, so set up guards, jails and executions to increase safety and lower crime; but overdo it and your reputation will decrease.

  • New Military zones and professions: Barracks, Jail
    Each regiment needs their own Barracks and equipment to train properly. Your guards will also need Jails to capture and hold criminals.

  • New King’s tax: Provide Regiments
    The Monarch can request for you to train and send them specific soldiers as part of your yearly tax. These soldiers will permanently leave your settlement.

  • New Clergy zones: Hospital, Apothecary
    Provide space and medicines to heal wounded villagers faster.

  • New zone and profession: Execution Display
    Jailed criminals may be sentenced for execution, to manage threat levels and criminality.

Full release - Spring 2022 (estimate)
  • New military zone and profession: Stables
    You can tame, feed and equip horses with saddles crafted by leatherworkers and horseshoes from blacksmiths. They are required to build a cavalry regiment.

  • New zone: Town Hall
    You may hold hearings there and be approached by villagers with their problems. You will have the opportunity to decide on local issues and boost or hurt your standing with various families, factions and groups.

  • Collect Intelligence
    Send a guard to collect intelligence on a family. They will report to you what has been impacting their mood recently and what is their standing with other families in the settlement (including your ruling family).

  • Order Propaganda
    Order the clergy to write books that portray your ruling family in a good light and temporarily buff your reputation, if you are in good standing with the Clergy.

  • Ruling Offices
    You can assign specific members of your ruling family to be in charge of the treasury, military, intelligence and clergy. This improves your reputation and likelihood of success of certain ruling actions. Different family members will have different predispositions for each role.

  • Bribe the King’s Tax Collector
    You can attempt to bribe the tax collector. If successful, they will not collect all the resources and reduce the negative impact of missing resources on the royal relationship. However, a failure can be devastating for your relationship with the King.

  • Assassinate Nobles
    Nobles are hard to get rid of as they can’t be recruited to the military or join the clergy, and executing or exiling them can cause a major disturbance in your standing with other noble families. Perhaps your guards can solve this problem more discreetly?
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