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Freakin Dubz Sep 2, 2020 @ 12:23pm
Sub Issues via Steam FIX
Greeting everyone,

This May have been posted already, but didn't see it right away, so figured I would share.

I switched over to SWTOR on Steam today, Installed the game, bought a subscription, and instantly had an issue that the Sub didn't show up in game. I browsed some threads and would like to share the possible fix.

First, this seems to be an EA/SWTOR issue, not a Steam issue.

I contacted, and got a reply within an hour. Below I will link the full topic on and the conversation that helped me to fix this.

This didn't even take 24 hours to process.

Here is the response on EA's website, and the link to the site where the discussion took place:


Response time can take up to 1 - 2 days at present

FAQ: Steam Purchase
This is only applicable if you have purchased a subscription or bundle via Steam.

You will need to provide two screenshots to support via email: If you need help with taking screenshots read here
1. Log into your Steam account
2. Click your username at the top and select 'View Profile'.
3. From your profile page, select the dropdown (⌄) next to your name to show your Steam aliases.
4. Take a screenshot and save the image to your computer.
5. Head over to
6. Locate your Subscription or bundle purchase and click on it.
7. Take a screenshot of this details page and save the image to your computer.

In addition to this, please include your SWTOR ID in the email.


Hopefully this helps some of you that are also having this issue as I found it pretty frustrating. I will attempt to update this again when my problem is fully resolved so you all have an idea of how long it takes. Their email response provided me with different numbers to contact a Support Rep, along with my ticket number to provide them. I didn't do this in game, I just contacted the email provided in the link above, took the pictures they asked for, attached them to the email with my SWTOR ID, and got a response an hour later.

Truly hope this helps. Sucks we have to go through this, but at least it seems they are aware of the issue and trying to help people get what they paid for.

Good Luck Everyone,
Hope to see some of you in game.
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Freakin Dubz Sep 2, 2020 @ 12:39pm 
I should also add, that I was a SWTOR player before the steam version launch.

Also, when I first signed in to TOR via Steam, then the SWTOR launcher with my SWTOR ID,
it took about 4 hours for "My Account/Unlink Steam" to show my steam ID was linked to my TOR account.
Freakin Dubz Sep 3, 2020 @ 5:25am 
I just got an email from SWTOR support saying that my subscription has been full processed, and it has. So following this fix, it didn't even take 24 hours after sending the email with the pictures that they requested for them to fix this issue. I hope this has helped some of the rest of you as well.
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