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Sono Aug 17, 2021 @ 10:29am
My tier list for classes
Top class
Button of the Berral

Why this order you ask?
Mage is currently broken with it's damage and AOE power. They have a skill called amplify which gives them 100% crit rate but 50% def down while active. Now yes the 50% hurts mage a lot I've seen them get one shot by low lvl mobs while this is active, but that 100% crit rate means mage only needs to stack crit damage nothing else. Crit damage is a multipler that scales exponentially which means mage will out DPS every class by 2-5x every time even at low GS.

Next Priest the class is a switch army knife you can adapt to any situation. They can have the second highest DPS in the game thanks to their class passive increasing their max attack power by a % value so again exponentially increase in power not as much as mage cause it won't go over 2x increase but still OPed. Next they can tank better than crusader or berserker due to damage shield spamming and being able to heal its self. Than lastly it has the best CC in the game every basic attack they have is a ranged knockdown. This class isn't to say OP or in need of nerfs like mage IMO, just that it better than the last 3 classes in the list.

Next is ranger at least 1 ranger is a must in any dungeon run why? The class has a mark they can put on mobs that increase the mobs received damage from all attack by any source even other players, and they also have the best def down debuffs in the game right now. Ranger also has the strongest burst in the game, but only if we're comparing flate non crit damage (again mage's exponentially only stack crit damage build power physically breaks the game on ever level.). Overall not a bad class just started lvl one as an alt.

Crusader has the lowest DPS output in the entire game but wait why rank it higher than zerk? Because like ranger crusader is a most to have at least one in a dungeon run. They have skills that buff both their parties attack power and def power by a % amount (idk the % yet but it noticeable). The class also has a passive that heals them when ever they crit a block that can help them stay a live in oh ♥♥♥♥ moments, and some good burst DPS. Overall idk hard to say cause this game's community loves big ♥♥♥♥ DPS numbers but it not a bad class IMO.

Berserker this class has a lot of AOEs, does consent endless damage spam, the most mobility in the game, and is fairly tanky. The main benefit is consent damage here and it is the highest DPS in the game early game, but due to it lack of exponentially growth like the other classes later game you will be out DPSed sooner or later by others (not crusader though). The is currently a bit broken in PVP because you can stun lock people to death, which is just stupid poor game design. Once a zerker stuns their opponent in PVP their opponent may as well just give up cause now they'll be stun locked. Overall though though again not a bad class.

So to sum it up beside mage all classes are Balanced all classes have their special role, no class is useless. But as of right now for mage the class physically breaks the game with it's damage scaling and it will only get worse due to it being exponential damage scaling unlike the others who are just linearly scaling with stats.
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Dai Aug 21, 2021 @ 5:29pm 
so why would you rank berserker the lowest when it has best pvp potential and clears pve content easily lategame?
Sono Aug 21, 2021 @ 6:30pm 
It doesn't have the best PVP potential, it literally just a CC bot in PVP that it yes it is a broken CC lock yes but a single amplified mage can 1 shot a whole group of players in one skill, zerk CC power isn't strong enough to CC lock 2 people at the same time. An pve content clearing is not the best late game it the best early game sense it not very gear depended, but once other classes get gear and level up their skills to start hitting 5 times like ranger who best attack not only increases in damage as it levels but also increases in number of times it hits as (exponential DPS growth) well zerker total damage falls behind big time late game compared to mage and ranger. Also zerk struggles with positioning you can't keep slamming on bosses some times because the boss will be spamming AOEs non stop preventing you from being able to get close and damage them as a zerk, but you'll also run into bosses that won't stand still for 1 seconds which means you need to reposition your self every time the boss moves to keep putting out damage. Zerk is good early game, but it very clear now that I'm running abyssal dungeons with it that mages and rangers are far better at DPSing end game than zerk. Most the time in some boss fights I'm literally just standing there waiting for the boss to stop spamming AOEs mean while my mage and ranger party members will burn 5m HP off the bosses by the time I can start DPSing again.

For example take Void harpy for example try and get close to that world boss with a zerk or cader and your instantly one shot and put on your ass, but ranger and mages are able to spam massive DPS from a safe range and only need to dodge attacks once in a blue moon. It doesn't take rocket science to know which classes are doing the most damage to those world bosses. I'm honestly about to just roll ranger sense it clear zerk is not the way to go end game for PVE and I'm not a fan of just being a CC bot in PVP.
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Dai Aug 21, 2021 @ 8:10pm

This is hard to beat pvp wise - especially considering PC has faster aiming for leap and rush

But ya, I agree pve ranged are better sustain dps
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RedFeather75 Aug 21, 2021 @ 8:14pm 
So there is stun locking in the game? That would be really bad to have for pvp.
Sono Aug 21, 2021 @ 11:56pm 
I literally just found something even more broken about zerk's stun lock. So how it works is your dodge consume stamina than you shoulder slam. Shoulder slam can't be used without dodging which means you can't spam shoulder slam infinitely, now it still broken despite this limitation, but here were it become 1000% OP and broken with zero downside there a totem you can craft that regens 6-15 stamina when you land a hit with shoulder slam. So basically running out of stamina will be impossible with said totem, thus you literally can't even hope that the zerk runs out of stamina to get free of the stun lock because it an endless loop of them regening stamina each time they stun you as well.

Oh and on top of that your immune to damage while dodge rolling and sense you dodge to use shoulder slam guess what stat a zerker will be in 90% of the pvp fight? If you guess in an Iframe state you guessed right. Lol someone clearly didn't test this design before implementing it.
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Solomon Kane Aug 22, 2021 @ 12:12am 
Balanced huh? Ranger dominates PVP, as for PVE, Ranger and Mage enjoy the Game on Easy Mode.
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