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Dark Master  [developer] Jul 30, 2020 @ 6:31am
The description of all minor and major updates are as follows.

Patch notes

2021-04-24 Hotfix
  • Fixed a bug where the "delete save" button would not work

2021-04-19 Hotfix
  • Fixed a bug where Steam achievements couldn't be unlocked

2022-04-13 Minor update
  • Vastly improved the look of many visual effects in the game
  • An icon and text are now displayed whenever the game is saving progress
  • Darkened the console selection frame in the poison realm for better visibility
  • Fixed an exploit where you could exit the Book of Magic with less than 14 cards in your deck
  • Fixed a bug where the potion master's UI couldn't be navigated with a gamepad
  • Fixed a bug where forest realms couldn't be cleared with a gamepad in tier 5, the last reward could not be collected
  • Various localization fixes

2021-07-22 Hotfix
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to add more than 3 identical cards to the player's deck through upgrading

2021-07-07 Hotfix
  • Fixed a bug where summoning creatures was not possible after ending a battle by casting a spell
  • Added all missing Polish characters to the game

2021-06-14 Hotfix
  • Fixed a bug where creatures with [Paralyze] were summoned twice, once on the player's side, and once as an enemy
  • Fixed a bug where typing 'i' in the search bar triggered the 'i' hotkey and opened the inventory
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Choose one' UI could not be confirmed with a gamepad
  • Fixed a bug where the tooltip cards were displayed behind the traveling trader's UI
  • Added Hungarian localization
  • Added Polish localization

2020-06-04 Minor update
  • Fixed a bug where the visual effect of Souleater was missing
  • Changed the look of the tutorial selection frame so it doesn't blend in with the desert
  • Adjusted the controller frame movement speed so it feels more responsive
  • Right thumbstick now scrolls the Book of Magic card view
  • Updated gamepad helpers, Equip / Unequip and Add / Remove now change depending on context
  • Added gamepad helpers to the card upgrading screen and chest screen
  • The gamepad selection frame will now jump to the first empty slot when summoning a creature
  • Fixed a bug where the language dropdown menu was not possible to leave via gamepad in some instances
  • Fixed a bug where the flee button could not be selected via gamepad in the first few battles of the tutorial
  • Fixed a bug where placing a creature on top of another was possible when swapping between gamepad and KB+M
  • Fixed a bug where the Top of the Class achievement couldn't be unlocked since the Book of Magic update
  • Fixed a bug where the order of artifact items in the backpack were skewed
  • Various localization fixes and improvements

2021-05-03 Hotfix
  • Fixed a bug where fleeing in the tutorial would allow opening the Book of Magic prior to acquiring it
  • Fixed a graphical glitch with the fog in the tutorial
  • Added a "delete save" button to the options menu
  • Added a "loading" text to the title screen to indicate while the game is initializing the current map
  • Lowered the intro video volume

2021-04-29 MAJOR UPDATE
  • New cards: Desert Imp, Blademaiden, Desert Lizard
  • Added full controller support
  • The tutorial has been completely redesigned, you now get more gold and a full deck during that map
  • Completely redesigned the Book of Magic UI, it now has deck slots, filters and a search option
  • Redesigned the attack creature window
  • Redesigned the traveling traders and goblin's trade windows
  • Redesigned the mulligan screen
  • Redesigned the in-game menu
  • Redesigned the token trader window
  • You no longer need to unlock the second page in the artifact window, it is available by default
  • Traveling traders will now offer better deals than before
  • The Goblin will now be immensely more useful than before, calculating trades that are much better
  • Improved the health change indicator in battle, it is more accurate and reflects all health changes
  • The chest has been removed as you can now carry an infinite amount of cards, no limitations
  • Cards that you had in your chest prior to the new version are automatically moved to your book of magic
  • Fixed a bug where random generation in the Forest realm would generate unwalkable terrain
  • Fixed a bug where if you started moving before the camera settled, the camera got misplaced
  • Fixed a bug where the end reward for tier 1 would always be the exact same three cards
  • Fixed a bug where Mini Menace wouldn't get the Inspire effect when summoned next to a creature with [Inspire]
  • Fixed a bug where the Ice Wolf's attack effect could be heard even if sound volume was reduced to 0
  • Fixed a bug where the [Cure] ability wouldn't work on paralyzed creatures
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong equipment was displayed on the main character
  • Fixed a bug where the Venomous Staff also buffed enemies in the Poisonous Gardens realm
  • Mulligan card draws will no longer buff enemy Angels
  • Balance: Potion of Poison now costs 8 instead of 12
  • Balance: Antidote now has the [Cure] keyword
  • Balance: Concoction only paralyzes now. It costs 10 instead of 14
  • Balance: Sylvan Plates now give 2 gold every turn in battle, instead of every 2 turns
  • Elixir of Choice has been removed from the game. Elixirs you've already had were converted back to Concoctions.
  • Balance: Boom Bug costs 12 gold and 1 orb instead of 17 / 2
  • Balance: Crawling Bug costs 9 gold instead of 10
  • Balance: Thief, Assassin and Master Assassin now steal 6-12-20 instead of 4-6-8
  • Balance: Potion of Vigor and Potion of Energy now give 6 and 14 gold instead of 4 and 10
  • Balance: Ancient Warrior and Ancient Vanguard have been reverted to Ultimate 2 from 3
  • Balance: War's damage limit has been reduced to 6 from 8
  • Eliminated all instances of missing characters from localizations, once and for all
  • Added a new design to the 'give up' button in battle

2020-03-08 Minor update
  • You now get to choose a new card reward out of three cards from the current tier at the end of each run
  • A card's upgrade level is now indicated in its tooltip description
  • Changed the look of the vision button on the card discard view screen so it matches the rest of the UI
  • Fixed a bug where the Fire Wraith spell could be split into two Firespirit spells

2020-03-05 Minor update
  • You can collect Tokens from the world map now
  • The game now monitors your progress and adapts its difficulty to prevent you from getting stuck
  • Balance: Silvan Acolyte and the Initiate both receive +3 / +3 from spells now instead of +2 / +2
  • The Infernal Apprentice is now available as a card to play (used to be an NPC card)
  • Reduced the prices of the Token Trader from 50-75-100 to 25-45-65
  • Reduced the price of buying a chest page from 150 to 90
  • Reduced the price of buying the second artifact page from 250 to 150
  • Changed the description of Death to serve as a clue to his weakness
  • Fixed a bug in the SteelSeries GameSense integration where the death effect remained active on the keyboard

2020-03-01 Minor update
  • Balance: Reduced Gnoll Poacher, Gnoll Marauder and Gnoll Chief [Thorns] values to 2-5-8, respectively
  • Balance: Feral Ghost attack and Health are now 25-30 instead of 30-30
  • Balance: Kurse Ghost attack and Health are now 50-35 instead of 60-40
  • Balance: Highmore General health reduced to 24 from 32
  • Balance: Highmore Commander health reduced to 12 from 16
  • Balance: Centaur Sentry, Centaur Warrior and Centaur Centurion require 1 attack for their Ultimate ability now
  • Balance: Increased Centaur Sentry attack and health from 3-10 to 4-12
  • Balance: Increased Centaur Warrior attack and health from 5-15 to 7-16
  • Balance: Increased Centaur Centurion attack and health from 6-15 to 8-20
  • Paralyzed enemies with Rage no longer get their second attack
  • Fixed the Souleater ability, it should now work as intended even if there are Souleater creatures on both side
  • Fixed a bug where saving on an empty Highmore Castle map would not let you leave after reloading that save
  • Fixed a rare bug where attempting to upgrade while you have 3 identical cards in your deck would fail
  • Fixed a bug where the Famine, Pestilence, War and Infernal cards could be split into unsummonable cards
  • Fixed an exploit where upgrading cards within your main deck could bring over 3 identical cards into your deck
  • Fixed several UI inconsistencies
  • Fixed a few localization issues
  • Fixed a bug where upgrades were not possible during the tutorial

2020-02-26 Full Launch
  • New realm: the Realm of Death becomes available once you collect 60 death keys!
  • New cards: Death Knight, Harbinger of Death, Deathbringer, Bone Mage, Orthos, Shard - Level 3, Feral Ghost, Kurse Ghost, Gargoyle Grandmaster, Potion of Resurrection, Draught of the Eclipse, Spirit Gargoyle, Death, Envoy of Death
  • New artifacts: Armor of Burning Damnation, Ignis Plates
  • New trader: the Potion Master allows you to purchase any potions
  • Added 6 new Steam Achievements
  • Added 4 more tracks to the soundtrack DLC
  • Added the finale and the end credits sequence
  • Potions have been removed from the Token Trader's card pool (chests can still contain potions)
  • Added a tier selector to the Token Trader window that allows you to specify which tier you want to buy from
  • Balance: Changed Glacius Prime health from 75 to 55
  • Balance: Changed Glacius Purifier health from 31 to 25
  • Added a "Give Up" button to battle that instantly loses the fight for you if needed
  • You can now skip the boss arrival cinematic by pressing any key or mouse button
  • Fixed a bug where cards placed on chest page 10 would disappear after leaving the pub
  • Fixed a bug where creatures that summon other creatures have sometimes failed to do so
  • Fixed a bug where the "enemies have -1 attack" map bonus would actually give 1 attack to creatures with 0 attack
  • Fixed a critical bug where dealing damage to a Highmore Golem with a Highmore Sorceress caused an infinite loop
  • Fixed a bug where if you started moving before the camera settled, the camera got misplaced
  • Fixed a bug where upgrading cards by moving them out of your main deck would allow more than 3 cards in deck
  • Fixed a bug where the Infernal's waypoint pointer remained visible on screen after you've escaped from it
  • Fixed a bug where you could get stuck on the forest world map
  • Fixed a bug where Hunting Scalebreed and Red Scalebreed were not linked to the correct cards
  • Fixed a bug where the Corrupted Helmet would do nothing if multiple creatures were already corrupted
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the green and red selection circles remained visible after battle
  • Fixed a bug where ranged hits that should hit their target would sometimes miss the Naga Fighter
  • Fixed a bug where shoes were not properly placed on the main character on the world map
  • Swapped the 'Accept' and 'Decline' buttons where necessary for a more streamlined UI experience

2020-01-02 Hotfix
  • Fixed a bug where the Elven Mediwitch card would disappear from your deck when attempting to upgrade it
  • Fixed a bug where Winged Nightmares were never added to a battle
  • Glacius Purifier and Glacius Prime will no longer gain Ambush when hit by nighttime damage
  • Fixed more missing characters in localization
  • Resolved the Infernal Greatboots bug causing drawn cards to be overwritten
  • Fixed a fringe case where a creature could survive with zero health

2020-12-30 Hotfix
  • Fixed a bug where the game has crashed after defeating the Infernal
  • Fixed a bug where the new tooltip system rendered the tooltips outside of screen on certain resolutions
  • Fixed a bug where the Infernal's animation froze on his introduction screen
  • Fixed missing characters in localization

2020-12-22 Roadmap Update
  • New boss: Infernal can now be unlocked by defeating War
  • New cards: Corrupted Neophyte, Corrupted Blademaster, Tormented Weaponmaster, Ancient Wrath, Sand Golem, Winged Seeker, Winged Nightmare, Witchplant, Vicious Mouth, Hungry Behemoth, Hunting Scalebreed, Red Scalebreed, Fallen Angel, Twisted Angel, Dark Angel, Glacius Purifier, Glacius Prime, Azure Serpent, Dawn Serpent, Serpent Duke, Vinetalon Elder, Vinetalon Grandmaster, Frost Phantom, Elven Mediwitch
  • New artifacts: Keeper of Blight, Infernal Greatboots, Signet of Decay, Hollow Feet of Twilight, Redwood Cane, Ring of Wealth
  • Rebuilt the tooltip system from scratch, lots of tooltips have been reworded for clarity
  • Concoction and Elixir now have the [Cure] keyword which can remove [Poison], [Frostbite], [Corruption] and [Paralyze] from an allied creature
  • Replaced the stock card art for Unexpected Strike, Arrow Strike, Arrow Blast, Whirlwind of Arrows, Tiny Rock and Tiny Crystal with our own, custom versions
  • Added a new card art to the Fire Wraith spell so it can be more easily distinguished from the Fire Wraith creature
  • Creatures upgraded on the fly will also receive all bonuses from artifacts now
  • Balance: Arrow Strike and its levels now cost 6-10-14 gold instead of 9-14-19
  • Balance: War now has the [Rage] ability
  • Creatures that deal damage to all enemies and have the [Poison] keyword will now apply poison to all enemies
  • Creatures with damage reflection (Highmore Sorceress, Highmore Golem) now reflect damage back even if killed
  • Changed the tutorial to include the second Scorpid earlier as a reminder to keep upgrading creatures
  • Fixed a bug where the camera was looking at the ground when opening a chest after victory
  • Fixed a bug where damage reflection killing a retaliating creature triggered that creature's on-attack skill
  • Fixed a bug where a creature could deal negative damage (thus, healing the opponent)
  • Fixed a visual bug where inventory items may have appeared multiple times in a player's backpack
  • Fixed a bug where hitting ESC while looking at an artifact with a card reference caused the card to stay visible
  • Fixed a bug where the Insane mode option remained visible even if you couldn't leave the Pub
  • Reduced the intro video volume to 70%
  • Various localization fixes

2020-11-04 Minor update
  • Seal of Fury attacks won't trigger Blazing Fiend now
  • REALLY fixed a bug where Boots of Haste would lock the game by drawing four cards when a choice book was played
  • Fixed a bug where the global audio volume was not applied to the Blight of the Forest spell
  • Fixed a bug where Frostbite was applied twice to the primary target of a Frost Dragon
  • Fixed a bug where Highmore Paladin could have a negative health value when its allied ice creatures have died
  • Highmore keys will now be hidden in the quest log until tier 2 to avoid confusion
  • Various localization fixes

2020-10-30 Roadmap Update
  • New realm: the Highmore Castle realm is available every time you collect 5 Highmore keys!
  • New cards: Highmore Golem, Highmore Paladin, Highmore Skirmisher, Highmore Commander, Highmore General, Highmore Templar, Highmore Inquisitor and Ice Queen
  • New map object: The red banner allows you to reduce the attack of all enemies by 1 in the next battle
  • New map object: The alchemist's potion allows you to reduce the health of all enemies by 1 in the next battle
  • New music: 4 new songs have been added to the soundtrack DLC
  • Fixed a bug where the Defense shield would sometimes not protect a creature against the [Deadly] skill
  • Fixed a bug where Boots of Haste would lock the game by drawing four cards when a choice book was played
  • Fixed a bug where Corruption, Poison or Frostbite would not be applied if the creature dies to damage reflection
  • Fixed a bug where if you only had a single creature in your deck, it would not get drawn at the start of battle
  • Fixed a bug where projectiles aimed at Lizard Mercenary and Lizard General would sometimes miss
  • Fixed a bug in the forest realm where the way forward could be blocked by a trader

2020-10-13 Update
  • Balance: Firestorms cast by the Blazing Fire Staff now count as spells
  • The end turn warning will now be skipped if only Ambush creatures remain on the enemy side of the battlefield
  • Fixed the icon of burn-through so its borders aren't visible anymore
  • Added missing Chinese and Korean characters
  • Fixed a bug where choice books could lock the game for you without the option to proceed in any way
  • Fixed a bug where Hunter's Guild creatures were displayed as allied cards and had buffs applied to them
  • Fixed a bug where the Lizard Swordsman's description indicated 0 damage instead of the intended 6
  • Fixed a bug which did not let you leave the pub if you had exactly 80 cards
  • Fixed a bug where some spark and electric sounds have still played even if sound was muted in the options menu
  • Fixed a bug where Pestilence's death SFX has still played despite the fact that sound was muted
  • Fixed a bug where the map bonus shrine SFX could still be heard a bit before the game volume was applied to it
  • Fixed a bug where War has been corrupted but ranged attackers wouldn't trigger the corruption bonus
  • Fixed a bug where the level 3 Minotaur would be dismantled into two level 1 ones instead of level 2

2020-10-09 MAJOR UPDATE
  • New boss: War can now be unlocked by defeating Pestilence
  • New cards: Shiv Predator, Shiv Gladiator, Goblin Assassin, Magma Dragon, Magma, Shard - Level 2, Fire Mistress, Blazing Fiend, Sun Priestess, Eclipse Priestess, Dark Priestess, Banshee, Voodoolich, Nature Ghoul, Highmore Heretic, Highmore Cultist, Highmore Zealot, Spark, Lightning, Chain Lightning, Legionnaire, Lizard Swordsman, Lizard Elite, Wind Warrior, Wind Lord, Frostmane Savage, Frostmane Highlord, Frost Dragon, Flame Wisp, Burning Wisp, Minotaur Scout, Minotaur Fighter, Minotaur Chieftain and Unexpected Strike
  • New artifacts: Corrupted Helmet, Boots of Haste, Ring of Decadence, Gaze of Thunders, Blazing Fire Staff and Seal of Fury
  • New quest in the Pub: the Archeologist hires you to find pieces of his pendant, gives a mythic artifact in return
  • New feature: Added the option to unlock additional pages in your chest stash with tokens
  • New feature: Added an extra page to the artifact inventory that you can unlock with tokens
  • Added 6 new Steam achievements
  • Added a displayed counter for how corrupted a creature is when using the [Corruption] ability against it
  • You can now get the Nature Elemental from quests or from the Goblin Trader
  • You no longer need to complete a regular run to have a shot at doing the challenge mode again
  • Rerendered the card art for Tiny Biter, Arid Meshweaver and Gray Orbweaver with higher fidelity
  • Changed the description of the Paralyze skill tooltip for more clarity
  • Great Webweaver now has a new ability: it can paralyze enemies up to four times
  • Balance: Frostbite can only reduce attack to 1 from now on
  • Balance: Corrupted Knight now costs 90 gold instead of 95
  • Balance: Mini Menace now costs 5 gold instead of 7
  • Balance: Tiny Biter now costs 6 gold instead of 4
  • Balance: Gray Orbweaver costs 24 gold instead of 32, and the Great Webweaver costs 32 instead of 48 now
  • Balance: Werewolfie damage has been reduced to 6 instead of 10
  • Balance: Gargoyle Ascendant and Stone Gargoyle now have 10 health instead of 12
  • Card rarities now affect the Token Trader offers as well, so rare and epic cards are less likely to appear
  • Improved world generation of the Forest realm
  • Added one more entry to the tutorial to encourage upgrading creatures in the book of magic
  • Enemy Gargoyle resurrection timer is now handled as the player's timer, Gargoyles come back earlier as a result
  • Fixed a bug where Corruption, Poison or Frostbite would not be applied if the creature dies due to Thorns
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong spell could be cast if a spell also drew a card after it's been cast
  • Fixed a bug where ending turn after winning would cause an instant loss in the following battle
  • Fixed a bug where a corrupting creature would always reset its enemies' corruption counters to 1
  • Fixed a bug where pointing at an empty chest slot would display tokens gained from selling it
  • Fixed a bug where multiple camera shakes playing at the same time could end up with a misaligned camera view
  • Reduced the volume of the Pub ambience
  • Various localization fixes

2020-09-07 Roadmap Update
  • New feature: you can now collect tokens by discarding cards you don't need back at your chest
  • New trader in the Pub: you can spend your tokens at the Token Trader on any card he offers
  • Card change: Potion of Poison now prevents the targeted creature's retaliation. Costs 12 instead of 4 now.
  • Added a short interaction delay to the Traveling Traders window to prevent accidental trades from being made
  • Vastly improved the value of Traveling Traders' offers
  • Balance: Spirit Burn and Soul Sacrifice now cost golden runes as well, 3 and 8, respectively
  • Balance: Silvan Hound golden rune cost increased from 24 to 36 and its attack is now 7 instead of 8
  • Balance: Tribal Devourer golden rune cost increased from 48 to 75, and its attack is now 8 instead of 9
  • Balance: Concoction now costs 14 instead of 4 and Elixir of Choice costs 17 instead of 8
  • Adjusted the frozen land and poisonous gardens random generator for more consistent map generation
  • Lizard Mercenary and Lizard General now gain bonus attack from all sources of damage (including Nighttime)
  • Water Elementals can no longer be damaged by the splash damage of the [Fire Damage] skill
  • Goblin will no longer offer cards that are lower levels of what he's requesting
  • Adjusted the description of Spiritstaff for consistency
  • Adjusted the description of Lizard Mercenary and Lizard General to better explain their abilities
  • Changed the tutorial Goblin Thief fight, this only has 3 enemy Goblins now instead of 4
  • Creatures that steal Golden Runes can no longer steal gold if the target has evaded their attack
  • Changed several card descriptions and the frostbite tooltip for more clarity
  • Fixed an exploit where you could stay in challenge mode if you pressed Alt+F4 right at the moment of losing
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Nothing can stop me' achievement wouldn't trigger in the Poisonous Gardens realm
  • Fixed a bug where Blergh Lizard would reduce a creature's attack before it finished dealing damage
  • Fixed a bug where certain cards (eg. 'Magical Preparation') could be endlessly split in two
  • Fixed a bug where a traded and removed artifact would still affect gameplay on the player's next run
  • Fixed a bug where 'quest accepted' and 'quest completed' messages could overlap in the Pub
  • Fixed a bug where the 'quest updated' notifications would appear above the deck and inventory windows
  • Fixed a bug where the 'Collect loot' text could be cut off on the chest screen
  • Improved the animation effects of several card illustrations
  • Various localization fixes

2020-08-28 Roadmap Update
  • New cards: Werewolf Renegade, Werewolf Rogue, Werewolf Warmaster, Werewolf Infiltrator, Werewolf Sentinel, Fireclaw and Werewolfie
  • Added a new artifact, the Night Cape
  • New trader in the Pub: the Artifact Trader asks you to sell him an artifact and offers a card in return
  • Added 3 new Steam achievements
  • Replaced the art of the 'Shard' card
  • The Hunter's Guild quest will now be indicated in the quest log
  • Balance: Ancient Warrior and Ancient Vanguard need 3 activations instead of 2 to gain their Ultimate ability
  • Poisonous Gardens now affects creatures buffed with the Venomous Staff
  • Fixed a bug where sacrificing a creature with a Defense shield caused the creature to survive with 0 health
  • Fixed a bug where the Ignis Ranger's tooltip wouldn't appear when viewed in the Pub
  • Fixed a bug where drawing cards too fast could end up summoning the wrong card
  • Fixed a bug where tier 2 would run in challenge mode even if this option was not selected
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes enemy creatures were not included in the attack queue and would skip their turn
  • Fixed a bug where checking the tutorials while editing your deck, the character would be able to move again
  • Fixed a bug where the Thorns ability would delay user interaction too long
  • Fixed a bug where the Deadly ability would delay user interaction too long
  • Fixed a bug where closing the chest window in the Pub with the ESC key would lock the book and inventory
  • Fixed a bug where Huntress' target creatures were generated in worlds where they were not intended

2020-08-14 Hotfix
  • Fixed a bug where upgrading a card by dragging it out from the chest results in duplicate cards
  • Fixed a bug where dragged card icons could linger after letting them go
  • Fixed a bug where the "Got it" button localization didn't work in the tier 2 window

2020-08-13 Roadmap Update
  • New quest in the Pub: the Huntress hires you to kill a creature, gives Common, Uncommon or Rare cards in return
  • New map event: you can meet Traveling Traders on the world map that offer card trade deals
  • Added a quest log in the Book of Magic that shows you active quests and the amount of enemies remaining
  • Added 5 new Steam achievements
  • You can now hide the mulligan screen to take a look at the battlefield before choosing what to discard
  • Vastly optimized the Book of Magic, this should now give better performance on all PCs
  • Ice Spirit changed to 'epic' rarity as it is not an easy card to get
  • Added a new voice to the leader of the Hunter's Guild
  • Soul Sacrifice no longer buffs creatures that are immune to spells
  • Buffing a creature with zero attack now allows that creature to attack
  • Hovering over an artifact item will now display the associated card as well, if there's any
  • Clarified the Corrupted Hound's, Chewy's and Om-Nom's description
  • The Thorns ability no longer prevents the paralyze ability when killing the paralyzing attacker
  • Improved pathfinding in the 'Poisonous Gardens' realm
  • Fixed a bug where your character could get stuck on the world map of the Poisonous Gardens
  • Fixed a bug where the damage reflection of Highmore Sorceress would delay user interaction too long
  • Fixed a bug where using both the Mantle of Wrath and the Spiritstaff together would only summon one creature
  • Fixed a bug where hitting an evading creature would delay user interaction too long
  • Fixed a bug where dealing damage to all enemies would delay user interaction too long
  • Fixed a bug where sacrificing creatures that summon another creature upon death gives the sacrifice buff twice
  • Fixed a bug where the Goblin Trader tutorial appeared in English in other languages
  • Improved the visuals of the Flamespark explosion
  • Various localization fixes

2020-08-04 Update
  • Added Steam trading cards
  • Added a mulligan system, allowing you to redraw any cards from your starting hand
  • Doubled the available space in the Book of Magic, you can now have a total of 80 cards in your collection
  • Added a sorting button to the Book of Magic
  • Added 4 more slots to the chest at the Pub
  • Extended the artifact inventory backpack with 6 more slots
  • Fixed a bug where the interaction delay left over from the previous battle prevented action in the current fight
  • Fixed a bug where the text in the "Return to Pub" window could reach out of its designated area
  • Fixed a bug where the Plates of Light appeared with a see-through effect in the inventory
  • Fixed a bug where the global sound volume would not affect Sylvan Acolyte, Initiate and Infernal Apprentice

2020-07-31 Minor update
  • Famine now has the [Corruption] trait to prevent situations where it can't kill regenerating armored creatures
  • Fixed a bug where hitting a healer would stall the turn too long
  • Fixed a bug where a creature with the [Deadly] trait could kill a creature that evaded its attack
  • Buffed Spirit Burn, it now costs 0 and gives 2 soul orbs
  • Buffed Soul Sacrifice, it now costs 0 and gives +3 / +3 instead of +1 / +1

2020-07-30 Minor update
  • Added a VSync option
  • Fixed a bug where right clicking a Stone Knight would split it into two Stone Knights
  • Fixed a few bugs in localized texts
  • The game now runs in borderless window mode, doesn't pause and does not get minimized when you click outside its window
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A hotfix has just been released! See the patch notes in the post above.
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