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RealKarl Sep 15, 2021 @ 1:31pm
Fix for Error 0xC0000005 (Access Violation) (NVIDIA)
*** EDIT: This does not work for everyone, quite likely only those 0xC0000005 crashes that occur in the Loadout screen ***

I constantly had crashes in Loadout when pressing "Y" on controller to equip trinkets or View details. Then I discovered that by turning VSync off, the crashes appear to go away.

Note that initially VSync did not work in-game despite being switched On in the game's options, because it had been turned Off in NVIDIA Control Panel (Manage 3D Settings) for deathloop.exe. I am not sure how this had happened, but I think perhaps GeForce Experience did it when I chose its optimal settings for the game. Or else it was done by the game installation itself, if they already knew the game cannot handle VSync On without crashing.

So now I can avoid the crashes, but the game looks like crap on my LG OLED HDTV with tearing everywhere and jerky motion due to VSync being Off. For those with G-Sync and higher than 60Hz monitors, VSync Off should be no problem though.
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RealKarl Sep 16, 2021 @ 1:23am 
In order to get around the 0xC0000005 problem, and turn VSync ON without crashing the game, one can do the following:

In Nvidia control panel for deathloop.exe:
Preferred refresh rate: highest available
VSync: on
Max Frame Rate: 60

Then, in game settings:
VSync Off, In game frame-rate 120fps (or any value above 60)

That way VSync is forced On outside the game, while inside the game it is Off. This will then still give you VSync with rock-steady 60 fps without tearing, and no 0xC0000005 so far.
My video card is RTX 3070.
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Alex Sep 16, 2021 @ 2:56am 
This worked for my issues thanks dude
BuckleBean Sep 16, 2021 @ 11:10am 
Nope, still crashing for me. Sadly, at the end of a particularly lengthy, but awesome run.
DeadBeat Sep 16, 2021 @ 11:41am 
The only time I ever get that is when I'm installing trinkets in guns. At least it doesn't boot you back to the previous area when you restart the game but it's annoying nonetheless.
Joker is Fast Sep 16, 2021 @ 2:28pm 
Still crashes. Never had these crashes before the patch.
Sokaii * Sep 16, 2021 @ 2:32pm 
Still crashing, it's a mess ..
Harrowebz Sep 16, 2021 @ 3:18pm 
Same. Still crashes. So annoying.
Destructus Sep 18, 2021 @ 12:42pm 
I locked it to 60 FPS. That’s it. Haven’t had a crash since.
Funkyhamster Sep 26, 2021 @ 9:18pm 
FWIW, I was getting "access violation" crashes, and disabling VSync seems to have fixed the problem for me. Thanks for the tip!
Skolia Sep 26, 2021 @ 9:44pm 
For me, it was raytracing off that made the crashes go away. (Didn't have a crash again through the end.)
bzdvinea Sep 27, 2021 @ 12:19am 
The trinket problem is definitely related to raytracing. Vsync seems to be involved somehow but I think the raytracing is the root of the problem. Remember to restart the game after changing settings.
kresta0073 Sep 27, 2021 @ 12:51am 
So I buy a gaming pc for more than 2000 dollars and then have to deactivate things to play the game as if I had a chestnut ??. I don't want to go around deactivating options, I want it to work correctly for me.
RealKarl Oct 7, 2021 @ 11:50am 
There appears to be at least two different kinds of 0xC0000005 crashes. The one I "worked around" with the suggestions above, that always happens in Loadout screen. Callstack shows the crash occurs in dxd12.dll (don't remember the exact filename, but Directx 12 related)

Then there's a different 0xC000005 that happens during regular gameplay - usually when you have gathered a lot of loot and long time since the last savepoint. My suggestions will *not* fix that. The callstack for this is an access violation in msvcrt.dll. See the long thread here:

With these callstacks available, and so many crash reports, one should think the developers could have pinpointed the issue by now, but there must be unforeseen complications.

I am not playing any more until a proper fix is out. I don't want to have the game crash an hour after the last save point.
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RubiconTitan Oct 7, 2021 @ 6:10pm 
I'm in the same boat as RealKarl, I'm pretty far into the game and haven't been able to equip a weapon trinket without the game crashing. So I've been playing without them equipped. In addition, the game has been crashing during gameplay. It's crashed a few times now, mostly after I've killed an invading Julianna, which is a bummer.

I'll wait to play a bit more if/when a patch is implemented. Plus, I'd like to know how the weapon trinkets feel after 18 hours of story progression.
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