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Anashel  [developer] Apr 18, 2020 @ 7:58am
Game Update and Drop Table changes
(New update here:

Greetings Everyone!

We ran a new patch including the following changes to the drop system.

In the last hours, we registered more than 18 000 speed runs! To be sure keys are left for players of the ARG, we have added a restriction of 1 chance per account.

However, for anyone who just joined today, we added more games to the drop table. You now have chances to win The Black Watchmen, NITE Team 4 or Moons of Madness! This little extra giveaway event will run as long as there are keys left, but keep in mind this is not the goal of this project.

About this project >
This PARG is our first experiment with Google A.I. and is the most advanced game we have created to date. The A.I. was taught to recognize 298 phobias to allow it to identify the player's worst fears and respond with emotions, whispers, sounds and visuals. This game is also one of our more challenging experiences.

You will need to research answers to the puzzles and reach out for help when needed. You can always reach the Cyrano Story community on our Discord (
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