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Steam Sucks
Waited a week to get a response from any steam staff about CD keys and GTA4 not being able to play the two expansions. I'm done steam if you can hear me go $@#! ur self, and give me my money back you thieves. Or let me play the games I paid for.
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Waited a week to get a response from any steam staff about CD keys and GTA4 not being able to play the two expansions. I'm done steam if you can hear me go $@#! ur self, and give me my money back you thieves. Or let me play the games I paid for.
Valve aren't thieves.
KILLJUY I can gif you me codes I dide not use them i cant use them . i by the game and i can't use the code . me GTA 4 is puy and registerd official . i try to add no steam game . i have looking if i steam have GTA 4 complete edition 1 month a go . no GTA on steam so i buy it in a toy strore . i have waith a month for it 9spetember it was sold out . 30£ GTA 4 complete edition . Exe can not be find in that list you gif GTA 4 save . thats not the good one but no other to find . so i buy the game agian . this time on steam and puy on steam . i lookink afther installing downloading took 2 days way steam you ar de best turtle of 2013 . no exe in that add no steam game list . if i look on me pc they stay 2 times now on me computer takes 14GB 13GB 2 times 54GB i may happy me pc do not crashes and the game runs normal WTF you ar trying to do ? .
Steam games LOrd of the rings war in the north evry steam update when i log in lord of the rings do not runs no longer evry time . now its fixet i spend for the first time some manny on me steam acount lord of the rings runs good no more trouble afther update steam ;; strange storty huh steam ? so you ar a (........) put in your self i have no wurds for this now ... GTA 4 GTA 4 epissodes again steam games GTA 4 GTA 4 epissodes
i play for 7years on facebook zynga games . mafia wars . me clane size 5000 . i help al me frients in tha game and zynga only coleckting a loth of manny 5000 custumers love to play with me . i working for free so wath i have me fun and a lot of good friends from evry coner of the world . but zynga is the same god dem creminal pig . kind like you steam . he only took his big monny he gets and the rest ar air for zynga . he made me zo dem angry with the way of zungas behaving . I quit and a lot of me friends get un hapy and missing me . in game . they quit playing and spending monny on zynga to . i am look for a site that helps his custumers and take a bith care of them if they have a problem . whell 15year i use internet . there menny game sitesNOT one good site on interneth to find . i mis me friends yes all the fun i try to start some whare ells . ♥♥♥♥♥♥ PIGS EVRY WARE . no smart ine who can get a lot of mony
complete edition code 2 code if he acept me as a frient he get the code
need to input code below i looking below me site and evry ware ? i can not find it maby steam put them be low in to his .........;; ware the sun never shine we say here steam
i go buy GTA 4 epissode gay tonny and the lost for a mafia wars mate from he have me old acount with me 4500 members all me mates . they still ask if i wil play again with . they mis me . for me no more mafia wars on zynga ! maby the wil play here GTA 4

Kan webpagina niet laden (onbekende fout).i hope for YOU STEAM he get this game i puy it
the webpage can not be loaded ? taking the mony was no problem to load
pay attention the webpage go to a ofiscial weppage from steam
Kan de webpagina niet vinden can not find the webpage
Beste w_p_doom666,
Bedankt voor je recente cadeau-aankoop op Steam. Je cadeau is verzonden naar theh2tco.
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City
14,99 EUR
14,99 EUR Betalingsinfo:

14,99 EUR Bevestigingsnummer: 1405416502501083647
Mon Nov 18 05:49:34 2013

Valve S.à r.l.
L-2450 Luxembourg
Registration Number: B169804
VAT ID: LU25517916
IBLT Number: 25517916 we wil find out soon if me mate get his game . and wil know if steam gif his suport
zynga lost a lot of custemers that quit playing mafia wars . and maby good for steam . zynga wil eind the game mafia wars . more than 5mil M.W players ar engrie and disappoint . a lot of them spend more than 1000buks a month . the one with a platinum acount hehe puy back time for them . no fair mony gamers they puy to be a strong player
and wath thay dide . level 2500 we call them bullys . they copy the url from low level players so its easy to win the fight . thay copy and save the URL easy to find that low weak level player over an over again ; and attacking en robbing the poor low level player like hell . no one help them . to get ride of that high level ceuward . only one crazy cloune who dot puy mutch for his power . if you have tha one in your mafia he wil help he was the only one you can count on for help GLADIATOR DooM666 wimkepimke . knows how to set his acount attack skils and defens skils on the same hight . he lost the figh but kill his opnement non stop hehe . zynga and this . zynga dide some crape on me acount me PC slow down like hell i cant play no longer so Steam with some good luk you get them as custemmers but dont do the same no fair things like zynga
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