Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Jadedrakerider 2013年4月28日上午5:39
Yet Another VIce City Won't run problem
Vice CIty won't run for some reason. I can't empty the Vice City user data folder because there's nothing in it! Deleted the entire folder, nothing.

Played around with compatibility, screen resolution, etc, nothing. Screen goes dark, then returns. Creates the user data folder, but again it's empty.

Tried the main VC exe, also the testapp.exe

Windows 7, Intel Quad Core, 64 bit
If anybody has any ideas, I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
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NIGHTMARE_1990 2013年4月28日下午3:07 
I'm having the same problem with both VC and SA. I open VC and it just goes to a black screen then stops responding. I can play SA but it freezes when it goes to the black screen with the mission titles. Not impressed Valve, not impressed.

Win7. Intel Core i5, 64 bit.
Agust D 2013年4月28日下午3:08 
same here but SA works but Vice City or GTA3 wont start up i reinstalled it twice doesn't work. :(
lukeithompson 2013年4月28日下午4:24 
引用自 darkzzhunter
same here but SA works but Vice City or GTA3 wont start up i reinstalled it twice doesn't work. :(
same for me as well
MFGrayFox 2013年4月28日下午5:04 
Having the same issue. I can load the game fine but when I want to play the game the screen goes black!.
YOLO KNIGHT 2013年4月28日下午5:52 
Try enabling the frame limiter. I was having similar problems getting stuck on loading screens until I did that.
Jadedrakerider 2013年4月28日下午6:30 
Where is the frame limiter?
YOLO KNIGHT 2013年4月28日下午6:39 
Display options.
Jadedrakerider 2013年4月28日下午7:08 
You mean after the game goes to menu? It doesn't get that far. The screen literally goes blank as if to go into the intro, and then returns to the desktop.
YOLO KNIGHT 2013年4月28日下午7:49 
Oh. Not sure then. Did you try deleting the VC folder itself or did you just empty it?
Jadedrakerider 2013年4月28日下午9:22 
I uninstalled it via steam. Should I try deleting the folder itself?

No worries though, thanks for trying to help!
最后由 Jadedrakerider 编辑于; 2013年4月28日下午9:23
YOLO KNIGHT 2013年4月28日下午10:30 
Yeah, I believe that's what I did. I had older non-Steam saves in mine though.
NIGHTMARE_1990 2013年4月29日下午5:19 
Valve had better get this *poop fixed. Why would they release it if it doesn't run on 64 bit? does anyone even run a 32 Bit OS these days?

最后由 NIGHTMARE_1990 编辑于; 2013年4月29日下午5:19
YOLO KNIGHT 2013年4月29日下午6:20 
I'm running it fine on Win7 x64 (after turning on the frame limiter) so people who can't run it at all are probably having a different problem.
Switch your video cable to a VGA and if it doesent work, thenn.......Im Stumpted
NIGHTMARE_1990 2013年4月29日下午9:51 
Mine has frame limiter on and i'm still having the same issues. GTA SA just crashes at random times. But GTA VC doesn't even make it to the title screen
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