Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Unhandled Exception - C0000005 at 006F6330 Fix
If you are getting an "Unhandled Exception - C0000005 at 006F6330" error every time you try to run GTA, keep reading.

As you can see below I had a problem with Vice City, but I've *just* discovered how to make it work. The problem lies with Windows 7's DEP (Data Execution Prevention)

To fix it, do the following:
Delete .set file from your Documents\Vice City User Files folder
Open the Start menu, in the search box type "advanced system settings".
One result will appear, click it.
In the window that opens, click the Advanced tab, then the first Settings button
Go to the "Data Execution Prevention" tab, and click "Add..." to add an exception.
Browse to your gta-vc.exe and select it.
Now "OK" all the dialogs until they're closed.

See here as well
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you need the d3d8.dll to fix this issue, you can get this .dll from SkyGFX mod for VC. Note Edit: You can also need use Open Limit Adjuster and set "EntryInfoNode = 30000" or higher value if you using fix mods like The Leftovers and SkyGFX to VC, It's interesting to use sharptrails mod to get rid of the blur to improve your gameplay experience :)
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Daniel Charles 25 października 2014 o 20:37 
Thanks; fixed the error!
Web watcher 1 listopada 2014 o 11:44 
Better than using the test app exe, thanks man.
Spaceman1200 2 listopada 2014 o 4:29 
No problem, Enjoy the game
Seeking TheLotus 6 kwietnia 2015 o 16:51 
Where is the .set file?
Spaceman1200 7 kwietnia 2015 o 8:29 
Usually in the Vice City User folder, Normally in My Documents/Vice City User Files folder
tunakaner 12 kwietnia 2015 o 15:53 
GUYS HERE IS THE SOLUTION!!! If you can not play this game even you try compatibility setting and DEP list, try to delete gta-vc.exe than change the testapp.exe name to gta-vc.exe. It works!
WOT? 11 czerwca 2015 o 20:13 
My User Files are empty...
XXX_Cummycion 14 października 2015 o 14:07 
what if its not working?:steamsad:
mad dog of shimano 23 października 2015 o 20:58 
this worked but then i rebooted my computer nad this solution stopped working. bummer :steamsad:
cassandra goth 28 października 2015 o 9:46 
User files are empty....
Silent 28 października 2015 o 11:49 
Początkowo opublikowane przez Pumpkin:
User files are empty....

This issue is related to incorrect DEP settings. Best to follow what's written here (do NOT add GTA III to "DEP exceptions"!):
Can't access DEP, i can't add nothing.
FappersDelight69 17 stycznia 2017 o 14:41 
the game works perfectly when i use the test app but it wont even go to the main menu on gta vc exe i just want to play my favorite gta and i literally just bought it
Install d3d8.dll in the folder of vice city :)
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