Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

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CPU use

The cpu strain is a bit all over the place. The fan is spinning way up, probably to cool the few CPU it actually uses.

If i had to guess, this game does not handle muti-threading very well.
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Aleddra Mar 14 @ 12:13pm

Compare that with Cyberpunk 2077.
The load is heavier, but much better distributed.
Andi Mar 14 @ 2:12pm 
Short answer:
(Current) Unity Engine.

Long answer:
Traditional game engines, like current Unity versions, tend to split the work per frame in dedicated threads. There is a thread for game logic, a thread for audio, a thread for rendering,...
That's not ideal, because that way your frame time ends up being limited by whatever thread has the most work to do, while the other threads are waiting.
This of course does not scale at all with increasing core counts, and the best a game developer can do with such an engine architecture is to work around it by manually managing background tasks - tedious and error-prone. That's why modern engines aim to parallelize at a different level. A very interesting approach is the Entity-Component-System architecture, which is for instance used by the (not yet production ready) Bevy Engine, or has been employed in Overwatch (just to name a famous game title I know is using ECS). It wouldn't surprise me if Cyberpunk 2077 would use this architecture as well.
Unity, by the way, is also getting an Entity-Component-System based architecture, which is implemented under the (also not yet production ready...) Data Oriented Tech Stack.
Game might be Draw Call bound (high CPU utilization, low GPU utilization). The city in act 4 is worst case scenario for Unity (or most other engines) many different models and textures, no static meshes, the entire city is movable, lots of dynamic lights. Add onto that some less than optimized materials and meshes ... and welcome to poor FPS on any machine.

Would be interesting to do deep dive into their assets and code to see where things are going wrong performance wise. With a top-down camera seems like it would be easier to get a decent frame rate.
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I'm on a RX6800 and Ryzen 5-5600x. I get around 40 FPS in the city.

CPU - not particularly taxed, no core is above 50-60%
GPU - at 24% utilization

So the GPU is getting drip fed and the CPU bottlenecking for whatever reason. :steamfacepalm:

Since it was mentioned above, Cyberpunk stays pegged at monitor FPS cap on this machine for comparison.
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Aleddra Mar 15 @ 11:20am 
Is there anything i could do about it? I'm sure the game wouldn't break the hardware, but the fan RPM is annoying.
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