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manickennel  [developer] Nov 18 @ 7:58am
Stirring Abyss v.1.03 now available

We hope that you're still enjoying Stirring Abyss. We've got a few more updates for you to enjoy.


- Updated splash screen (splash screen is also now skippable; default key is ESC)


- Increased the effectiveness of the 'extended rest' function on the submarine (it now receives a bonus of 10 healing on top of the normal rest healing)


- Fixed some additional rare issues with saving and loading
- Fixed a rare bug in the last level that could cause enemy turn to get stuck
- Fixed a bug that could cause the buttons in the gameover screen to not function
- Fixed translated text issues with deployed Air Tanks
- Fixed a bug that could leave a ghost diver in the mission "Sinking Reality"

As ever, thanks for playing!
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