Hardspace: Shipbreaker

Hardspace: Shipbreaker

BBI Tina  [developer] Jul 7 @ 2:44pm
Open Shift and Key Binding
Hello Cutters!

A few weeks ago, we communicated a message regarding the shift timer feedback. While LYNX wants to keep you working at maximum efficiency, we at BBI understand that different people will have different play styles and might prefer a low-pressure approach to shipbreaking.

Let us introduce to you, the Open Shift license in career mode.

Open Shift mode appears as one of the 4 difficulty options when starting a Career license, it is set to the left of the current Standard mode and will be immediately accessible if you have already created a player profile.


In this mode:
  • Players’ shifts NEVER end unless they enter the HAB.
  • The timer at the top will count up instead of down for Players to keep personal track of their playtime.
  • Players’ O2 will not drain, unless the helmet has been cracked.
  • It will have its own separate Leaderboard.

    Beyond these differences, Open Shift mode will have all the same progression features as Standard mode.

    Another piece of feedback we have been hearing is players would love to have greater freedom to customize their controls. Adding Key Remapping has always been a “key” part of our Roadmap however based on your feedback we wanted to get some form of keyboard key rebinding in your hands as quickly as possible. To that end we will also be adding the ability to manually remap keys through the Hardspace: Shipbreaker user_config.ini file in this update. By editing entries in this file you will be able to rebind any keyboard command to a new key as desired.

    A fully implemented key rebinding system using the in-game options menu is in the works for future update, and will be followed later with addition of Gamepad rebinding options further down the road.

    Thank you all so much for your feedback, we hope you will enjoy this update!

    [EDIT] This update is now live! See the Patch Notes here:

    - The Hardspace: Shipbreaker Dev Team
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I personally don't mind the timer, it keeps me active and thinking, but I can understand people wanting something a bit more relaxed. I may even dip into it for awhile. Thanks for the update, boss.
Any possibility of making it so the barge clears it'self every so often? especially with the larger ships it gets full fast and we have to hunt down spots to put stuff. Maybe make it so in open shift the barge is on a 20 minute cycle, there for 15, away for 5 and in a normal game it clears itself every time the shift ends.
Open shifts sounds like a great idea... except for the lack of O2 drain. Not sure the reasoing behind that
This is amazing, i love how fast it took you to address shift timer balance. I hope more ship varieties soon.
Seconded on clearing the barge! The idea of the barge cycle is actually quite intriguing - might want to take that into consideration for the future, perhaps? Though it could be argued that it would go against the spirit of Open Shift mode, it could be a nice way to structure the time spent in the bay.
I like the O2 drain as you only need to go to the master jack to get more, if We could have oxygen requirement but no timer it will feel as a better in between from campaign and free mode.
I like the idea of having a difficulty with no timer, that's really cool.
However I don't see why you would remove O2 Drain. There's always a few bottles in the ships and you can buy canisters without any trouble so I don't see that as a necessity.

Perhaps custom difficulty options could be cool.
Like you could add or remove different features at the difficulty page:
- Timer On/Off
- Unlimited O2
- Ironman mode

That kind of stuff
Raz Jul 7 @ 3:51pm 
O2 drain is fine, it gives you at least a little knudge to keep aware of your surroundings
Open shift sounds wonderful though, cut as long as you’d like, on your own terms, while the other mode is still there for folks who don’t mind it. :)
Great game so far!
Phoenix Jul 7 @ 3:58pm 
Thank you for the updates and a new game mode. I might try it down the road but I do like the feel of having some type of pressure in trying to figure out a new plan of attack to get the job done. I would second about the barge getting full and that being more of a pain than anything. Maybe having an option to request a new barge and have like a countdown timer like a minute or two for the old barge to move and the new one takes its place.
While I will still probably play with a timer, I feel that O2 removal was not needed at all. It has such a minor impact on your time and credits that I never felt like it was a real problem. It is like diving and forgetting about your O2 tank - totally unrealistic, while shift timer is actually enforced by game rules.
Open shifts sounds great but why remove O2 drain. you can buy more at the hab terminal! I'll stick with the mod i'm using to have 60 min WITH O2 drain
So this is great but I dont feel the O2 drain should remain but however altered to be a reference of time perhaps more normal real life tanks that divers would use, in diving the total time would be 45-60 minutes, but for the game a 30m drain would give the player a good sense of time passing without being punishing. moral of the story is why get rid of a mechanic just improve it.
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quaixor Jul 7 @ 4:02pm 
Can't wait for the key rebinds. When I tried rebinding using third party software I quickly realized that some keys like the right-click are heavily overloaded, making rebinding them a problem. For example, I wanted 'push' to be on my right mouse button, but that also put interaction with objects on the right mouse button as well
I like the actions the devs are taking, however, I'd say, let the oxygen be as it is!
Its.. in space after all.. and Oxygen is one of them good pressure points that I think everyone loves!
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