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[Linux] Problems
Hi, I've been playing the game and first let me congratulate you for the idea, and the linux port, I'm loving it :D.

My computer is:
Intel i5, 4 GB of RAM, 1GB Radeon HD6550M. I'm running Arch linux 64bits with the latest proprietary driver.

That being said I'm having some problems with the game. First of all sometimes the game is really lagged, and then it runs in fast speed to make out for it. I can play for some time before experiencing this problem, or it can happen about 20 seconds appart, seems kind of random.

Also sometimes in the menus there is this strange polygon glitch, in which lots of multicolored triangles are being shown instead of the menu itself (it seems really weird, kind of like drawing a triangles in openGL and giving them different colors to each of its vertex insetead of a texture).

I'm guessing that both of this problems have something to do with steam recognizing my video card as having only 256MB of RAM. and therefore the game takes a while to load the textures and doesn't keep them in the GPU because of a size limit that doesen't exist.

I've experienced both of this problems also on Brutal Legend, however there it doesen't happen this much (about 99% less than in stacking, exept sometimes with the car where the game gets just as lagged)
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I'm having the same lag problems on Linux Mint 64, with Intel i7, 8GB RAM, 2GB nVidia GeForce GT 650M (with latest Linux drivers).

But for me the lags are less random and happen in specific locations - in the first level in the corridor where the light shines from above, or in the second level in the 'museum' room, for example.

Also the cutscenes are almost unwatchable.
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I'm running Ubuntu 13.04-64 on i7 2600K, 8G RAM, 1G nVidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti and I found that the game was very laggy with the open source driver but after I switched to nvidia-310 (proprietary, tested but not latest driver) it's running crisp and sharp, no problems.

May I suggest that you try a stable/tested proprietary driver instead of the "latest". I think you both have more than enough hardware power so the driver would be the best thing to fiddle with IMHO.
Unfortunately nVidia (damn them) won't support the Optimus cards so that's why I'm using the ones provided by the community.
For me is really hard to downgrade the driver, first because the previous drivers had incompatibilities with unity, so lots of games use to crash or not start at all, second because it is really hard to do a downgrade a package correctly in arch linux. But I've tryed that and I got the same results. Plus when I said latest I meant latest stable (which for me is catalyst 13.4-1).

nVidia support optimus with the bumblebee software, but you use your intel video card for 2d rendering, therefore you can have your GPU running the game exclusivelly, try to install bumblebee and running the game through it and tell us how it went.
@Nibodhika: I doubt this game would even run if I didn't use Bumblebee :p I believe the Bumblebee Project is in no way supported by nVidia, but I might be wrong.

EDIT: Huge sorry, my mistake, I tried running the game manually (not through Steam) and it worked flawlessly there. It seems that Steam completely ignores the launch options I set.
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You are correct, I thought bumblebee was supported by nvidia, I'm almost sure a friend of mine uses it with the proprietary driver... but I'm most likely wrong.

So now you don't have lag? I'm guessing my lag problem has something to do with the ATI driver then... I just tried the game in a computer with a Intel core 2, 4GB RAM, and nvidia GT218 and it runs faster than on my other computer...
Yeah, lag is gone, it works perfectly now.
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