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******** [H] all cards | 1000+ other cards [W] inside ********
:csgohelmet: # my cards
:august: # your cards

  • You can exchange my extras with your extras of same game 1:1 as long as I don't end up with more copies of the card you are giving me than the card you are taking
  • I've more than 2 extras of the card you are taking. Then you can do 1:1 for SAME game.


  • exchanging cards of different games
  • exchanging non extra cards

You can send me offers directly:

I also have many rare and uncommon profile backgrounds.


If you add me, kindly comment in my profile first your reason for adding. Otherwise your invitation can be ignored.

I only accept cards. So no coupons please.
Stacking > กระดานสนทนาทั่วไป > รายละเอียดกระทู้