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Lil Shammgod  [developer] Sep 9 @ 5:30pm
Hey all! Please find below a shortened version of our overall patch notes for Beta Weekend #2. This will provide a more detailed breakdown of some of the other changes we've made.

Many bug fixes and optimizations:

  • Fixed mineable voxel rocks (metals, oxite etc) respawning when you reload a saved prospect.
  • Fixed a bug so animals can no longer see through cave walls or structures.
  • Fixed an issue where characters could become locked out of a prospect due to incorrectly being flagged as having left via dropship.
  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to place items or structures on ground previously occupied by broken building pieces.
  • Animals will no longer attempt to walk through space occupied by player dropships.
  • Fixed a problem where characters could end up in a ‘bad state’, preventing them from starting new prospects.
  • Fixed an issue where the state of cave entrances was not being saved between sessions.
  • Fixed a bug where thunder and lightning was incorrectly being included in ‘light rain’.
  • Fixed a bug where structures could sometimes display cracks after sustaining tiny amounts of damage.
  • Fixed an issue where animals could have trouble navigating around a particular cliff at grid N10.
  • Fixed a bug where a player couldn’t consume ‘Spoiled Meat’
  • Fixed a bug where logged off players were found ‘headless’ by other prospectors on the planet surface
  • Improved fire replicating to all players in multiplayer games.

QOL improvements

  • Tweaked Iron sights on crossbow along with sights on other firearms to be more ‘aligned’ and ‘symmetrical’
  • Changed the ‘peak’ icon for ‘light rain’ to a more relevant icon.
  • Modified ‘Killcam’ camera behaviour to improve target tracking.
  • Added a highlight to specialist slots in the inventory when placing items such as oxygen bladders or oxite.
  • Added a text-indication when attempting to place a deployable on a damaged surface, alerting players to the issue.
  • Adjusted light-emitting items such as fireplaces, torches and campfires to retain their fuel source when players leave prospects, so they wouldn’t be ‘burnt out’ when players return
  • Added a ‘fade in/fade-out’ visual effect to the sleep cycle
  • Increased level cap to 25
  • Updated the visual mesh on the ‘oxidizer’
  • Added the option for doors to be hinged on the other side
  • Added a variation of wooden and stone door frames to allow for a ‘double door’ between two pieces
  • Updated main menu background image.
  • Increased damage caused by bears to thatch and wood structures
  • Added slots for alternate fuel types to the Wall and Floor torches, and added the option to use sticks, wood, fibre or coal as a fuel source
  • Rebalanced voxel distribution, with majority now being found in caves
  • Adjusted the time-of-day players are allowed to ‘sleep’ to 1800’ from ‘1900’ and wake-up time to ‘0700’ from ‘0800’
  • Reduced Voxel mining XP by 25%
  • Reduced ‘passive animal’ hunting XP by 30%
  • Reduced all ‘baby animal’ hunting XP to 50% of their parent
  • Reduced animal harvesting XP by 25%
  • Reduced animal harvesting XP of ‘baby animals’ to 50% of their parent
  • Removed buffs from eating ‘raw meat’ to only provide food value

Recipe Changes:

  • Changed level required to unlock the Lantern from 20 to 15
  • Set Electric Furnace required level to unlock to 25
  • Changed Metal Oxite Dissolver recipe from ‘12x Iron Ingot’ to ‘12x Steel Ingot’
  • Changed Fire Extinguisher recipe to include ‘8x Oxite’ and ‘4x Epoxy’
  • Changed level required to unlock ‘Thermos’ to 25
  • Changed Fuel Can recipe to no longer require ‘1x Iron Ingot’
  • Changed Shotgun recipe to include ‘32x Steel Ingot’ and ‘4x Epoxy’ and removed ‘1x Iron Ingot’
  • Changed Hunting Rifle recipe to include ‘46x Steel Ingot’ and ‘4x Epoxy’
  • Changed level required to unlock all ‘Carbon Armor’ to 25
  • Changed Aluminium Floor Trapdoor recipe to include ‘10x Aluminium Ore’ and ‘6x Wood’
  • Changed all concrete recipes recipe to include ‘Iron Ingot’ in place of ‘Steel Ingot’
  • Changed ‘Aluminum Ladder’ to ‘Iron Ladder’
  • Moved ‘Iron Cupboard’ to after ‘Small Iron Crate’ in tech tree’
  • Changed Organic Resin recipe to include ‘1x Oxite’
  • Changed Ice Box recipe to increase Iron Ingot requirement from 4x to 8x and Leather requirement from 4x to 24x
  • Changed level required to unlock the Steel Bolt to 20
  • Changed level required to unlock all Fur Armor to 20
  • Changed level required to unlock all Leather Armor to 15
  • Changed Small Iron Crate recipe to include ‘4x Epoxy’ and remove ‘Copper Ingot’
  • Changed Medium Iron Crate recipe to include ‘8x Epoxy’ and remove ‘Copper Ingot’
  • Changed Oxygen Tank recipe to include ‘4x Epoxy’

DISCLAIMER: We may add more patch notes to this list over the course of the weekend.

Overview post here: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1149460/view/2984186817503303261
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