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j4  [developer] Sep 28, 2021 @ 3:06am
Niche Rule Compendium
This thread explains some minor mechanics which are not crucial to playing well, and always possible to intuit or learn through observation. However, I figured that having an explicit confirmation might be helpful if you go chasing high Chains.

It's a live document and will be updated as stuff comes up.

  • The card chosen for promotion isn't random, it's always the rightmost eligible one. (This is mentioned in the tutorial, but has proven easy to miss.)

  • Enemy turns are processed left-to-right, top-to-bottom.

  • Enemies will always move if they're able to, and try to keep you in their attack range.

  • Melee enemies will prefer to move into a cardinally adjacent square (because the Euclidean distance is lower).

  • Goblins (Nimble enemies) will not stand next to a wall if they can help it. They know what's up.

  • Your attacks are processed starting from the unit you landed on, then splash starting from the tile above you and going clockwise. (It's subtle, but the Splash animation hints at this.)

  • Enemy deaths are processed in the same order, but after the entire attack goes through. So no killing Blight Matron's spawns, or taking out a Champion in one go with the remaining enemies.

  • Spawner enemies which spawn into an adjacent tile will do so on the tile furthest from the player (by Euclidean distance). In case of a tie, it'll be the first one in clockwise order.

  • Being moved by Void Grasp counts as a separate instance of movement for top row promotions when playing as the Pawnbarian.
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