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Beta @ (no current beta) (2023/07/21)
--- 1.9.20
- Fix: restore ability to create simple double switches in parallel track append mode

--- 1.9.19
- Branch-track-branch constructions are now legal in tangent mode. The resulting inner node behaves like a point mode track but can be parented to tangent mode tracks
- Speedup editing of complex track constructions
- Fix: branch tips should not be eligible as parallel parent nodes
- Fix: some complex track builds involving many parallel tracks and branches were not loading properly

--- 1.9.18
- Fix: possible crash when splitting platform tracks
- Fix: when clicking built one node stations the track editor opened instead of the station window
- Fix: built one node stations had 0 capacity, with various negative consequences

--- 1.9.17
- Fix: appending new blueprint tracks to dead end tracks could sometimes cause existing line stops to flip directions

--- 1.9.16
- Filter selection buttons: when there's more than one kind of object in the current track editor selection (for example, after using the rectangle selection tool on a station), new buttons appear in the left toolbar to filter the selection down to a subset of objects: tracks, buildings, parallel parent tracks and parallel children tracks
- Add new option to pause the game on alerts, but only if the alert is configured with 0 time delay
- Fix: tracks in imported v1.6 saves and blueprint collections had wrong track boundaries
- Fix: the track construction branch - tangential - "keep straight" platform could sometimes glitch depending on the (ignored) tangential node position
- Fix: enabling pause on alert while at max speed did not properly display an alert banner in some cases

--- 1.9.15
- Corrupted save files should not hang the game on continue or when displaying the file dialog
- Store last 20 weeks of week data in accounting
- Parallel tape tool now copies the parent track layer to properly create parallel tracks which follow a sequence of layers in the parent (for example, alternating ground and viaducts). For setting a specific layer, switch to selection mode to find the track selection reset to the just created parallel tracks, allowing the equivalent track layer setting previous to this change.
- Increase steam cloud storage to 10GB and 10K files
- Bulk track parallel offset edit now allows to set, add or multiply the specified value
- Optimize asset listing performance, with or without live updating enabled
- Fix: disabling live updates in asset listing did not increase performance of the UI
- Fix: disable line stop pick mode when secondary platform pick mode is enabled and the line stop changes to a stop without secondary signal

--- 1.9.14
- New speed formula for tangent-full and point tracks: use the harmonic mean of all the sampled osculating circle radius to calculate the max speed. This new formula always results in a higher speed for these kinds of tracks, and in case it does not, the maximum from the old formula and the new one is taken. This change ONLY affects tangent-full and point tracks; tangent-limited (the default for all imported 1.8 tracks) remains unchanged. This does affect all branch tip tracks, but the speed will always be faster than 1.9.13.
- Built track report now also includes the listing of all the built objects kinds in the map, with sizes and prices
- Auto refresh built track report on first use
- New button in the asset listing panel to toggle live refresh
- Enable the basic line stop picker to show already existing line stops when pressing Alt
- Fix: hang while using the advanced line stop picker on some dead end platforms

--- 1.9.13
- Pressing Ctrl-Z while creating tracks now deletes the current segment and resets the held track to the previous segment
- The track editor bill now has an additional tab for built tracks, which only displays track conflicts and errors. This tab requires manual refreshing due to the potentially very large CPU impact to have it update live.
- Conflicts in the track editor bill can now be browsed with a previous and next button
- Display distance to edge of platform when using advanced line stop picker
- Tracks directly linked into "keep straight" stations now have the same collision rules as platform tracks
- After the introduction of in-place train flipping, the feature was disabled for some station platforms in some saves which depended on trains bouncing and folding for proper operation. The check which allowed this is incompatible with N-track platforms, and it has now been disabled. The "thick line" highlight in 1.9 makes it easy to see when a train stop area is clearly out of platform bounds and/or overlapping a signal or branch.
- Fix: "thick line" stop highlights missing in some stops have been restored after removing the hack for saves which depended on folding trains.
- Fix: splitting limited shape tracks resulted in full shape tracks
- Fix: the line state panel of lines with line services did not properly display trains in line services

--- 1.9.12
- Fix: the increased track shape quality in 1.9.11 triggered a bug in the osculating circle estimator and the minimum angle estimator for tracks, resulting in false angle errors

--- 1.9.11
- Tangent mode tracks can now be shaped in two modes: limited shapes and full shapes. Limited shapes emulates 1.8, and full shapes use the new curve in 1.9 (full shapes is the same as the tangent tracks introduced in 1.9.4). This mode can be toggled on track creation, in the track properties and in the bulk track panel. Tangent tracks linking to branches and keep straight platforms ignore this setting.
- Tangent mode tracks are now shaped with the same quality level of point mode tracks. This might cause small timing changes in existing 1.9 saves
- Fresh 1.8 imports done with 1.9.11 use tangent mode tracks in limited mode
- Point mode track creation has been disabled. Work was advancing on fixing various bugs and polishing the creation tool, but ultimately it turned out the parallel track system has some fundamental incompatibilities with point mode when trying to use it interactively. Fixing this would either require a "ghost mode" like the one used by the parallel tape tool, or fundamentally changing how parallel tracks work. Both are bad options, so it is preferable to disallow creation of point mode tracks. It is still possible to toggle any tangent track into a point track using the track properties panel or the bulk track panel.
- The bulk track panel now hides some options if they cannot apply to any of the tracks in the selection
- Fix: short trains waiting on a secondary signal were sometimes picking busy platforms, if the space between the train on the platform and the stop point was long enough to fit the smaller train

--- 1.9.10
- Fix: another fix for "keep previous tangent" track building in point mode
- Fix: various fixes for glitchy behavior when building parallel tracks in point mode

--- 1.9.9
- It is now possible to use split and tape tools on platform tracks. Splitting "keep straight" removes the "keep straight" flag.
- Pax boarding trains only based on the train line and stop is allowed again, but only if the pax next stop is within the remaining train run. The train stop must match (one of the chosen, including late) pax schedules, so this is not a free-for-all boarding rule.
- Restore missing instances of platform length display in track editor
- Separate buttons for the two creation modes for point tracks
- Use dominating expiration rather than boarding expiration in station pax listings
- Fix: creating point tracks in "keep last tangent" mode did not work properly, depending on the end of the track
- Fix: line editor help panel should not appear unless a line stop pick mode is active
- Fix: split and tape tools usage very close to track points nodes with parallel tracks is glitchy

--- 1.9.8
- Re-implement split and tape tools to be compatible with the new curve shapes in 1.9. These tools are now enabled again.
- Track max speed is now the maximum between the 1.9.6 and 1.9.7 formulas
- Fix: advanced mode line stop picker was not working properly
- Fix: some track editing operations could "flip" tracks and glitch them
- Fix: parallel tape track was not working properly over tracks with modified boundaries
- Fix: restore displaying platform length when changing the boundary of a curved platform
- Fix: station pax listings were using the most late possible train to display line and next stop information

--- 1.9.7
- New station line stop picker mode based on the old 1.8 mode. The advanced mode for v1.9 is still available and it is the only mode which can create and edit waypoints.
- New reset boundary tool in track panel to achieve a radius for tangent mode tracks. Please note that the displayed radius in the track editor is only an approximation.
- Increase tolerance for invalid angle tracks
- Add warning below "keep straight" platform option when the selected track is not linked to exactly one other platform track with "keep straight"
- Fix: holding control to align track control points now also works when creating point mode tracks
- Fix: broken tracks when changing the boundaries of tangent mode tracks linked to a branch
- Fix: slow loading of 1.8 saves during timetable initialization

--- 1.9.6
- Fix: constructions like branch - tangent mode track - straight platform track sometimes produced invalid track shapes

--- 1.9.5
- Branches directly connected to tangent mode tracks are now shaped with a direct curve which should be smoother than before
- Osculating circle estimation for tracks, to visualize in the track editor. This circle is now also used for track max speed estimation.
- Creating tracks in point mode with tangent preservation enabled now limits the maximum angle to avoid glitches
- Show track mode buttons in station creation
- Fix: point mode tracks connected to keep straight tangential flagged platforms did not shape properly
- Fix: tangent mode dead end connected to keep straight should not inherit tangent
- Fix: remove leftover buildings after cancelling station creation
- Fix: tangent of last track is not preserved after esc cancelling track building in preserve tangent mode

--- 1.9.4
- Tracks now have two shaping modes: point and tangent. In point mode the track node is always part of the track shape, and it gives control over the track tangent. In tangent mode the track node positions controls the track tangents, in a similar fashion to 1.8, but using the new curve introduced in 1.9. Branch tips are always shaped in point mode. Tracks linked to "keep straight" ignore some of these rules. Dead end tracks ignore some of these rules.
- Imported 1.8 saves with 1.9.4 and later have all their tracks set to tangent mode.
- Fix: in point mode, when using the fixed tangents mode while creating tracks, staring editing from certain dead ends introduced persistent glitches in the track

--- 1.9.3
- New preserve tangent mode for creating tracks: this new mode, enabled by default, makes the previously created track have a fixed tangent, and sets the currently created track tangent to approximate a circle arc
- Do not allow tangent editing on parallel track nodes
- Display a more visually distinct icon while creating waypoints
- Fix: restore track highlight for selected tracks
- Fix: station pax listings always displayed unknown next stops and next line

--- 1.9.2
- Fix: some 1.8 saves take a very long time to load on the "Loading database" step

--- 1.9.1

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