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Weird and Wry  [developer] Jan 29 @ 3:09pm
Beta branch changelog @ (no current beta) [2021-04-11]
Changelog for the development of the 1.1.x series.

Keep in mind before trying the betas, specially if you usually host.

Builds will be uploaded to the Steam "beta" branch before they are made the default. This branch will be updated more often but it is for testing. Don't overwrite your saves, just in case!

The latest version can load all previous version saves, but saved games written with the latest version will sometimes not be able to be loaded by earlier versions.

Version 1.1 has finished development and no new builds will be published unless important bugs surface. Version 1.2 is now under private development.

--- 1.1.72
- Fix: train serial template names was not working properly

--- 1.1.71
- Make window resizable corner more visible
- Highlight train icons on mouse hover
- Fix: station occupation % real time stat should use the total pax occupation, not just the transfer pax
- Fix: wrong click area for train icons

--- 1.1.70
- One time toggle in company panel to transition from money games to unlimited money games
- Simplify and make more correct track cache invalidation, fixing trains not being aware of track modifications
- Optionally delete trains assigned to a single line when said line is deleted
- Allow numpad number keys for the track selection
- Allow to remove deleted workshop mods, but for now their train models will remain in the list
- Show accounting time in asset listing
- Do not create initial loan for unlimited money games
- Remove loan controls for unlimited money games
- Fix: NaNs in line capacity % stats
- Fix: make pure black usable as a line color

--- 1.1.69
- Allow to disable train mods when no train exists using any of the provided units or models in the mod
- Schedule drop down when buying trains, with options: blank schedule, run line, clone from a train. Replaces the "use clone schedule" checkbox.
- Add real time stats for pax capacity and for % capacity usage in stations, trains and lines. Usage over 100% in stations means the transfer pax are over the capacity of the station.
- Company option to disable local pax AI for a very large performance improvement at the cost of dumber pax
- Keep a internal series counter for train models and use it to fill numbers in the train name and code templates
- Train editor: remember train color(s) even if train does not allow recolor
- Train editor: disable color controls if the train does not allow recoloring for base or decals
- Train editor: disable decal picking if decal options are 1 or less
- Fix: station platform list did not show the correct station for trains waiting to depart
- Fix: properly invalidate track paths when track transitions from blueprint to built
- Fix: empty space in pax listings when UI scale is higher than 1x

--- 1.1.68
- When a fatal error is detected in the renderer, show a fatal modal dialog and automatically switch to the other renderer, then collect the Bugsplat report
- Fix: when the IME popup is displayed some text editing keys should be reserved for the IME editor and not passed to the UI

--- 1.1.67
- Optimize data structures used in pathfinder
- Increase cache sizes by 2x
- Make trains with less than 24h of life return 100% of purchase price when sold
- Allow one extra worker thread to be used by the pax pathfinder (mostly relevant to quad core CPUs without hyperthreading)
- Fix: performance never went back to fully cached levels after the pathfinder cache was flushed by a line edit
- Fix: the lost pax checker could cause stuck trains in very specific circumstances
- Fix: sometimes trains weren't properly storing their creation date

--- 1.1.66
- Use a true LRU cache policy for pax pathfind cache and track pathfind cache
- Cap pax pathfind cache to 128K entries for biased and nonbiased results, and to 64K entries for no path results
- Optimize some data structures in the game logic after testing them for safety and correctness
- MP: make state streaming from the server have less potential bandwidth spikes
- Fix: rare crash related to using a translation while the translation mod is being updated in the background

--- 1.1.65
- Multithreaded, asynchronous, speculative pathfinder warmup for pax inside trains. Use the time the train spends on the tracks to perform the pathfinding its pax (and those of the next station stop) will require to make decision about said train. On top of that make such process happen in separate thread(s) in a nonblocking way, by mediating its results using the existing pax pathfinder cache.
- Add pax pathfinder cache stats to the F11 panel.
- Draw trains starting at wider zoom levels (they may appear offcenter from the track at these zoom levels; this will solve itself in v1.2)
- After certain zoom level, make trains thicker so they are more visible
- Make all stations have the same flow, independent of capacity, as long as one of their stopped trains still has nonzero pending counters
- Jitter lost pax checker timers so they don't pile up in the same frame
- Fix: refunded pax due to full stations are counted twice in the station event labels

--- 1.1.64
NOTE: this version makes deep changes to the pax system so be extra careful about overwriting your saves.
- Clustered pax: pax now represent groups rather than being individuals. The count column is now always visible in pax listings.
- Store pax lists sorted by their next destination or their next stop, for stations and trains, respectively. This allows pax to be processed in batches and to quickly skip over pax when they are not interested in a train or station.
- Lost pax detection is now performed at a much lower rate than before, up to 30m of in-game time.
- Pax with a valid next stop station that is no longer part of a line (for example, after a user edits a line) are now detected and forced to leave the train at its next stop to hopefully continue their trip (also checked with a long delay of ~30m).
- Add pending pax counters to the train pax counters on station stops, to give more information on its progress
- Add missing "full station" accounting at the station level
- Review train boarding flow to remove some fairness guarantees, making it faster overall
- If all trains in a station have completed their normal loading/unloading phase, slow down the station flow by a large margin

--- 1.1.63
- Make the asset listing stat drop down taller
- Revert fix for occasional missing triangles in tracks since it goes over the track render limit on very complex builds

--- 1.1.62
- Sorting order in asset listing is now tri state: alphabetical, ascending, descending
- Display current global ridership in the top status bar for no cash games. Cash games can switch to this display by clicking the balance number
- Clarify some real time stat names
- Fix: do not add catch areas twice when collecting real time stats on lines
- Fix: implement Steam UGC API query pagination to support unlimited amount of mods in mod uploader

--- 1.1.61
- Add new real time stats to the asset listing for stations, trains and lines
- The train counter shown in the line editor is now a link into the train editor. if there are 0 trains in the line, it opens the purchase interface with a single slot clone schedule for the line. if there is already one or more trains in the line, it opens the regular train editor selecting a random train from the line
- Add a "purchase new train" button to the line editor. if there are 0 trains, it behaves like the train counter link. if there is already one or more trains in the line, it opens the purchase interface cloning a random existing train from the line
- Update the UI library to a newer version to fix some text input scrolling issues
- New icon for asset listing button
- Fix: the track distance function used by the train speed control was sometimes wrong on branched tracks
- Fix: leg calculator panels should not be displayed when selecting the accounting or status tabs in the line editor

--- 1.1.60
- Rename "started trip" pax account to "new pax", since this is what is actually tracking, and only track for stations
- Add new "started trip" pax account to lines, stations and trains to track new pax being spawned into full pax
- Add new "never serviced" pax account to stations to track new pax that never had a chance to become a full pax before demand mechanics decreased the station counters
- Do not allow leg calculator usage without a train
- Draw text input cursor as a vertical line segment
- Fix: leg calculator was overestimating braking time by ~10s
- Fix: leg calculator should always use an empty train as reference, since the new speed control does not allow to slow down below the min speed. Show a warning when the player selects more than 90% of the train max speed in the leg calculator.
- Fix: limit the maximum timestep allowed when integrating the train motion to make it independent of the simulation time step (after 10x speed) in single player and in the leg calculator, iterating extra steps if required (not required in multiplayer since MP simulation is always fixed time step)
- Fix all known errors involving Unicode text and copy/paste
- Fix: increase input text buffer so long strings of IME input are not cut after 6 characters
- Fix: expand rectangle of queried tracks for tile track cache at high LODs so partially out of tile tracks are included in the tile and not cut out

--- 1.1.59
- An asset listing can now be accessed in the top right toolbar (for now it uses the dollar sign icon, like Company; a new icon will come in a later build). Allows to list stations, lines and trains and sort them by any of the accounting items they collect.
- Optimize train AI by building a coarser track occupation map. Builds with thousands of trains will benefit from this optimization.
- Remove car listing from train bill

--- 1.1.58
- Do not allow to complete a station platform or depot building when its control points at the extremes touch, like it is already done for plain tracks
- Fix: restore track editor undo for stations
- Fix: the "show trips" view in the info windows could get stuck if the station/train became empty while picking a destination

--- 1.1.57
- Fix: multiplayer was resetting ID shards back to 0, causing errors when creating objects
- Fix: consider any lingering game state after a multiplayer disconnection to be invalid and discard it

--- 1.1.56
- Add a minimum FPS cap to the sim to smooth out CPU spikes. The sim can still go slower than the cap if the overall complexity and selected sim speed demand it.
- Sort mods in mod uploader alphabetically
- Fix: 1.1.55 leg time calculator wasn't taking into account the track max speed
- Fix: "Importing database" in big builds with lots of stations was too slow

--- 1.1.55
- Major rewrite of the high level game state handling. The game UI should now remain responsive while loading a single player game, starting a hosted game, and loading the received game when joining a server
- Show a message and a cancel button in the previous mentioned instances
- Train speed control is now based on keeping a minimum speed, which can be set per line leg
- Line leg times calculator now exposes the speed setting as the train min. speed, and sets it for all the unlocked legs
- Preset the order of some of the tag groups in the train model filter
- Non-biased pathfinds now also store all their optimal sub-paths in the cache, for a small pathfinder speedup
- Optimize the pathfinder cache to only store the minimum information required for the AI

--- 1.1.54
- New train model list filters: year introduced, year retired and price
- Transfer line icons in line stop listing
- Make train models searchable in search engine; results open the train purchase screen
- Improve search engine string match for game objects to consider word boundaries and substrings
- Allow max zoom to be 50m wide to show more train texture detail
- When pax consider the ETA of an optimal train yet to arrive, cap said ETA to the pathfinder interval value, both for on-time and late trains. This should help with depot gameplay in the early morning.

--- 1.1.53
- New texture manager for trains based on dynamic texture uploading and a LRU cache. The train textures limit has been removed.
- Implement filtering in the train model listing by tags, max speed and max pax (more to come later)
- Remember last selected pax listing options when opening a new train or station info window

--- 1.1.52
- Since the city database is not used anymore, tweak the new random destination picker to consider instead the potential destination station catch population as a factor to discard it. This factor is less important for regional and long distance pax, which already have lower generation factors.

--- 1.1.51
- Set default demand to 15%, add 25% point
- Fix: the pax pathfinder special case for evaluating trains with a set line and stop was not working properly, in effect disabling the local pax AI
- Fix: in the pax pathfinder, the transition from a pass-by into a wait-at node should not cost the min stop time
- Fix: line and train results in search engine should open their editors

--- 1.1.50
- New internal model: line clusters. Identify isolated clusters of lines which are interconnected, and thus have guaranteed paths between all their stations, and start using this guarantee to simplify some code
- Perform random destination picking at the line cluster level, removing a lot of redundant processing and data
- Tune station flow to keep it fast but not overwhelm other AI processing
- Fix: when pathfinding with an origin line+stop constraint, discard all paths that stop at the same origin station, not just those that make the pax wait at it
- Fix: batch new pax train loading was going over the train max pax limit in some cases

1.1.49 ---
- New company level setting to change overall pax spawn rate. After creating or loading a (SP) game, a new option is available in the company panel. It allows to tune up or down the overall demand of the pax random destination picker. The default value is 20% of the max possible pax generation rate, and higher factors are not recommended. Tune it down if you have slowdown problems or the amount of overall pax is too much to handle. This setting is stored in the save so MP hosters can change it in SP and have it apply when loading the save in MP mode.
- New pax random destination picker. The older rules based on the very coarse and often wrong city location and population database have been discarded. This new random picker is in turn much more efficient.
- Board new pax with the same destination in chunks of 10 to speed up train boarding
- Increase station boarding flow
- Make train exit flow the same as station boarding flow
- Delete line confirmation dialog
- Pax pathfind cache should be invalidated by phases, to reduce lag spikes when editing lines
- Allow to use the max line interval when costing transfers in the new pathfinder, with a per-line toggle
- Make train cache pathfind lifetime last longer and randomize the live time
- Fix: pax inside train stopped at a station which is not their next stop do not count towards the train exit flow
- Fix (new pathfinder): the local cost overrides were substracting rather than adding the local costs
- Fix (new pathfinder): last stations on a line weren't handled properly
- Fix (new pathfinder): substract stop min time when comparing times for a train which already stopped (and is being considered by its remaining stop time)
- Fix: rare crash in the cached track tracer

1.1.48 --- ROLLED BACK!
- New pax AI path finder. Pax can now tell the difference between passing by a station and changing trains, and will use the interval time divided by 2 as the waiting time when calculating the optimal path to take.
- The "show trip" option in pax listing has been greatly improved. It now distinguishes between passing by stations and transferring lines at stations, and shows the same time values the pax AI uses. It represents the optimal path, keep in mind the pax AI is also capable of modifying the times for the wait to adapt to the local conditions in its current station.
- When considering local station conditions, pax are now capable of taking into account the remaining time for a train to leave the station.
- UX changes to the line editor and line calculators to make it more visible that leg times and interval times are now mandatory.
- Fix: do not reset the clone orders checkbox after purchasing a train.

1.1.47 ---
- Restore track editor station name plate click handling

1.1.46 ---
- New station tab: platforms, with line timings and train information. NOTE: this is considered a WIP/developer feature and it's not fully baked.
- When the "show trip" mode is enabled in a pax listing, show the trip legs as an overlay on top of the map. NOTE: this is considered a WIP/developer feature and it's not fully baked.
- Stop using the intermediate track textures at medium zoom and instead switch to the thinner textures
- Relax waypoint track min length to 30m
- When displaying track length in editor, if it's a platform, only display if its previous track is also platform, adding its length to it
- Display platform names on top of zoomed in stations on map
- Add a "max train textures" drop down to graphics options to allow to select less train textures in case the default max causes trouble for some users
- In track editor, station names should only be interactive depending on the mode, not on flags due to the shift key
- Fix: <create new save> placeholder should not be deletable
- Fix: track deletion confirmation and blueprint confirmation should lock the track editor tools
- Fix: pax list sorting by count does not work for "next stop" grouping
- Fix: modal messages should always be toplevel windows
- Fix: some lines following tracks which got outside of the boundary formed by their stations were not properly rendered
- Fix: circular line runs were not rendered at some zoom levels
- Fix: never allow the total number of train units to be 0 in the train purchase editor

1.1.45 ---
- In train purchase bill, default the "clone schedule" checkbox to true when the initiator was the clone button, and to false when the initiator was the "purchase new trains" button

1.1.44 ---
- Lock/unlock all stops buttons in line editor (only while the calculator is open)
- Make next stop list the default for train info windows
- Better wording for train ETA labels
- Make train ETA info visible in line status panel
- Fix: leg timer was sometimes counting an extra track length, adding a few extra seconds
- Fix: reset all train stats when cloning trains to make sure they belong to the selected combination

1.1.43 ---
- Show more train timer info in train info window
- Fix: stop adding and min wait time to the leg timer in some conditions

1.1.42 ---
- Fix: some track editor actions didn't properly invalidate the track render cache
- Fix: depots were missing their roofs

1.1.41 ---
- Store track drawing in a tile cache, like it is done for lines. This should help players with slower PCs and very locally dense, large builds.
- The line drawing code is now using procedural shader-based stippling rather than textures. This enables much more seamless and regular stippling, overall better looking than in the previous version, and allows to render all lines in a single pass.
- The leg calculator has been reviewed to match as much as possible the actual train AI.
- Allow to set train pax occupation % in leg calculator
- Expose train leg timer in train info. A new ETA and km counter is now displayed in the train editor info panel and in a tool tip for the speed counter in the train info window.
- Bump max trip time to 4 days
- New map option: map labels
- Add a texture # counter to the mod listing to make it visible to players there is a train texture limit
- When cloning a train, the schedule is not cloned by default anymore. Add an extra checkbox in the bill to opt in to cloning the schedule.
- In multischedule editor, "select all trains" is now "select all listed trains", so it only selects trains which have their line or model group open
- Sanitize save file names even more, handling all documented forbidden for Windows.
- Store per-line the last values of pax occupation and ideal avg. speed for the leg calculator
- Fix: cloning trains should try to restore the default code and name if it was not edited by the user
- Fix: leg timer should correctly be stopped while a train is doing a scheduled stop, since leg times are meant to only include running time, not waiting time
- Fix: changing the line color does not invalidate line render cache

1.1.40 ---
- New line drawing code which is 100x faster and has a lot less clutter.
- Keep old line drawing just for the currently edited line in line editor.
- Switch train AI back to (cacheable) track length based pathfinding, since the train avoidance heuristics were not working very well. This also results in a general train AI speed up.
- Avoid running train pathfinder AI if the current and next track offer no opportunities for a new path
- Train path finder should not consider reversing direction as a free step
- Detect if the GPU is AMD, and then automatically change the renderer to OpenGL to avoid bugs with the Direct3D renderer. This will happen only once and the user can switch back to Direct3D if they want to.
- A few users have broken permissions in their home folder and/or are trying to run the game in job-provided computers with restrictive enterprise policies enabled that prevent it from creating its saved games folder. As a last resort, create the saved games folder in the Roaming config folder.
- Fix: always store train colors and consider the v2 recolor flags only at the moment of drawing the train.
- Fix: zooming while holding RMB should not reset map position
- Fix: also support 720p users in new train purchase UI (temporary until the rest of v2 data is exposed)
- Fix crash: mod uploader file picker for icons was being picky
- Fix crash: correctly handle malformed numbers in some input boxes

1.1.39 ---
- Fix train purchase screen for users on x768 resolution,

1.1.38 --- (directly deployed to default)
- Train mods schema v2 implemented. Train mods can now provide a richer set of data to the game, and more importantly, they are not limited anymore to a rigid head-car(s)-tail structure. Instead they can provide any number of custom compositions, repeating any number of cars in any order. All v1 mods remain compatible.
- New train purchase interface to pick premade train combinations and their variable car numbers
- Add IME text input support
- Allow leg time estimator to have a min speed of 1 km/h
- Remove track id from track info
- Restore some level of train path cache, with a single frame duration, to help with depot pathfinding slowdowns
- Do not default to any speed value in the leg calculator
- Fix: reviewed again string input for non-latin scripts and fixed some bugs with Unicode handling
- Fix: new pax in stations should display the origin station name

1.1.37 ---
- Add button to toggle click to zoom in the lines and train listing
- Future proof mod loading so unknown schema mods do not crash or glitch
- Warn the user when trying to use a mod with unknown schema sections
- Add whole-line clipping to discard line drawing in map view
- Fix: the out-of-screen clipping for line drawing was not working properly
- Fix: crash when options panel cannot find a matching translation mod for the currently set game language

1.1.36 ---
- More work for the pax train ETA AI
- Late trains also have an ETA penalty
- When a pax arrives to its next stop, reapply the ETA estimation from the POV of station immediately
- Make the new pax AI permanent, bumping the save version of the game
- Add "group by next stop" to train pax listing
- Interventions should also reset the stop and station state of the train
- Add a checkbox to mod uploader to not set the description or icon when updating a mod
- Mods panel is now a top level panel with its own toolbar icon
- Remove the train filter for lines and models and replace it with a grouping feature
- "In depot" filter for train listing
- Redesign pax listings to give more space to station name when using a grouping option
- Store exact game version in saved games header
- Add saved game file information to the saved games picker
- Add proper error warnings when dealing with different versions of saved game files
- Allow to rename rather than overwrite old version save files
- Fix: deleted stations sometimes caused ghost pax to remain hidden inside forever

1.1.35 ---
- More local heuristics for the pax AI
- Pax now have a little memory! When they board a train, they also decide which is their next stop, and stick to it.
- Train stops now have a cost in the pax pathfinder, making lines that take more stops more time-costly
- The previous ETA costing now properly considers paths that bounce back at the station and discards them when it makes sense
- Late trains from the POV of the ETA are costed with the same amount of their late time
- The previous changes have a measurable CPU impact in large builds
- Give more space to mod uploaded for easier editing of description and update notes
- Attempted to fix the truncation of the mod description when editing mod updates in the mod uploader, but it turns out Steamworks sends the description already truncated
- New map option: disable line stop icons
- Fix: building the data structure used to avoid 1D collision had a degenerate case which leaked memory and slowed down the game in particular circumstances

1.1.34 ---
- Dynamic tractive power formula was way overestimating its output. Make it more realistic but still a bit faster than real life
- Fix: stations with no region should still have some level of demand above 0
- The leg time estimator now has rough acceleration approximation for some fixed accelerations, or can optionally use a train assigned to the line to simulate its acceleration ramp
- Optimize track validator by not validating against map geometry built tracks whose sibling tracks are already built
- More rendering optimizations for the zoomed out views
- Fix: 1D hit test was looking too far ahead in some cases, resulting in deadlocks (one of the possible deadlock cases)
- Fix: set min stop time does not work if the current stop time in the stop is "pass" and it is not a waypoint
- Distinct icons for pass and stop waypoints, and also for station pass stops, on both line editor and lines on the map
- Add "continue game" main menu button
- Add interval suggestion in the calculator
- Simplify right toolbar to add room for more (future) buttons
- New map options panel with options to hide some map objects; also move map overlay buttons to this panel
- (Opt-in) Beta experiment: when a pax in a station has to decide if to board a valid, non-optimal train or wait for the optimal train, add an ETA cost to the waiting option, based on the last train of that line/platform to visit the station and the last interval of said line/platform. This does not require the interval timer since it's always recorded, but it helps more than ever.

1.1.33 ---
- Remove some of the collision changes to make beta testing more usable

1.1.32 ---
- Move line timing setters and calculator to its own panel
- Reduce MP sync bandwidth by 3x, by increasing the sync phases. trains now take up to 3s to be sync to clients, but the sync window was already behind by more than that, so it didn't make much sense to keep the original 1s phase. all other phases are also increased in proportion
- Dynamic tractive effort. it will be reverted if too much stuff breaks.
- Fix: perfectly lined up N-S or W-E station platforms sometimes had 0 sized bounding boxes, causing coverage errors
- Two letter platform names when more than 26 platforms in a station
- Keep station auto name on unchecking the auto name feature if the custom name is empty, and auto focus the text input
- Display some text instead of a tiny box for empty station nameplates
- Tentatively disable one of the track hit tests which was giving trouble in very simple 1D hit cases
- Enable some debug graphics for hit test. For a few beta builds extra debug information will be shown next to trains in some circumstances
- Make scrollable listings better clip their content labels to make scrollbars more usable (not the real fix, but better than the previous state)
- Speed up train icon drawing
- Use a less pointy arrow for trains
- Speed up line drawing by using a simpler kind of line
- Relocate bottom listing tools so delete button is not under the scrollbar
- Fix color picker widget showing no color on first reset
- Disable train avoidance in train pathfinder if the to-avoid track is the destination or its linked tracks
- Accounting panels should be a scroll area in low resolution screens
- Fix: pax must pay km fares when the train passes by a waypoint
- Stop file modification times from jumping around in file picker
- Add train count in line stops header

1.1.31 ---
- Sort lines drop down in train scheduler

1.1.30 ---
- Make sure trains in branches always use 2D hit testing and fix the order of evaluation
- Do not enable train inflow from station until train has fully flowed out
- Only show stop pax counter(s) if they are greater than 0
- Tentative fix for rare crasher related to starting simultaneously many trains at the same time

1.1.29 ---
- Remake texture handling for trains to use multiple texture arrays as required. This should fix the errors of missing train textures some users had when enabling many train mods.
- Pax with refund risk due to fare should display "refund risk" instead of sax label
- Format line prices with 2 default decimals
- Show depot icon in depot slots in train scheduler
- Fix: depot picker for multi train scheduler didn't work correctly
- Fix: total sum of leg times and leg distances in stops panel was missing a leg
- Fix for nearby station catch areas not updating on station deletion
- Tentative fix for tracks and stations stuck in validation mode

1.1.28 ---
- In-game enabling of mods for existing saves (in SP). For MP games, first load the saved game in SP mode and enable the mods you want to, then save the game.
- "Enable all mods" buttons for new games and in-game mods list (in SP)
- "Subscribe to all missing mods" button for in-game mods list
- Copy paste buttons for color picker. You can also paste RGB hex codes from external programs
- Larger sync window for MP, and larger window margins set up to stay in the center of the window, to reduce chances to trigger the catch up / hold up
- Pax accounting for interventions
- Do not hide the front of the train under its icon arrow at any zoom level
- Fix: correct handling of non-ASCII characters in saved file names
- Fix: map animations not rendering the last frame when in low FPS situation
- Fix: occasionally off by 1m display of waiting times
- Add extra error handling to game startup

1.1.27 ---
- Completely rewrote the streaming sim code for multiplayer. The game client is now capable of both waiting for the server and skipping ahead, including being able to frameskip and to hold off the simulation for any length of time.
- Make initial track validation run parallel with the game sim, greatly improving the initial load experience
- Fix a condition where some blueprints could not be constructed in multiplayer

1.1.24, 1.1.25, 1.1.26 were not released

1.1.23 ---
- More fixes for reducing errors in MP join: the sim state stream buffering in the client now has proper windowing and allows up to a 10s desync
- Compensation accounting for lines: before compensating a 3h wait pax, ask it which line it was waiting for, and file it into said line accounting
- Line listing sorting: alphabetically, fares, balance,boarded, refunds, compensations. Also display some inline stat related to the sorting mode
- Fix interval stop time when more than one train manages to stop in the same platform.
- Disable signals, they are unfixable without path signals. Instead rely on 2D hit testing with priority rules based on speed. Proper signals will come in a future major version.

1.1.22 ---
- Tentative fix for some clients unable to connect to complex and fast games. Clients are now not sent the sim stream until they are done importing the game, and then they fast forward to the server sim frame at max speed.
- Make viaducts 50% cheaper, since they are too close to the price of tunnels without their advantages
- Properly localize track kind names
- Fix very rare crasher related to pathfinding
- Tentative fix for rare crasher on text input

1.1.21 ---
- Max speed mode in SP: set sim speed to 10000x, hide the UI, and let the game throttle down to what the CPU is capable of
- Decrease compensation fine by 4x
- Increase expected fares by 4x
- Rename "min wait" to "min stop time"
- Extra stop time applied when station is too full will now always reserve up to 3 minutes, independently of the min stop time set by players. the 2x limit of the min stop applies after that point. in practice this means that for trains that don't involve thousands of pax (in capacity or in the stations they visit), you can set the min. stop time to a low number (10s is the new game default) and the game will automatically take as much time as needed, up to 3m, or until the train is both full and fully processed.
- add text warning to end of stop scroll message when the stop time is too short to process all the pax in the station/train, or when the train is at max pax, fully processed, and there
are still pax in the station pending processing
- Add line mini tool to bulk set the min stop time of a line
- Rename "fare" in pax listing to "paid" and a "paid so far" in a tooltip
- Improve accounting text and ordering of items to make it more clear when something is a compensation or a refund, or both
- Multiplayer protocol version number is now automatic and depends on the game version

1.1.20 ---
- Delete-only track controls in track editor need an icon that hints at being selectable
- Accounting UTC warning should display UTC time
- Fix: train sales are not reflected in accounting

1.1.19 ---
- Hotfix: improvements to time expectations should not touch price expectations given the state of the overall cash balance

1.1.18 ---
- Change expected pax travel time, specially for shorter distances. At shorter distances a logaritmic ramp has the most influence, them from around 30km a linear ramp starts having the most influence. The overall effect is more forgiving pax at shorter distances and not so much at longer distances.
- Redesign stop listing to make it clear where leg times apply
- Simple train sales, returning 75% of price
- Increase scroll delta when using mouse wheel
- Allow 20x and 30x speeds in MP. Switch back to lower speeds if you have sync problems
- Move to trash button in file picker
- Open in Explorer button in file picker
- Do not autoselect a line when creating a new slot
- Warn about UTC 0 based accounting
- Fix train list line filter not working in MP
- Fix map zoom and pan animations when vsync is off
- Fix using train intervention in MP occasionally causing desyncs

1.1.17 ---
- Hotfix: remove the fixed 10m pathfind cost for going into a transfer station

1.1.16 ---
- Time sax is now simply based on elapsed time vs expected time
- Sax tooltips now show the expected time, fare by the pax for a Neutral rating
- When a pax is already on a train, and has to decide if continuing on the train or transferring into station for another line, add a fixed 10m to the cost of the transfer option
- Fix crashers and slowdowns by massively optimizing the line drawing code
- Avoid UI collapse when sim cannot run at the desired speed by throttling down simulation speed (only in single player)
- Fix crasher when deleting a track that links two platform stations of the same station
- Increase max autosave slots to 100
- Wetlands are now drier
- Always set fresh empty orders for new trains unless it is a clone
- Refunds, compensations and running cost must be always be paid, even at under 0 balance
- Nerf overpass price
- Right mouse button must be always assigned to the map, never to the UI

1.1.15 ---
- Train scheduler should warn that orders only update on trains while the sim is running.
- Remove branch time in line time estimator. It is always 0.
- Fixed an error with invalid 0 sized station platforms creating a worldwide station that includes every other station in the map, sometimes leading to crashes, always leading to hilarity.
- Fixed a rare crash when importing stations that lack a proper track connection.
- Fixed pax sax formula to actually measure distance to destination.
- Fixed pax sax formula to not have unrealistic expectations, even after the previous fix.
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