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I purchased one of the 3 packages. How do I get my benefits?
You can claim your benefits by using the “Mailbox” in any city, village or camp. The first Mailbox you can find in “Glen’s Camp” directly after the tutorial fight at Azilia Castle.

When will the game be released?
We will share a release date for Steam soon. If you put Kingdom Under Fire 2 on your Wishlist, you’ll get notified about important updates we have on the game and release date.
Through the Gameforge launcher, the game will be available starting November 14th.

Will I be able to pre-order on Steam?
We will not have a pre-order on Steam. Once the game is available in the store for purchase you will be able to buy and play directly.

Will players who access the game through Steam play on the same server as players accessing through the GF launcher?
Yes. Players playing through Steam and Gameforge Client will be playing on the same game servers. Only the accounts are separated per platform.

If I have a Steam account, can I connect it with a Gameforge Account and play through the GF launcher, as well?
This feature is currently not available for Kingdom Under Fire 2.

What’s the business model of Kingdom Under Fire 2?
Kingdom Under Fire 2 is a Buy to Play game.

As we want to provide the best possible game experience for players, our main goal for Kingdom Under Fire 2 is that players can just enjoy this game without having to worry about aspects where players buy advantages or progress faster because they spend money.
Players can obtain all troops, materials and in-game currency freely without having to spend any money after the initial purchase. Everyone will play on equal ground and your time investment in the game will determine how strong your characters and troops are, nothing else.

In addition, all benefits from the buy to play packages, including the booster packs, can be earned from players with Cubic, which is a currency you can obtain by doing daily quests or other activities in-game. You will not be able to buy Cubic with real money. The main goal is that all progression and strength-related items are obtained by investing playtime and playing the game.

The game will feature some cosmetic micro transactions that are restricted to costumes and mounts only.

Will the prices on Steam be the same as in the Gameforge Shop?
Yes. Prices will be the same.

How much will the game cost?
There will be 3 different editions that players can choose from:
• Hero Edition for € / $ 29,99
• Emperor Edition for € / $ 49,99
• War God Edition for € / $ 99,99

All of these editions include access to the game and some bonuses on top.

Are there any micro transactions?
Yes, we offer micro transactions that are restricted to customization items (costumes and mounts) only.

Will Cubics be purchasable with real money?
No. Cubic can only be earned by playing the game.

Will I have a disadvantage over players who bought a bigger package / edition?
While the Emperor and War God Packages offer more items overall at the beginning, all consumables and troops listed can be obtained by playing through the game. There is no real-money purchase needed to acquire these contents.

What kind of main currencies can be found in Kingdom Under Fire 2?
• Gold: Obtained by questing, farming, daily missions, raids. Needed to purchase from NPCs, for upgrading, etc.
• Cubic: Obtained by questing, daily missions, missions, raids. Cubic can be used to purchase from the Cubic Store, for resurrection of troops, enlargement of inventory, etc.
• Diamonds: Purchased with real money. Diamonds can be used to purchase Costumes and Mounts in the Diamond Store.

During tutorial the game is showing me keys that won’t work when I press them. What do I need to do?
The keyboard layout in the game is selected depending on the language you start with.
This means players with keyboard layouts that differ from the game language will have to change some key bindings. You can change them by opening the settings with [Esc] and selecting “System Settings” and then “Controls”.

Examples for a player with a German keyboard playing the game in English who will have to change 3 keys:
• “Strategy Mode (Select Hero)” from [~] to [^]
• “Offensive Troop Strategy” from [Z] to [Y]
• “Mount” from [Y] to [Z]
Of course, these are just the default key bindings and you can also change it to keys you prefer.
However, keep in mind the [~] has to be changed, as it can’t be reached like this.

Will the game be available for consoles, too (PS4/XBox)?
There are currently no plans for consoles.

Will there be an Asia server or Pacific server?
No, we will open servers in North America and Europe.

Will there be any IP blocks?
No, there are no region locks / IP blocks. However, you might suffer from latency issues as the servers are located in Europe and the US.

Also, will the game have its own launcher or it will be on Steam or something like that?
The game will release through the Gameforge Launcher, but will also release on Steam at a later point. The Gameforge account for Kingdom Under Fire 2 can’t be used on Steam and vice versa.

If I buy the 99,99€ edition I guess I will not get the spearmen and the cavalry, right?
No, you get the pre-order unit only from the package you bought.

If I get the War God Package do I also get the other two packs benefits content as well or not?
If you buy the 99,99€ package it contains all items from the smaller packages. However, the pre-order benefits are exchanged by the ones in the bigger package and not added on top.

Will the EU/NA version be the same as the Russian/Asian version? Will it contain more new content?
With the change to the “buy to play” model from a previously “free-to-play” game, we decided to modify the game to such an extent that all features, including all core contents and game mechanics can be experienced by simply playing through the game.

What´s the difference between your version and the ones before?
We will have adjusted balancing to make the game content more accessible to players and the game more enjoyable overall. Cubic gain will also be changed and we will start with more troops at release.

Did you fix the bugs from previous versions?
We are working closely with Blueside to get the game in the best state as possible. This also includes bug fixes or the option to rebind certain keys.

How many troops will be available on release?
We believe troops are one of the core aspects of the game. Therefore, we will have over 80 troops available on release with more to come with future content updates.

Will there be any updates after the release of the game?
We have tons of additional content planned to follow the official launch of KIngdom Under Fire 2.

Our players will certainly have enough challenges to tackle and enough content to keep them busy throughout the long lifecycle of the game. New classes, troops, dungeons, missions, and different sorts of content will be added to the game on a regular basis through meaningful content updates.

Will the game be free to play, like all other Gameforge games?
There are currently no plans to make the game free-to-play.

How about game-support?
We will offer in-house support in English, German and French.
You can reach the Kingdom Under Fire 2 Game support here[].

The game says that EasyAntiCheat is missing and doesn't start. How can it be fixed?
1) Go to your KUF2 Installation Folder
2) Open the EasyAntiCheat Folder
3) Run EasyAntiCheat_setup.exe
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Ceres  [developer] Nov 18 @ 12:37pm 
I get a login fail and a black screen when trying to enter the game. What do I do?
For people that cannot login, and are eager to get playing right away, please set your Steam display name to non-utf8 code characters (so no special characters). We will be working on a fix for that in the meantime.
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